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If starting at TH at bathrooms, you’ll go UP the rocky draw on the way out. Note, about 1/2 way up turn LEFT to stay on main trail. Straight is steep, not marked and way harder.

The terrain type constantly varied throughout the trail, keeping us intrigued and on our toes. We enjoyed the constant change of scenery. It was a bit slippery on some of the rocks of the trail, granted it had recently rained. Overall, great trail!

A very short easy stroll, a must for the view. Go at sunset. Bring camera:)

One of my favorites of Shawnee. Definitely some tricky areas but not too bad if you aren't in a hurry. Beautiful landscape changes.

Loved this trail! We saw many varieties of mushrooms, frogs, insects, butterflies, etc. The only downside was the mosquitos in the lower section, looking forward to an early winter hike to avoid them. it can get slick and you should wear loose/stretchy shorts/pants to maneuver up and down. We did see a lot of people on this trail, it was a weekend day though.

Awesome sunset spot! Don't miss this if you're in the area. One of the shortest and most rewarding walks you can go on.

So much fun to explore and climb. Beautiful views, especially at sunset. Made for some really beautiful pictures. Nice easy trail.

one of my all time favorite places to hike.

We walk this at least once a year, you forget you're in Illinois.

amazing first experience can't wait to go back

Nice short trail with a lot to see!! Absolutely beautiful!! Can't wait to go back!

Nice quick trail in the woods with a river over look..... very small forest preserve but nice place to get out for a little while. Canoe access on the I&M canal and shore access for fishing on the river. Some parts with steeper elevation but overall very easy hike.

it's sad that they had to reroute the trail but still a great local hiking trail. great overlooks of the river, some loose rocks but overall and easy trail.

1 month ago

Not as difficult as the description says it is, my wife and 3 kids did it in a bit over 2 hours and my youngest 2 are 4 yrs old. anybody can do it just put your mind to it and enjoy the hike.

Nice easy trail with great views and rock formations. Worth a look if in the area.

Wife and I were in Madison for crossfit games. Wonderful hour drive to get here through beautiful country. We parked on south side of the lake and the road in was breathtaking pretty!

We hiked a clockwise loop up the west bluffs and then back on the east forrest trail. 2 totally different experiences. West was a climb in slippery rocks up and down and lovely lake vistas. Forest on east side as a wide smooth path and we really made time. Big climb down from east side to south beach. Slow and treacherous.

Good hike. Lots of trails branching off the main ones. Worn paths with quite a few overgrown areas. As long as you stay on the path that looks the most worn and widest, you'll be able to complete it accurately. Took us just over an hour to do. We tracked this as just under 4 miles.

I took my 4 year old in early spring. We loved it! Climbing down the creek bed is difficult so take your time. Beautiful views once you get down the the bottom. Overall nice trail to bring young children or fur babies.

Not surprising that this is a big draw for visitors, beautiful vistas for very little work! Fun scrambling on the rocks, good late afternoon cap on a day of more intense hiking.

Did it twice, once in each direction! Not too buggy, rocks are (not surprisingly) slick in the shade but easy enough to keep your feet dry.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Very beautiful trail. Beware, if you ask the staff where the trail begins you will have to pay $10 and sign a waiver.

Beautiful area to explore. Definitely bigger than I was expecting! You’re welcome to climb on the rocks as much as you want which added for extra entertainment. Could’ve spent hours just sitting and taking in the view

Nice steep hills. Outer loop of the trail is not maintained. I’m 5’8 and the weeds were taller than me. Easy trail for a warm up

A great hike you can enjoy getting lost on. It’s easy to find your way back and it’s got some good scenery. Especially for a flat Wisconsin area, it’s a fun trek.

Loved our mid-summer hike. Was steeper and more difficult than we expected but are definitely going back in the fall. It’s amazing that this beautiful area is tucked away here in the Midwest. Wear good hikers and bug spray for the valleys.

1 month ago

The trail is a great way to see the beautiful canyon! Some of the creek bed can be rather steep and slippery so be sure to wear the appropriate footwear. Once you descend into the canyon the mosquitoes do get a little bit bothersome so remember the bug spray.

One of my favorite places to hike in the area. I try to do the blue loop at least once a year.

Always a great trail.

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