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22 hours ago

Half decent. Bike ruts throughout the length of every trail. There’s not much to look at, and not much elevation gain. However... for Delaware it’s not bad. When it’s not so muddy I’ll consider running or biking it instead.

Great hike, A dusting of snow at the base and 1-2" on the shady side of the top. Upper 20s and mostly sunny. We did the loop counter clockwise without taking the spur to the lean to. 3.9 miles according to the GPS. We only saw one other pair with their dog. Numerous animal tracks in the snow. We might not have needed them but we used micro spikes on the way down and it made more secure footing.

Worth the ride.

2 days ago

Great trail to take a dog on.

Nice day hike if you are local. Nota challenging hike, but enough to get the blood flowing.

Great hike! Will deter you in the very beginning but if you can get past the first mile or so, the views are wonderful! Doesn’t even feel like New Jersey!

Had a little of everything. Great few hours

this was such an awesome hike.
will DEFINITELY be going there again!

Get hike! Did Both Pinnacle and Pulpit Rock! Great combo!

Beautiful view!

Awesome hike. Regardless which direction you take it, you will begin by going uphill early on then walking the ridge for a few miles before going back downhill again to the reservoir road.

Shout out to the person below me that said Glen Coco

Very pretty vistas but a lot of dull inner forest trail before getting there. Worth it if glen coco is frozen over and you’re in the area.

Very technical rocky start to the climb. But gorgeous and because it’s a technical climb it is not crowded

Not 'hard' as rated... very easy in fact. First 2 miles is like a boardwalk, then there is one big hill towards turn around point into some nifty power lines. followed the white trail, it is a bit easy to get lost near the houses.

14 days ago

We did this hike New Years Day 2019. It was a great hike! The waterfalls were raging after all the rain yesterday. It was awesome! I highly recommend this hike!

15 days ago

Nice hike. A lot more traffic on the trail than I expected. Great for joggers and walking your dog, but I also would say beware of owners with dogs off leash (even though there are lots of signs against it).

Excellent trail. Well marked. Fairly rocky but no climbing. Strenuous but not too much. Beautiful forest setting. The pond was beautiful at the top. Can’t wait to come again and go around the pond and the creek route on the way down.

This particular day, I was looking for a trail that wasn’t long.. After reading the description..This was a perfect trail for our day.. As well
as the one review “ Nice easy trail” summed up my decision.. My husband and I enjoyed it very much.. Great views.. We’re going back to enjoy the other trails that are off the trail and AP trail.. The Lehigh Gap Nature Center was open. The lady at the desk was very informative and nice!

excellent views and scenic waterfalls and that was in the middle of winter.

19 days ago

The Border trail has some nice views and gives a decent workout, but I would suggest mixing in some other trails along the way to get the best scenery the Trexler Nature Preserve has to offer. The trails are well marked and the maps are clear to read, so it's easy to map your own route.

Easy Flat gravel trail, missed the turn to the overlook and over shot by 0.25 miles. Muddy once on the turnoff, but view is worth it. Is game land so wear some orange in season.

we did this one today for xmas. with our 15mo old. certain trails are very rocky. its all beautiful. steepish terrain. ♡ wouldn't recommend bringing a young child better for older ones.

Nice rail, and is a nice workout. On a clear day there’s a really nice view of the river. My only issue was, this trail has a few spots that are not good for dogs. I took my dog along and there were some pretty big rocks that she couldn’t get down from or over. Other than that, it’s a nice part of the AT

Good trail. Close to a neighborhood at some point but overall great trail. Almost no markings, need this app to follow the trails

The view from Hawk Rock is great. Had actually only done the hike down this part of trail but enjoyed the numerous rock steps/stairs. Looped back up the un-blazed trail which includes unobstructed view of Duncannon.

Me and my friends walked this trail a cold Sunday morning. Since it had snowed, it was hard to walk at our usual pace. It was very muddy and so many puddles. Aside that, it was a beautiful hike! Well worth our 2hr. drive. Would definitely do it again but in the summer. The views were stunning!

This is one of my favorite trails in Missouri. Beautiful views, great for an overnight backpacking trip. Great length for taking out first time backpackers.

Unfortunately, someone broke a window on our vehicle with a rock. There was nothing in the car and beer cans left in the parking lot.

Just wanted to leave a heads up here for people heading that way.

I will definitely hike this magical trail again despite this misfortune!

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