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18 hours ago

Nice easy trail that takes you by the quarries and shows you a little history and background on the construction of the castle.

19 hours ago

Oct. 21, 2018-Just an incredible trail at Ha Ha Tonka State Park. Load up my recording to get a blow by blow coverage of this hike with pictures. I really enjoyed this hike with the varied terrain and different features including the panoramic views of the valleys, several streams, the rock formations in the lower part of the area, and the excellent camping areas as well. I camped in the B campsite which is the primary backpacking camp site. It is a large area and will hold about 7 to 8, 2-person, tents and is situated next to a creek bed which was dry this time of the year. The trail was well-maintained, and also was well marked. Even though this was not the peak weekend for the fall colors for the different tree varieties, it was still beautiful to see some of them finally showing off their colors. It’s a scenic, easy, trail and one that I will definitely do again.

Prepare for an uphill hike similar to mountain climbing and lots of stream crossings. Beautiful hike. Rightfully rated hard!

Awesome trail. I had a late start so I did the loop clockwise and hung a hammock at the backpack campground which was a good low laying spot in between hills next to a creek bed. Finished the loop the next day which had some really cool features and scenery.

A little confusing with the lower trail. But still good

Visited in the fall after a rain and thought the falls would be flowing a little bit better. But it was still a nice hike and cool sight to see.

Yes it is a climb up but it isn’t as hard as a lot of people have said. Bring water and some snacks. There are a few places to stop on the way to take a break if needed. The waterfall was only a trickle but that meant we didn’t get wet crossing the streams. Truly a sight to see!

Simple hike to the falls. Nothing like the sound of water and the spray.

If you want to make it challenging, climb the slippery bank to get the view from on top.

Even after the rains, the water was just trickling but it is still worth the hike to see.

Great trail with an amazing ending! The cathedral is beautiful and the echos are awesome! The waterfall was only trickling very little but that made standing under it that much more fun to cool off. The hike down was pretty easy even though we broke a sweat. However the hike up made it the hardest hike I have ever encountered! It’s one of those that you give your hiking buddy a high five when you reach the top! It was really neat to see, but it’s safe to say I’ll probably only do it this one time.

Technically a good workout with mountain bike

Very nice, very tall falls. We got off our kayaks to hike up it. The hike there has a ton of scenery, you’ll cross several creeks to get there. Make sure it has rained prior if you want to see the falls in full effect. Well worth the trip.

on Triple Falls Trail

19 days ago

Short easy hike into the falls - only small twin falls when we were there in late Sept., but still pretty. The drive to the trail head from the highway is rather long (steep, rough, and downhill) considering how short the hike actually is.

22 days ago

The water wasn't flowing but it still was an excellent trail. I'll be back.

Great trail for a quick hike.

Great hike, but be ready for the return trip!! Took us 1.5 hrs to get down, and 2hrs to get back up. You'll feel it the next day... Waterfalls and Creeks were all dried up in late September. Saw a 24" Copperhead at the waterfall site. Would recommend bringing sandals or watershoes if you want to swim or explore in the river bc it's hard to walk barefoot in all the rocks. River was pretty shallow, but could probably find deeper pools if you explored a bit. Save your energy for the hike up though!!

Nice little hike. Just a trickle today, but probably incredible after some good rain.

Water fall was awesome and a beautiful trail to it

on Hemmed in Hollow Trail

1 month ago

One of the hardest trail I’ve ever experienced BUT it is really worth it.
Even though, the waterfall was barely floating but it was beautiful and the formation of the surroundings was amazing.

I will do it again on the spring!!

Great trail with good scenery. We (me and my 9 and 10 year old) finished it in about 2 hours. We took the NE Trail from the parking area central spur just before the entrance. From there, we took the S Lower trail until we crossed the bridge where we shot up a steep incline to the S Upper Trail. Followed that trail until it met up with the N Upper Trail and followers that. towards the end there is a sign that says TRAIL and one that says DANGER. If you follow the DANGER sign and turn right at the fork, it will take you out quicker to the parking lot. There are alot of bike riders and the small bridge crossing the spring is out that's why it says DANGER but there are rocks you can cross that is no big deal. Even the bikers cross the spring!

1 month ago

Great trail with the kids. Enjoyed all the natural wonders!
Spent around 2 hours on the trail.

1 month ago

Very nice hike. The trail is well maintained. The waterfall and creek are well worth the visit! The suspension bridge if fun. Note that because this trail is in town and with having the waterfall/creek that it does draw in a crowd to get get in the water so be prepared depending on time of day/year that you may not get the peace and quiet you are looking for. With that said once you get away from that area the crowd disappears. There are plenty of benches along the trail where you can sit and take in nature. This is a cant miss hike!

1 month ago

Beautiful trails with creeks, caves, and waterfalls. I highly recommend checking this trail out.

Amazing place

Beautiful trail with wildflowers and river. The caves are about 3 miles in on the left, easy to miss if you aren’t looking for them.

on Triple Falls Trail

1 month ago

I drove my 2007 accord through the road and it was not bad ( you just need to drive slowly.

The falls was barely dropping!!
I would love to come to this falls after a heavy rain!

Fun, short hike.

we have tried this trail twice with our kids and get a bit confused after we cross mail road and follow it up to park area. we have no idea where to go from there and we even asked a park ranger, who said he cuts the grass on trail, and said it's not a loop but in order to go back to parking lot, you have to walk same route back?

This is one of the most difficult and most rewarding trails I’ve ever been on. The trail is well maintained and easy to navigate. The creeks and waterfalls were pretty dry, but the exposed rock formations were beautiful. There’s a really amazing overlook at the first campsite you encounter. It’s worth pausing for a minute just to take in the view. The “end” of the trail is so beautiful! It’s seriously like walking into a cathedral and the echo was one of my favorite features. The climb out was so hard. Had to stop for heart rate and breathing breaks. This trail is so worth the work you’re about to put in.

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