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This Trail Is small VERY SMALL! but worth the stop it is listed in the Smothsonia as the top 50 in the USA! On Smithsonia.Com and top for Illinois very Beautiful place. if you trail it it dont take long but in my case it lasted for almost 9 hours .Put me in a Wilderness and I'll stay as long as possible and cry when I have to leave. There are a few folks walking around but I seem to be able to figure out where to go to get away from them plus I went in the middle of the week so that helps. beautiful place I was there in Oct 2017 for the fall colors PERFECT!!!!!!!!

Definitely harder than I anticipated!

Fun hike, can be challenging to stay dry in the dells if your worried about staying dry.... I try to avoid it on the weekends as it can get packed full of people in the summer. Winter time is nice just don't forget your snow/ice cleats. One of the few good hiking spots within 60 miles of the metro area.

Was a great hike, this year was the first time I hiked it during winter. Personally I enjoyed this trail better during this time period. The frozen waterfalls off the bluffs, and being able to see more exposed rock face. You just don’t get that when the leaves are on in the warmer months just made it for me. Highly recommend.

I'm hesitant to write a review, as the trail is getting trashed from over-use, but this really was an excellent hike. I took my 5 year old daughter and she loved it. It was the first trail she's hiked without being carried once, and we completed the whole 3 mile loop in 4 hours. (That should give you a good measure of the difficulty). Right now the trail has a lot of icy spots, so I would recommend bringing a walking stick or trekking poles to help with balance on the canyon descent and ascent. Please practice good trail ethics. Pick up after your dog, don't leave trash, don't pee in the middle of the trail and leave your toilet paper marking where you peed, and be mindful of the effect your boots are having on the trail when wet. Leave no trace.

At times as you proceed down the trail in the wet, rocky canyon, it is so steep that it looks impossible. However, the next step and handhold seem to appear at the last moment. I wouldn’t want to do the trail if it was raining.

It was a great trail a little hard because of the ice in the way of where you had to climb. I would definitely take a hiking buddy with me.

Rocks are beautiful! Go there for a sunset!

The snow and ice were melting making the trail very soggy today but it's a lovely hike.

Lovely in December with frozen waterfalls!

Great trail and dog friendly!

3 months ago

Using this as a neutral rating as the trail was closed on 12/2/2017. Hopefully it will re-open soon. Was looking forward to a nice day hike.

This is a great trail for beginners. For the most part it was well marked. It was perfect for a fall hike. I think it would be more difficult in the spring/summer.

love it!

I wouldn’t say this trail is “hard” maybe moderate. Nonetheless still one of my favorite trails to hike. Be extremely carefully when going through the canyon as it can get very slippery. There are cut out steps but can be hard to see at times. Trail is very well marked and normally pretty easy to find if you head off. There is another waterfall off the trail about a quarter mile from the base of the canyon, but I’ll leave it to you to find it.

This trail was well marked with red circles and hiking in the fall is the perfect time! I would totally recommend this as a great two day hike for anyone that enjoys different scenery every step you go. It was a hiking challenge but nothing dangerous and safe for children which is what I wanted.

4 months ago

Nice trail to hike, especially for a beginner backpacker. Not too much of a distance and the campsite is almost in the middle. There is a decent amount of elevation climb. I did this hike twice and I personally prefer going counter clockwise. Campground has picnic tables and firepits. Camping with a hammock can be difficult, but is doable.

Nice trail. Good workout. There are a couple of places where you have to climb down into the canyon through the creek bed. It can be slippery and difficult when the creek is flowing. We went after a couple weeks with no rain which made it less slippery. Must have good footwear for this trail. Beautiful trail, but I understand why it is rated as difficult.

Most areas are easily accessible to all. This short trail rewards with amazing views that are some of the best in the midwest.

4 months ago

Nice trail hiked to the campsite in the rain which made the rocks a little slick but over all trail was pretty easy to follow. Could use a bit of maintenance cutting some of the blow down off the trail but still not so bad. Was marked very well except maybe two spots but if you go farther than 50yards without seeing a trail marker you most likely are off trail.

Nice trail. Not as trashy as expected from reading other reviews.

Great views. Easy hike. Family friendly day event.

This is definitely one of the hardest trails I have done. My adcice woyld be to make sure you go prepared in comfortable shoes and have water. you will not get much reception there. elevation drops qyickly. pay attention to the white diamonds on the trees that show you the path to go. absolutely beautiful.

The trail is currently closed from the tornado damage that occurred earlier in the year, but the park is still open. I don't know when it will open, but look for Buffalo Rock State Park in the Region 2 - NE Illinois section.

Edit: The trail is flat, easy to walk with your dog, and your walking on a wide path with tall grass on either side. The end is a drastic change and beautiful. I went when it was wet on a warm day in January. When it is more dry, it would be a better running trail than hike.

Great hike. It is connected to a few other trails. A couple of waterfalls too.

Great hike. It is connected to a few other trails. A couple of waterfalls too.

Great hike. It is connected to a few other trails. A couple of waterfalls too.

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