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Enjoyable hike, not too bad. Convenient parking right at the trail head. I do suggest going clockwise around the loop so you end up doing the steep switchbacks on your way back down from the ridge.

Rocky and only partially shaded, but leads to river access. Lightly trafficked when I visited. Trail starts at a park with bathrooms and you can either stay on the main trail or branch off. I think that is how people get lost. Fun with the right weather!

Tried hiking around the lake. the map at the "lodge" or what ever the building is next to the parking lot clearly does not connect on the opposite side of the lake. but because of the map on this app we went for it. The north side is like a small four-wheeler trail that hugs the lake. it's pretty nice. Once you get to the other side (after crossing a river and bushwhacking) the trail on the south side of the lake is non-existent. followed the map on this app for a while hoping to pick up the trail. Never did. followed the coast of the lake until running into a really old service road that was so over-grown I would still consider it "bushwhacking". not really sure what this app or the map in the parking lot we're referring to on the south side. there is no trail.

amazing hike, minimal traffic

8 days ago

Do you need a permit to backpack overnight here? It would be great if AllTrails had a section with permit requirements for each trail.

Great view from the top. I could see this hiking bing amazing during a season when it’s not so hot and dry. I would recommend bring LOTS of water and some good shoes. This hike is a little challenging.

One of my fav hikes

20 days ago

Great trail beautiful scenery and a very nice lake ☺️

21 days ago

beautiful hike. my 79 year old dad found the trail a little tough though, lots of rocky sections. also is more like 5+ miles, 5 according to the sign and 6 according to my GPS.

22 days ago

In response to the review "no facilities and services", I don't think you should have to expect any since it's only 2.3 miles in, it's dispersed camping, and there are facilities within 2 miles each direction from the trailhead. Trail is easy to follow if you use the AllTrails app; I literally just took a snapshot of the trail since I don't have the pro version. If you think you're getting off trail - yes, it may get a little confusing going over the rocks - look for the stacks of stones and the dirty part of the rock where people drag their shoes through....you don't need mountaineering experience. Anyway, nice trail, not much elevation gain. We camped there 2 weekends ago from a Saturday to Sunday and still only saw 3 or 4 other campers. Only advice is to please not camp close to the water even though someone else has cleared space to. The campers closest to us were only 15 ft from the water, did not leash their 2 dogs, and had a campfire. They were friendly enough, and quiet, but still...RESPECT THE RULES OF THE FOREST!

Beautiful lake, fun to swim, few mosquitoes and leeches. Great trail to get your kids into backpacking!

Great, easy going trail! Trail was very easy to follow. Expect to see a lot of traffic on the trail but everyone was polite!

28 days ago

Best hike so far. Easy trail for the most part. We didn’t have any problem following the blazes like some reviewers. This hike has a lot; wildflower meadows, forrest streams, evergreen groves, mountainous ridge top views and of course the secluded lake. Not too many people there on Thursday afternoon but might get crowed on the weekends.

29 days ago

This was a very strenuous hike carrying 50lb backpacks to camp. Three log crossings and lots of rocky and steep granite sections. Trail is not well marked in sections, especially at the end. The scenery is beautiful though and the lake was very peaceful and quiet to camp at. Note, there are no facilities or services whatsoever from the trailhead to the lake.

Great trail and great views. I took about 6 hours, but I like to stop and take lots of pictures! Definitely wish I had hiking poles for this hike since there was a good incline/decline! My Fitbit had me clocked at 7 miles round trip! Not a bad day!!

I’ve hiked this trail almost every year since middle/high school. Absolutely breathtaking views at the top with incredible (and diverse!) scenery along the way.

Great hike, definitely a little work out but amazing views at the top of the fire look out.

This hike is awesome and makes you feel so accomplished but it is a little harder than “moderate”, especially on a hot day. The first half is entirely inclined and not mildly. Make sure to bring a LOT of water and food. You won’t pass any lakes so if you have dogs make sure to pack lots of extra water for them. It is a dog friendly trail though, and my active dog loved it. The view at the lookout is truly spectacular and makes the whole hike worth it. I’d say it took us around 4 hours to complete from the lookout trailhead.

on Pleasants Ridge Trail

1 month ago

As of July 16, 2018, this trail is unfortunately closed until “the heat wave is over.” Not sure when that will be, but I do hope to visit this trail soon!

Stellar scenery on the way up and fantastic views at the lookout. Can't wait to do this again.

Awesome 360 degrees views. Will be back!

Amazing trail. Highly recommended for those looking to build speed and gives amazing scenic views.

Trail partially blocked.

1 month ago

Amazing hike! Trail is well marked except at end when you hike up a granite boulder when you near the lake. Go to the left here. Wildflowers were beautiful and lake not too cold to swim in!!!

Finally did the hike today. Such amazing views and what a workout! All the sweat is paid off when you make it to the tower.

1 month ago

not sure i liked this hike. loved all the flowers but trail was not described well by all trails. lots of boulders to navigate and granite to maneuver up and down. Lost trail and never made it to the Lake. I hike a lot but not sure this was for me.

Been here before and it’s amazing! But today, June 10th, the trail was closed to do fire nearby :(

Good hike and the lake was beautiful to see at the end

Like others have said, the waterfall was beautiful (seemed to be a water release by PG&E). Nice energetic hike to beautiful spot by Lake Spaulding and i would definitely bring my swimsuit next time. Can't wait to go back. Oh, definitely follow the map as well. A little overgrown near the end and the map is definitely needed.

Beautiful trail and pretty easy to follow. The trail leading down to the lake is a bit overgrown, so follow the map! It had a few good climbs to make you feel like you were getting some exercise in, but nothing too crazy.

1 month ago

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