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This was my second time doing this hike and it was better than the first! Although the views leading up to the lakes are not amazing, once you get within a mile of the first lake, things really open up and make everything worth it. After the reservoir, the elevation gain really kicks in. The first mile of the trail is down hill so dont forget that you have a short hike back up to your car(up hill both ways!). The first Chicago lake has no defined trail but there are plenty of paths to get down there. The yellows, greens, and blues really make this lake stand out. The hike to the upper lake is all gain. There are a few spots of loose dirt which make it slow going but the climb is about 500ft in less than a mile to the top lake. Once you're up there, it all pays off. We had an amazing blue sky day with some gusts of wind rolling through to cool us off. Mount Evans sits behind the lake and offers amazing mountain views and a great place to relax. With the side routes to the lower lake and walking around, the total trip was roughly 11 miles but the trail itself is about 9 miles as it is listed here.

2 days ago

Hiked 9.22.18. Breathtaking panoramic vistas. Had the top of the mountain to myself while I ate lunch. Definitely a blood pumper on the steep switchbacks to get to the ridge line and a thigh burner on the way down. Be mindful of weather. While yesterday was clear and sunny, temps were high 40s or low 50s at top and wind was howling. Great trail for solitude.

Beautiful hike!

Beautiful and a perfect distance. Amazing views

4 days ago

This was my first 13er and I had the trail to myself on a weekday morning. It’s a steady climb with only a few rocky spots. Once you get around the side of Colorado Mines Peak, the wind really picks up. I had 25mph winds with a wind chill of 27 at 10AM. Some wonderful people built a couple of wind breaks at the top. Challenging with good valley views. I even saw it snowing around Bard Peak. On my way back, I climbed CMP too. 8 miles in 3h 45m.

On a whim after landing in Denver I decided I needed to see the Rockies. Drove up to Summit Lake (fun drive!) and decided to hike up the trail there. Only learned after that this is the Mt. Spalding trail. Anyhow, being from Boston I definitely felt the altitude but the trail was beautiful and the view was worth the shortness of breath. Also saw long horn sheep and a mountain goat, so that was cool. Trail is listed as hard which I think is less about the trail itself and more about the altitude.

Amazing hike and just the right amount of distance to keep the rest of the day open for more adventures!
Got to the upper lot around 630am and there were about 4 other cars there from folks backpacking and also starting early. The first quarter of the drive from the lower to upper lots is the worst of the entire part but it is nothing compared to how bad Grays and Torreys road is. Just take it slow on the bad parts. Even though the lower lots were jammed up, there were a few spots at the top when we finished around 10am.
Great colors with the fall foliage change on the bushes as well as the trees. Silver Dollar Lake(middle lake) was amazing and Murray Lake was about 300ft of elevation gain from there. Dont skip the third lake! There is a rock formation on one side that can be hiked from the backside which will give you a great topside view of the landscape.
As most hiking at this time, start as early as you can! The next few weeks will be jam packed with folks looking at the changing trees. This trail would be incredible with a little snow on the ground.

It’s a great hike - for sure moderate but... def prepare for the winds after the first mile or so - amazing views!

My car doesn't have AWD so I parked at the lower lot. When I arrived at 7:45am on Saturday there was still plenting of parking spaces. This trail packs a lot of great views in its short length. I found this trail easy except for the short but steep climb to the third lake, which is worth it for the views from the top. I recommend coming early to this hike, when I left at 10:30am the trail and the parking lots had become very crowded.

Nice relaxing hike with beautiful scenery, scenic overlooks and wildflowers. The second half of the hike is above the tree line.

Make sure you go all the way to the third lake.

11 days ago

Beautiful! Long views in all directions along the top. Spectacular fall color. We turned around at about 3.5 miles, but the trail keeps going.

11 days ago

What a beautiful hike! It is at the base of Mt. Evans 14er, so you get great views of the peaks around you as well as three lakes! At the top you get a great view down the valley; definitely worth the climb. We arrived at the trailhead around 7:30AM and got great parking, and only started seeing others towards the end heading back to our car. Definitely recommend this hike, it is one of my favorites in Colorado!

12 days ago

This trail had a little bit of everything: forest, above treeline tundra, views, and wind. Since the trailhead comes off Berthoud Pass, it suppose it could get a little crowded. We went Sunday of Labor Day weekend, and saw 20-30 people. But it's a nice moderately challenging hike, and worth it!

Silver Dollar Lake was beautiful and definitely tested my lungs! Be careful because there are a few spots where the trail becomes slightly unclear, but thanks to this app, we did not get lost! You will realize it very quickly if you start veering off course anyways. There was a river at a few different points and three lakes along the way to the top! When you get to the second lake, you have the option to continue onto the third, and it is totally worth it if you are willing to exert your lungs! (I have asthma, so it was challenging, but definitely do-able!) This third lake offers a great spot to hang out for a bit and eat lunch! On our way down, we saw 4 wood peckers! I got some great up close shots of them that I will upload later. There are not a ton of aspens on this hike, but there are on the drive to the trail head. The hike also does include lots of bushes that have changed to an orange color which provide great fall color!

14 days ago

Absolutely stunning hike, lots of lake views. Got quite windy up there so bring a jacket and maybe a toque. If you decide to desend down to see Bill Moore Lake the wind is not near as bad.
After the Mount Flora peak, go a little further and push yourself and you won't be disappointed with the views of Bill Moore Lake from up above. From there it can get pretty rocky at the top, and further on the trail is not well marked so be careful.

14 days ago

This is my favorite hike in Colorado. I typically only see one or two people/groups after you’ve made it up to the upper Chicago lake. But everyone you run into along the way is always very friendly & respectful. Echo lake itself gets VERY congested but most people remain there & don’t venture off to the Chicago lakes.
I went up yesterday & while hiking around the lower Chicago lake I noticed an abandoned campsite. It had been totally thrashed by time & weather. Just some bits of tent, garbage and boots... It was very odd. I thought it was worth making an account here to mention it. Never seen anything like that before on this hike.

15 days ago

Great trail. Pleasant woods to begin with and gradual inclines along the way. Opens up at the top with great views, very windy.

15 days ago

Great trail! Aspens about half turned. Got there yesterday at 6:30 AM and trail head was basically empty. Does get a bit strenuous around mile 1.5. You stop hearing I-70 around then as well. The trail splits about mile 2. I took the trail to the left which takes you up a pretty steep incline, which is definitely off the AllTrails map, but it was worth it because you get an amazing view of Torrey’s Peak. Wandered east to get back on the trail and headed to the end of the trail where there is an amazing view. If you stick to the right when the trail splits around mile 2 you’ll follow it based on this map.

Awesome hike. It goes downhill at first, which stinks for the hike back, but the lakes, views and colors are amazing. We went up to the second lake which made the hike closer to 10 miles

Gorgeous fall colors! I couldnt stop taking photos.
I parked at the lower parking lot and its probably 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to the trailhead, not 1/4 like the description says.
The hardest part is from the second to third lake but its short so definitely do it so you can say you made the whole hike!

This was a great hike. We submitted Bierstadt the day before, and this was the perfect, relaxing, beautiful hike to enjoy after feeling worn out from that. Had some fun snowfields we had to cross, which my dog loved, and the trail was saturated and muddy in several places. We made it to the Silver Dollar Lake, which was beautiful, but an afternoon storm rolled in on us and we had to make our way back down, instead of continuing on to the second lake. Would do it again, if ever nearby.

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17 days ago

simple and beautiful!

One of the best hikes I have ever done. Amazing views throughout, from multiple mini-summits along the way. Not too steep but will feel a lot harder if not acclimated to the high altitude. A must-do if passing through this part of the Rockies.

Beautiful, easy hike. Road up to the trail probably needs 4wd.

19 days ago

the wind was absolutely insane even on the sunny day it was. I summited Mt. Flora after an hour and a half pretty much moving non stop and tried to sit at the top but the wind was so strong (even tho I was sitting against some large rocks) so I descended down. total of 2 hours and the views were great. a nice continental divide hike.

Great hike for a moderate hiker! Get there early, the storms roll in after lunch. The more breaks needed the closer you get to the top, but only because of elevation. The actual climb is not terrible but not easy! False summit has beautiful views!

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