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1 day ago

This place is really beautiful, highly recommend taking a day trip here. There are a lot of shoot off trails from the main path, I would take these as they usually lead to nice views of the falls. I got down to the bottom of the lower falls, probably wouldn't recommend doing that unless you're experienced as getting back up was more than I bargained for.

Epic run with amazing views on a well maintained trail!
As good as it gets!

on Lone Lake Trail

6 days ago

Great trail! My friend & I day hiked in with our dogs. The colors are so beautiful right now. the hike starts off with a decent incline and levels off to a big open valley before a final smaller incline up to the lake. There's an option to hike to the upper lake as well. There is also a waterfall about 1.5 miles in if you go off the beaten path. Nice Idaho gem.

Awesome Great Beautiful easy to moderate. Can’t ask for a better day hike

Great hike with a neat view at the end and along the way. The road up there is pretty typical Idaho backcountry road with a lot of little rocks. There is zero logging truck damage to the road and it is almost entirely flat. It is just bumpy and gravel with a few spots that you need to be paying attention. This is a little far to get to but makes a great day hike.

Loved this trail! I added an excursion to Lake Imogene for a night. Also camped at Twin Lakes on a point that juts out into the water. Had the lake to myself. Woke up to a beautiful snowfall.

9 days ago

This was our first hike in Idaho. While the trail can be done on a few hours, we opted to spend the entire day and took it slow. Definitely take the detour to Alpine Lake. Honestly, Sawtooth is bigger but Alpine was our solid favorite. We spent a good chunk of time here just enjoying the silence other than the sound of the water lapping the edge. We continued on up the switchbacks and hot another little lake (which we nicknamed decoy lake) and almost turned around did to a snow squall that moved in. But so glad we pushed on another few yards. Sawtooth Lake was gorgeous. We took the extra time to walk to the far side of the lake and followed the trail on through a boulder field for a spectacular view of some mountain lake in the distance. We stopped a few times for snacks, lunch, and just to experience the peace of the wilderness. We made our way back to Iron Creek trailhead for a total of 13+ miles and 8 hours exactly. As I said, it can be done in way less time, but we took deliberate time.

Pretty hike with good views pretty much the whole time! No bugs. Easy to get to.

12 days ago

I am affiliated with a group that hikes or snowshoes on a weekly basis year round. Today, my wife and I checked out access roads to this hike. Our group planned to hike this trail on Friday. There are two ways to get to the trailhead. One is to head south from I-90 Exit 40 at Cataldo onto LeTour Road onto FR 613. This is a 20 mile trek on a dusty, dirt road. Ten miles from the trailhead, the road narrows to one lane. There is a significant amount of logging in the area and logging trucks have seriously damaged the road. Pretty much all the way up, on one side of the road there are drop offs for several hundred feet. If someone got too close to the edge and left the road it would be certain death. The road had several large rocks on it causing for a very bumpy ride. Logging trucks have left large ruts in the road. The second way to get to the trailhead is to go south on Hwy 3 from I-90 towards St Marie’s to Reeds Creek Road. Turn left and travel east for 14 miles. Turn left on Rashad Road and travel 10 miles up to the trailhead. This saves you ten miles of rough road but this road was essentially in the same condition as the other one. Further, much of this road is clay so if it’s wet (raining) the road would become very slippery. We did arrive at the trailhead and it was beautiful but we concluded that the risk was not worth the gain. We decided to hike somewhere else.

We started out at the upper trail head. From the lower TH drive one mile to the split and go right. You will drive another 2.4 miles to the parking area. Need a high clearance vehicle and only one section was rutted out. Very easy hike to a beautiful lake. It's a 6 mile round trip.

14 days ago

Three of us and a dog hiked to the lake in the late afternoon and had a great hike with lots of shade. Arriving at the lake we found only one fairly level spot to put a small tent. We dropped packs and boiled some lake water. I set off with the dog to scout around the lake for a more level spot to pitch a tent. On the opposite side I did find a level spot just big enough to put two small 2 person tents side by side. We did not see anyone on the trail on the way and had the lake to ourselves all night. The wind was really crazy all night long. Did not have any trouble with bugs near the lake at all. Was awakened by my dog growling at something outside the tent. I made some noise and calmed the dog down and went back to sleep......no further problems. Don't know what it was, but it left. Hiked out in the 8 am time and encountered 2 separate hikers on the trail out. Hiking boots that FIT CORRECTLY are a MUST on this trail or the toes will take a beating on the decent out. This was another great hike to an alpine lake I highly recommend. We went on Labor Day weekend and still had the lake to ourselves all night!

Did this hike with my Corgi early in the morning with no issues, really nice hike with lots to look at. The lake was awesome I wish I would have brought a lunch to spend more time there. Bring good shoes for the trail, it has some rigid rocks. Passed a few groups on my way out. Will probably do again!

Was an intense yet wonderful day hike/run, stayed at the campground at Petit lake after, wish I would have brought backpacking gear to stretch out the scenery over another day.

We started the hike from the Upper Hellroaring trailhead. As a heads up, get there early for parking and make sure you have a vehicle with good clearance, the road gets quite rough and ideally best for suvs and trucks/jeeps. You can park below and start from the Lower Hellroaring trailhead. No restrooms are available so keep that in mind if your looking for convenience lol. From the trailhead, you go from casual walk/hike with a couple tree trunk bridges to cross over, and progress to a moderate hike. The path is a bit hum drum until your about a mile in with some beautiful creeks flowing through and crystal clear water. Hellroaring Lake itself is very beautiful and worth the hike. I would recommend heading from Hellroaring Lake onto Lake Imogene. A fellow hiker we conversed with had said it is similar to Lake Hellroaring but a bit more challenging on the hike itself (moderate rated) with some beautiful water falls along the way. Hope this review helps!

20 days ago

It was a beautiful labor day weekend hike. With a car incapable of what it looked to be a Red Bull Rally Truck climb up to the upper parking lot, I started at the lower adding about an extra ~2mi. The first 4-miles is a little flat and slow going thru the forest. After that it is awesome. Plenty of camping at Imogene Lake with great views. Overall, 4/5 experience probably due to the increase amount of people at the lake on this holiday weekend.

21 days ago

Amazing views everywhere! We did this loop counter-clockwise over two days spending the night at Toxaway Lake. We went over Labor Day weekend so parking was very crowded, but seems like there are a lot of options for parking if the main lot fills up. We didn’t see a single mosquito this time of year. I highly recommend this loop!

22 days ago

Great hike with a beautiful lake at the end of the trail. Dropped in for a quick, refreshing swim. Great views all along the way. Not too tough for our 9 year old.

Heavily trafficked but rad.

My favorite trail I have done in Idaho. The only thing this trail is missing is a waterfall!

28 days ago

i took three friends and my dog on this hike today. My second time, their first. The trail was in pretty good shape, a bit overgrown in places but manageable. Upon reaching the lake we were greeted by wind, fog and a temp of 41 degrees. We had planned to eat our lunch at the lake and explore but the weather curtailed those plans. I was disappointed as my previous trip was in June 2017, and the day was beautiful, great to explore the area and have some lunch. Have to go back!

28 days ago

I've hiked this twice and it's beautiful. You will love it.

28 days ago

This is one of my favorite hikes. This was the third time I have done this hike and each time I love it more! The hike is almost exactly 10 miles out and back if you take the detour to visit Alpine Lake. We stopped there on the way up and then hiked around Sawtooth Lake a bit once arrived. It is a stunning beauty and well worth the miles you put in. The entirety of the trail is beautiful. The water crossing a couple miles in is low this time of year and easy to cross. No snow up at the lake either which was a first for me!

trail running
29 days ago

Awesome running trail, walked during some of the switch backs and sat in the creek on the way back! July weather was perfect for an afternoon run. Took a little less than 2 hours round trip. :)

The Devils Staircase is treacherous with heavy backpacks because it is very steep on both sides with loose rock and scree. Use extreme caution and if you are inexperienced, do not try it. The scenery is very beautiful all around the White Cloud Peaks . There is a trail from Quiet Lake to the Four Lakes Basin, follow the creek to the right up from Quiet Lake to find the Four Lakes Basin. The place is full of rugged alpine scenery and we had a great time. The passes were scary though.

Could not ask for more in a hike. Beautiful scenery, great trail with a nice mix of level terrain, switchbacks, and sites. This is a 10 mile hike, should you choose (and you should) make it all the way to Sawtooth Lake. Note that Alpine Lake is "off trail" and to get to Sawtooth, you will take the fork to the right at the "Alpine Lake" trail sign.

1 month ago

I did this on Aug 21 and saw no one else. To clear up where to start the hike....A few yards west of the Stevens TH drive the road that heads south. 0.3 mile up the road switchbacks to the right and there’s a wide area to park. The trail goes south from this curve. If you continue on the road be warned that there is no place to turn around for about a mile ( I did explore this.). About 1.1 mile up there is a waterfall and a side path leads to its base. The lake is 2 miles from where I parked . Trail was in good shape but overgrown in spots. Did see raspberries but no huckleberries yet. The grade is moderate and it took me about 90 min with photo stops to reach the lake. Overall a nice hike for exercise and solitude.

Beautiful hike great trail.

Absolutely amazing!

1 month ago

Great backpacking, as others have stated there were plenty of mosquitoes to go around.

For those of you who would consider yourself a novice, like myself, after about 2.5 miles of general hicking expect about 2 miles of hiking up switchbacks to get all the way to the top (I checked it with a GPS). The trail was good with some places with higher stepping place and some loose rocks. We stopped at Alpine Lake along the way for a short break and managed to get to Sawtooth Lake in 3 hours. On the way back with just walking at a moderate pace took about 2.5 hours.

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