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4 hours ago

Love this place!! So many different routes. I use this walk a ton since it is by my home and such beautiful scenery. Pet friendly and always clean and well kept areas. Beautiful water falls throughout.

2 days ago

Hike was well worth it not for the waterfall but the rock formation that is at the very end. We went to the waterfall during flooding and excess rain to see a little waterfall a top a very large rock wall covered with ages of erosion that was well worth it. Make sure you are in good physical shape and travel together as the the trail is steep and extremely rugged and should only be embarked on if you hike frequently and have the correct gear, hike took about 4 hours with at least 3 camps that people will hang out at up and down that can be used as checkpoints, If you are extremely fit to where you can hike 13 miles I recommend taking the trail from the waterfall to the buffalo river as the scenery is beautiful combined with the utter isolation you’ll find yourself in as you have to drive 3 miles of dirt road to get to the trailhead

One of my favorites. Easy, short hike in to the falls. Beautiful views. Gets pretty rocky and uneven close to the falls. The hike out is mostly uphill.

5 days ago

It was a beautiful hike with the fall foliage at or near its peak. Being that this was our first hike, we feel like we did well for our age. I would recommend hiking poles for the descent going down the step grade. Our knees differently felt the effects of the steep grade. We brought a lunch and blanket for a bite to eat and a break at the base of falls. Don’t expect much water coming over the falls. Even with the rain a few days earlier, there wasn’t much water running. Still a beautiful view with the shear limestone walls rising out of the tranquil valley.

Nice trail for hiking and photography! Many things to see along the way

Great trail. Even has a cut through that reduces it by around two miles.

Awesome trail! Take your time, pack some snacks, and make a day of it.

Beautiful place. With watchful eyes we’ll bring our grandchildren soon. Trail is excellent. We went on around below the bluff line beyond Glory Hole. This added not only distance but the bluff line has a lot to offer the eyes. Nothing to not like-even get to take our dog ❤️

This was our first time hiking in the Ozarks and it was amazing, use the map on this site to get there because the parking is right on the side of the road, very limited maybe 8-10 cars which I thought would have been a lot of people but not crowded, there had been plenty of rain the days before our hike so the creeks were flowing and main attraction at the end was beautiful, plenty of above and below pics, the walk out is challenging but not to aggressive, well worth the drive

The trail and falls are great. One of the most heavily trafficked trails we've been on (65 and sunny on a Saturday in January), and a lot of really poor trail etiquette (smoking, dirt bikes). We will be back on less ideal conditions!

“In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins; not through strength, but through perseverance.”

I LOVED this hike and the miraculous feature waiting at the end of it. It was the perfect metaphor for a New Year’s Day hike when your resolution includes perseverance, tenacity and gumption.

If you like to use a stick to cross water I advise you to bring it. I left mine in the car and wished I had it.

We were there after a heavy rain and it was flowing incredibly well as were the feeder streams.

Wonderful moderate hike.

We began our new year (2019) hiking a few trails in Newton County, AR. The area had recently had rain, so the falls and streams were beautiful. Glory Hole was absolutely stunning with the water flowing like it was. We will be back.

This was a great hike!! The trail markers are fantastic. Save your lunch break until you get to the small waterfall about 4 miles in. I will definitely do this Trail again.

17 days ago

Really great out and back with a lot of delightful places to stop and enjoy cascading water. Near the waterfall, it was a bit slippery, and the way back is uphill, but the trail is well maintained. If you can, time a trip here after a good rain so you can catch the waterfall.

18 days ago

Good trail. A little too much pavement and man made sections of the trail for my taste but I would still recommend it. The spring is pretty amazing and there are sections that give history and information about the spring which is nice.

Super cool trail. One of my favorites in Ha Ha Tonka that I have done so far. One of those that I am excited to show and recommend to other people.

trail running
18 days ago

Nice trail for running. Pretty scenery...hills, creeks, lake view, meadows.

Well Worth the messy wet hike!

Hard trail, very slippery in spots but well worth the trip if your prepared! Bring water and snacks!

19 days ago

Short hike to beautiful, serene falls!

Really beautiful! Nice, easy downhill to the falls.

This is a beautiful waterfall!! Very short and easy walking access for all ages. It’s a must see!!

very beautiful hike

Very pretty, several waterfalls.

Beautiful, somewhat rocky getting down and back up, and the road getting there was treacherous at parts. But totally worth it, with amazing springs right at the river. The sun goes away later in the day so definitely get there earlier if you can. Also there was a rattlesnake in the big well so stick to the springs that are easy to get into!

Great little trail for a quick afternoon out with plenty of great photo opportunities. It’s kept very well maintained and has a lot of information posts along the way. Quite a bit of history packed into this hike as well as moments of feeling secluded even though you’re not.

26 days ago

Nice trail. A little too urban for my taste, but there's a scenic, broad creek with a small waterfall that people see by climbing over the rails, a bridge, some hill work, and crossing a dam with a wide view of the reservoir, so it's quite a survey over a short trail.

Nice trail, easy to follow. Being it is a Monday there were only a few others on the trail. It's an easy trail with some elevation gain but nothing steep. My watch said 4 miles in 1 hr 21 minutes. Was lucky enough to see deer so that made me feel a little more out in nature. This trail is in town so if you are looking for complete peace from noise this may not be for you. Though very peaceful there were parts where you can hear people as there are homes close and you do hear some traffic at the front part of the trail as you are not that far off of 49. But still if you are looking for a hike that isn't a long drive you have one right here. If you are taking small children keep an eye on them as there are a couple spots where if they get off trail there could be quite the fall.

Love this place! Can’t wait to go back!

1 month ago

Lack of use and volunteers for upkeep have hurt this trail over the last few years. Happy to report that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has recently cleared and marked the trail. While it is still narrow in places and more work is needed, it is at least clear of fallen trees and properly marked. The trail has also been re-mapped with a GPS unit and new maps are being made. Volunteers are needed for the upkeep of this trail and those interested can contact the Corps at (417)276-3113. Fallen trees and other trail issues can also be reported to that number.

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