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I love this trail and so do my dogs. It is my go to Subday walk.

1 month ago

Nice pleasant Central Illinois trail. Upland woods and a restored prairie with views of the Sangamon River. Was a great blustery October afternoon and so windy I could hear large tree branches falling in the woods.

2 months ago

I greatly enjoy a time of quiet and natural reflection. excellent trail and a lot to see if you are quiet and alert.

Did the whole loop at 6.3 mi. a nice quiet hike but not allot to look at. The fun part is on the other side of the sangamon river with the mansion and all the statue's. If you want solitude and a easy but good distance hike than this side is for you

Great trail, lots of up and down.

We set out to do the perimeter 5 mile challenge hike but we ended up doing trails 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 and lots of back tracking due to trails being poorly marked This really needs to be addressed. Trail 3 was the most enjoyable and fun with the rock climbing, ravines, etc. I also really enjoyed Gypsy Gulch, suspension bridge and covered bridge. Everything was was just ok. We covered almost 7 miles and it was all pretty easy with only a couple strenuous areas. I’m glad we did it and checked it off the list, it’s worth seeing once but wouldn’t go back and do it again.

These are mostly easy with 2 moderate hikes, very enjoyable. Creek is nearby so definitely will need bug spray to fend off the bugs.

Great time. I took my boys (11, 9, and 7) and hiked all 11 miles in 4.5 hours. They had a great time. Make sure to bring GALLONS of bug spray and wear long pants or high socks for all the poison ivy. they do a good job taking care of it and it was a really nice get-away for us dudes!

Interesting place with statue's. Nice place to stretch your legs

4 months ago

Many hiking trails offering great views and beauty all around. The canyons are so much fun to climb in for all ages.

I really love this trail. For central IL, it's a fun, challenging gem--especially for running.

Visiting here my whole life..! Will always be one of our Family faves...

5 months ago

Nice trip around the lake there. Good trail! Wooded and shaded with nice views. Mostly mud trail with several stairs. Saw fish, turtles, geese, and dragonflies. Lots of hop on and off the trail for campers from their sites. Makes me want to camp there! Lots of fishing, several kayaks. I also did the Old Farm Trail section. I would rate easy with a few slight hills. It is grassland area. Saw deer, rabbits, butterflies, dragonflies, birds and old wooden barns. lots of milkweed, I would expect more butterflies soon! Over all/both hikes, Fitbit showed 4 miles and 24 floors. Bathrooms were clean.

trail running
6 months ago

Great for a run!!

Good backpacking sites.

Certainly a challenge after a heavy rain. Quite hilly for Illinois, and makes for a scenic walk.

really more like 7 miles if you do the whole thing. Pretty much the same thing for the whole trail

Great hike for a May morning/afternoon.

Loved it. Lots of great scenery and wildlife. Lots of hills and challenging terrain, but options if not able. The parking lot is great lots of green grass. No water. Bring your own. Open after 1 because they were hunting. Not sure if that is a year round thing- we were there on April 25, 2018. Wish there was an informational phone number you could call ahead of time but it’s just an answering machine. Website is not great either for finding answers. Enter off 2350N. All the way to the end.

road biking
9 months ago

Nice hike, rode bikes around lake on the roads also. Launched kayaks and paddled around the lake too. Camped at campground

10 months ago

Stunning place!!!

If you combine all of the trails together, the trails are great. If you're individually picking them apart, three stars for each as they're too short. Tackle them all at once and they offer a five-star experience when done together.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Enjoyed the hell out this trail! 90 degrees and sunny. Easy to follow, not much for sights and views, an ok challenge for a 55 year old.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Great Hiking

mountain biking
Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fun and challenging trail. Definitely NOT beginner trail except trail 1. Clay trail, mostly well built, rooty, twisty with lots of fun deep dips. Do not ride if wet. Very fun and much more challenging than advertised!

Love this place and all the trails

Beautiful place.

The most amazing hike I've ever been on. It was beautiful and unique! Hiking alongside the canyon walls and climbing ladders was so fun! My 5 year old had the most fun exploring and being our trail guide. A little difficult for my 2 year old and I ended up carrying him in the baby carrier for about a third of it. He also got tired towards the end. But it was still super amazing and we will definitely go back!

Did #7 and #11 and part of #6. 7 is absolutely gorgeous and a bit challenging for sure. #11 is short, easy, and fairly boring.

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