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Fun hike, can be challenging to stay dry in the dells if your worried about staying dry.... I try to avoid it on the weekends as it can get packed full of people in the summer. Winter time is nice just don't forget your snow/ice cleats. One of the few good hiking spots within 60 miles of the metro area.

very nice place to run with dog

Nice area to unwind and enjoy nature. The trail is maintained but very slippery in winter. Nothing complicated or technical skills needed, just a good pair of hiking boots and some water.

I have hiked sections of this trail multiple times, and this is the first time I did the whole loop. Great trail.

Lovely in December with frozen waterfalls!

love it!

Nice trail. Not as trashy as expected from reading other reviews.

5 months ago

went there yesterday for the first time. Beautiful place. I didn't see any trail maps or markings at all which I didn't like, but really enjoyed the peacefulness of the place.

Great hike. It is connected to a few other trails. A couple of waterfalls too.

Great hike. It is connected to a few other trails. A couple of waterfalls too.

Great hike. It is connected to a few other trails. A couple of waterfalls too.

Enjoyed the beautiful hike with a few steep climbs. Looking forward to future walks here.

6 months ago

beautiful woods prarie and lake views and not many on the trail,always a plus

6 months ago

Not very removed from car traffic and hustle and bustle. That makes it a convenient location but not very remote. Nice river views. The hike is easy - trail is tricky to follow - there are a lot of possible paths to take - none are clearly marked. The record feature on alltrails helped us stay close to the trail. Very easy for us with 2 children (7 & 9).

Best of Illinois landscape. Worst of Illinois people.

We hiked this small trail network for about 5 hours, there are so many nooks you can find that are simply awesome. I haven't found anywhere in Illinois that compares to the natural beauty. I strongly recommend spending time in some of the less frequently traveled areas, you can actually enjoy these and they are every bit as beautiful as the main drag.

The negative, and what held this back from a 5* review... the disrespectful trashy people. I have hiked all over this country, and never once seen a park so littered with trash, cigarette butts, and broken (!) glass. Shards of broken glass everywhere along the heavily traveled areas. My daughter and I counted over 30+ plastic bottles thrown by the wayside before we simply gave up. We saw 8+ dirty diapers people just threw on the trail presumably after changing their child. Crushed beer cans everywhere. Discarded random shirts, socks, shoes, flip flops, misc clothing. The place was disgusting in areas. People were walking around playing music, smoking, swearing, acting like fools. I have a 5 and 10 year old and wouldn't bring them back down the main canyon that was home to most of the foot traffic and trash (people). Very very sad. This could have been amazing, but apparently Illinois residents do not care much about their natural parks.

Lastly, wear shoes with decent soles, not flip flops, and be careful of thin water shoes. You will step on broken glass if you go down the trafficked canyon. If you don't have decent shoes the shards could go through your sole into your foot.

So much to see

Beautiful canyons and waterfalls. Worth the stairs!

Difficult in spots with so many steps! But it's pretty awesome!

7 months ago

Tried to do the 3 mile loop. Luckily this app kept me on the trail (and road) but unfortunately it was not wheelchair accessible.

Excellent trail! Well marked, nice challenging hike.

love coming back home and hiking here

The trail was not bad, the kids love it. Enjoyed the scenery & amazing canyon. Lovely creation! People who comes here should keep it clean from their trash...

Fun trail, the gravel was very lose in many spots. I rode a trek ds 2 and I had a few issues keeping traction.

8 months ago

Quiet and peaceful walk through the woods. Except for the doe and her fawn there was very little traffic on the trail for a beautiful 82 degree day in July.

Hiking a couple days ago and had 2 trails closed. It was pretty but very short.

Large gravel perimeter trails connected to wonderful dells areas. Please bring a large trash bag and help cleanup all the trash left from low class visitors. There is a shocking amount of garbage, shoes, socks, plastic and other items left in this park. It is really a shame and the park should at least provide a few garbage cans on the main trails.

A pleasant stroll along the lake with a pretty view. Trail pathways are small gravel and easily identified; however there is a lack of signage or posted maps.

The trails are fun but the maps are outdated and the trails are not clearly marked with the trail names. however the waterfall wading hole makes up for it all. Not enough parking in main parking lot. had to use overflow parking which was 2 miles away.

Due to rains and fiscal matters, the upper dells trail was closed, but the lower dells were great.

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