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on Gullfoss Waterfall

2 days ago

Not so much a trail, per se, as an overlook. Path is heavily maintained and many tourists are around. Short and easy. The views are great, of course.

on Strokkur Geysir Blesi

nature trips
2 days ago

Not really a trail as much as it is a tourist stop. Several geysers worth viewing, if you don’t mind crowds and cameras everywhere.

This is now inaccessible as the road is now private. Don’t bother.

I did this one by mistake (ooops). I'd say not the best around there, but an easy one. You might want to include sudurnamur for example.

9 days ago

If you are in the area, and you hike, it's easy to incorporate that along your normal route, and it's worth it.

9 days ago

That's a great one! I would strongly advise to do this along with the laugavegur. It isn't so steep, not so technical. I GPS is good if there is snow, but there are so many people doing this that following the trakcs is easy.

10 days ago

Starting at Skògar and traveling up between the two glaciers was extremely challenging and cold but you pass maybe 20 amazing waterfalls? The view closer to the summit is misty and I would not recommend completing the walk on through Thorsmork without snow shoes and an independent gps as we almost were lost on the glacier for hours, trail markers were buried beneath the snow. The hike back down was worth it though. Overall other worldly hike, but extremely treacherous.

10 days ago

Amazing hike. I went from Skogafoss to Básar. Took about 7 hours of hiking with a break for lunch. Then I took a bus out of Básar to Seljalandsfoss and hitch hiked back to Skogafoss. Definitely doable in a day if you have plans to get back to Skogafoss from Básar (which is the camp in Thorsmörk).

Very crowded but so many beautiful views.

Spend a little time and wait for a good size blast....

on FImmvorduhals

12 days ago

An absolutely phenomenal hike—one of our favorite hikes ever. We camped the night before at Skogar, left around 9am, and arrived in Thorsmork around 4:30, with plenty of stops for photos. We then caught a 6:00 bus back to Seljalandsfoss and hitchhiked back to our car at Skogar.

It’s basically a 3 part hike. The first 5 miles or so are up the Skoga River and there must be 25+ waterfalls, quite a few of them as big and breathtaking as Skógafoss. This part of the trail was incredible and worth the hike in and of itself. For the middle 5 miles, you continue climbing, up between the glaciers and through a lot of snow. It was sleeting, snowing, and freezing with thick fog. Really wild and unique landscape but be prepared for the cold and the wet, and make sure you have a GPS/map and are careful to follow the markers. Once you finally get through the snow, you come over into gorgeous green valleys that will blow you away... just amazing. This downhill part makes up the last 5 miles or so.

This hike has it all. Waterfalls, mountains, valleys, glaciers, volcanoes, cliffs, rivers... don’t miss out on this one!

14 days ago

The trail is nice and short, and the waterfall at the end is so great!

This place is no longer accessible. All three roads to access this hike are gated/closed off and on private land unfortunately.

Looked for this and could not find it. GPS led us to someone's house !

Hard to find waterfalls, I saw people taking multiple trails to it. Very secluded, cool little trail to the waterfall. The waterfall itself isn’t huge but quite interesting. Worth a quick stop if you can find the trail. I ended up having to under a wire fence so probably wasn’t the best route. Hard to tell what’s private land and what’s public access.

29 days ago

Amazing hike. We took our time and stayed the night on the pass. Jaw dropping scenery and waterfalls like I’ve never imagined. Knee deep snow, sleet, and green canyons. Truly as good as it gets.

Great walk up on the glacier. All you need are some yak Trax to follow the trail.

Beautiful walk between two villages. Views were spectacular in both directions so coming back the way we came was not repetitive. On a windy day this could be less enjoyable. We hiked it with our two young children in backpacks.

3 months ago

Beautiful and extreme wind conditions!

Love it. Great views.

Amazing waterfall. Pictures can’t do it justice.

4 months ago

It's Iceland, everything is beautiful.

4 months ago

The rating is for the waterfall...it is simply amazing.

Very easy nice hike along the coast and through the lava fields. Lovely views. Several iced patches but easily circumvented.

4 months ago

The waterfall(s) are beautiful and awe inspiring. That being said, the Thingvallar / Geysir / Gulfoss triumvirate was underwhelming. Probably not worth a full day in the car. If we were to do the ring road again (and we were looking for natural beauty and hiking throughout the trip), we'd skip this day and spend more time along the south coast / glaciers.

The geyser erupts often

Its a long walk through flat barren landscape, and was full of people when we got there so you couldn't get a good picture. A couple people had bicycles which might have made it worth it.

Easy walk to the glacier, beautiful scenery, wanted to go into the ice but didn't have the proper equipment.

Absolutely gorgeous

6 months ago

Stunning trail, particularly if you are fortunate enough to traverse it on a sunny day. Hike (on a well-maintained trail) through lava fields and past fumaroles, enjoying fantastically colorful mountains.

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