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I hiked this loop trail on St. Joseph’s
Day, and I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. If you have the chance to hike this trail, now is a great time to do it (once it stops raining). The mountains are dressed in green with pops of color from wildflowers and blossoming trees. The butterflies and bees were out as well enjoying the last day of winter. Look for the trailhead on the back end of the larger parking lot. I recommend taking the Blue Ridge Trail going up and the Homestead Trail coming down. Thus, when you get to the intersection of the two trails shortly after you emerge from the tunnel, follow the Blue Ridge Trail on the right. Then, you will have to cross the creek; head towards the trail marker sign on the opposite bank. Going this route, I would classify this hike as a solid moderate. Budget 4 hours for this hike if you go at a leisurely pace, stopping occasionally to take photos or a sip of water (bring at least 40 oz on a mild spring day; you may want to bring more water if you go during the heat of summer). Also, start the hike early so that you can do much of the uphill portion (without much shade) while you’re still fresh and in the cool light of morning. Then, you can reach the scenic view of Lake Berryessa quicker and enjoy the shade and calming sound of flowing water as you take the Homestead Trail back to the parking lot.

This is a great and scenic hike. I would recommend doing early in the day before it gets hot as others have said. At least half of the hike is completely exposed with no shade, which provides for some great views, but it also gets hot. I would also recommend taking the trail clockwise so you are walking in to the views while you are on top of the ridge, instead of away from them.

Outstanding day. Started with a slow walk up the north end. Once on the ridge it was on. Like riding a dirt bike on a mountain side. Get off your but and do it. Push your self. Get out of your comfort zone.

I've hiked this trail countless times!! It's a good hike to get your heart pumping, but it can get crowded when the weather is nice. bring water and dress accordingly because there is no shade when your on the ridge.

24 days ago

Good hike, not enough shade. Wouldn’t do it in the summer time, made that mistake and had to turn back. Overall it was great and so close to home!

I did it clockwise as well. Some of those stairs are quite steep and I’m glad we went up them and not down them. None of the reviews thus far have mentioned the copious amounts of poison oak. It is truly everywhere on this trail. I wouldn’t bring a dog for that reason alone, unless you’re not allergic. Beautiful views and wildflowers. Start early for best weather and to avoid crowds.

25 days ago

Start early and beat the heat, bring water and sunscreen - there isn’t any shade on this trail. It’s beautiful and worth every bit of effort. It seems like most people go counterclockwise, but I suggest the opposite. The “up” is more gradual and if you go clockwise, the sweet views will always be in front of you.

Great hike for dogs!

26 days ago

Weather wise it was a perfect day. A little breeze kept us cool. It took us about 3 1/2 hours to do the loop. However we stopped a lot to take in the views. We stopped in Green River Brewery and Tap Room to add a cherry to the top of this excellent day.

Great hike!

Nice local hike. Getting up to the ridge is challenging but the ridge hike is great. Start in the early morning and grab brunch in nearby Winters.

It is posted that dogs are not allowed. Bring water. Some of the steps are quite steep and if it's rained recently, it may be muddy.

Has anyone taken their dog on this hike?

beautiful but grueling trail

This was a wonderful beautiful hike with gorgeous views of Lake Berryessa at the top! I’d say it’s a moderate hike. There’s definite elevation gain; we were glad we brought our trekking poles for stability but they are not essential. Dress in layers as it got quite cold from wind gusts at the top. Took us 3hrs to do the 5.5 mile loop. Highly recommend.

This was a great and challenging hike. Bouldering at the ridge tops was amazing, and the views... Wow.

Great hike up to ridge with plenty to see on the way culminating in terrific views over Lake Berryessa.

Amazing place! Totally recommend this trail!

Great hike, bring plenty of water and one trekking pole got the incline. A rewarding hike at the peak!

Lovely hike with beautiful views of Lake Berryessa. We hiked clockwise as proposed and had lunch at halfway point looking down at the lake. Not much shade, so go early and take water

this was by far, the most real and most difficult hike for me. my husband and I did the counterclockwise loop, making our way up 1.5 miles to the top to the amazing views of lake Berryessa. had I known there was another 3.5 miles of really challenging hike through the mountain ridges, the trail becoming non existent in some areas, picking your way through huge rocks and undergrowth, going on all fours at some points due to the steepness of the trails, I would have gone back down the same way I came up. But, now that I've successfully done it, and lived to write about it, I'm glad I did. Would I do it again? Heck, yah!!!

It’s great day hike! Definitely fun to climb around a few rocks on the way! The ridges are a workout for sure, I would do this again!

I did the loop from the parking lot and I don’t think it’s 4.4 miles anymore. I didn’t track it but seemed longer. Any thoughts??

Amazing trail.

Fantastic views of the bay! A bit muddy when we went but had a blast and will definitely be back. Keep an eye out for mountain bikers and cows.

Took blue ridge up and down same way. Great hike for quick elevation and lake view at the top was worth it. I've hiked this area in the summer and it can get hot so this time of year was a nice change.

Steep difficulty loop trail. but view is amazing. Recommend hike start right side first. You will see lake view first. Need spend 3.5hours

Great waterfall and beautiful views of South Lake Tahoe!

I would say this is a nice quick moderate hike. Went up to the top and down the same way. I heard that if you take the loop it gets harder. Posting on the trail said that there was a fire that couple years back that took out a lot of the shade trees. So definitely go on a cooler day as the steep hike will not mix well with high heat. I recommend getting there early as parking will get full on weekends by afternoon.

Very fun, took the Blue Ridge up and took Homestead down. Homestead was a little steep on the way down but it went quick.

nice hike for training will keep you in shape hike 1/7/18

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