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An okay hike. It’s a steady climb to the falls, it never gets steep. The trail descends a little over the last half of a mile. Although the lanslide and the waterfall are interesting, there aren’t many other attractions on the rest of the trail.

20 days ago

Great workout, varied terrain

Watch our for the blue trail, I ended up on a road and decided to walk back because I was confused. Otherwise great glute workout on the way up!

A bit crowded at times. Pleasent enough. I liked the rock scrambles. There really were no views even in the winter. It was a nice work out.

Beautiful area, easier travel. Some spots are steeper, but nothing of much difficulty. Can't wait to see it in early spring/ summer.

Lots of slipping in med, but even more stopping to search for blazes. Only Lucy's lookout had a sign, but we didn't notice a lookout. The view of Manhattan is under haze even on a clear day (think looking for LA from afar). Twice on this "mountain" and the adjacent one we found blazes for other trails that didn't match up with the map. It gets confusing. Bring poles if it's rained or snowed!

Nice mountain. 4.6 mile loop

Took the white trail up to lookout then yellow trail to surprise lake. It was one of the best hikes I have taken this year and sure to go again. Was unable to pick up the orange trail to get back so ended up on blue trail to Greenwood Lake which was worth the extra hike yesterday.

The type of trail that offers a little bit of everything when you need to get out!

Great fun in the snowy trail. Some uphill terrain that would make it difficult for beginners. Many animal tracks in the snow making it interesting. a rocky trail that will be fun in warmer months.

I wouldn't call this an easy hike, definitely more towards moderate. Trail is well marked. We parked on Townshead Rd.

This trail is very close to my house and it is absolutely beautiful. Short hike, challenging enough at a fast pace to get a great workout. I rarely see anyone on the trail. The terrain is beautiful and there is a decent view at the top. Great for kids too.

One of my favorite hikes! Great workout (initial hour or so is all uphill and pretty rocky. Doable, but we take breaks), gorgeous views including NYC skyline and an expanse of GWL, and not many people on the trail. There are two spots that I've found more difficult with my large dogs (one involves lifting/ lowering dogs and requires two adults) but there may be walk arounds - that I haven't found. Love reaching the highest point and having lunch while feeling accomplished.

4 months ago

From the parking area, I took the yellow to orange along the reservoir. Then turned back on the white, and looped around on the red stripe to blue. From bear rock I took the white back towards the parking area.

Yellow/orange was incredibly well marked almost to the point where it was a bit obnoxious. Everything after that, you had to pay some attention. Yellow/orange was a really nice stroll along the water then up some rocks to cliffs overlooking the water. Red stripe seemed a little less traveled - was a fun little stretch. Blue was steep at times- and very rocky.

Maybe not the most exciting hike or the most rewarding views, but at the end of the day was a very enjoyable hike with varied terrain.

So pretty amd good views throughout.

Nice easy hike! The Falls were completely frozen when we were there today which was pretty cool. Very well maintained trail & super easy going, never steep.

Great area with lots of space and options. Even on busier days you won't have to worry about crowding (on the trails), however, parking can get a little tight but there is plenty of additional side of the road spaces available. Also- make sure to check out the visitor center, especially if you have kids!

4 months ago

It was a great hike and the best time to do it is fall when the ground is full of fall leaves. It looks like a scene from a fairy tail book. This is an easy hike with not much elevation. This is a quick hike if you have other things planned as well during the afternoon and dont want to spend all day hiking. Or just need something for 2-3 hours. It gives you some elevation as well. So for folks who like to raise their heart beats a bit while hiking, this has that element as well. Waterfall itself is quite beautiful. There is a giant rock where mostly folks go till and take pictures. But there is about 50 more steps you could take upwards towards the falls (a bit slippery) but gets you closer to the falls and gives you a better view. You could also go further down the fall and chill at a few rocks. Not too much traffic.

Beautiful fall foliage.

5 months ago

I hiked this trail two times this summer. Once in early June which was easily 5 stars, and once in late August, which was 1 star. Over the course of the summer the kids destroy this trail. Very sad actually. You can party and be stupid, and still respect nature.

5 stars for the trail, Negative a million for Humanity :/

Man I love this hike.

This hike is located right by the more popular Terrace Pond hike, and offers all the positives of that hike, but generally with way less people.

The beginning of this hike is the hardest part, and is no joke. The first hour is steady steady elevation gain. Once you get to the first viewpoint you level off a bit however. While the ridge along the bear fort trail is less inclined, it is very interesting with light scrambling throughout.

I highly recommend turning left once the bearfort trail ends and taking the yellow, Earnest Walter trail. A stop at West Pond is a must. I like this spot more than the popular Lake Surprise which will come later.

Continue the loop connecting with the AT and Stateline (blue) trail before some more scrambling on the Earnest Walter. The amazing views as you climb the mountain on the EW looking to Greenwood lake are unbelievable.

Surprise lake is a nice spot to take in some more awesome scenery. Then head to the Orange Qual Trail and head back. Keep a heads up on the Orange trail here. It can be very tough to follow if you aren't paying serious attention. The quai trail, while much easier than the other trails, can be very rocky and at this point you are most likely a little fatigued. Be careful on the rocks, as they can be some serious ankle turners.

Eventually meet back to the bearfort trail and head back to your car. What a hike!

Beautiful trail! The trailhead is right on the road, but the sign is slightly set back so you might not see it at first. The beginning has a few tough climbs and rock scrambles, but totally manageable. Highly recommend taking a quick look along the yellow trail after Surprise Lake, there are two beautiful vistas there. A few nice views, lots of cool changes in terrain, glacial erratics and hemlock groves. Beautiful foliage in mid-October.

half way through(yesterday).

i think we accidentally went right after the white blazes ended (we started on Warwick, took blue blaze to white, and stayed on white. instantly was a bit challenging. First year hikers). So we may have missed out.

i think i will do this trail again but start on Orange, get to yellow, and loop yellow. Just to enjoy more.

5 months ago

Great little hike. Took about about 2 1/2 hours for the up an back with about 20 min at the falls. It has been dry the last few weeks so the volume of water coming down was not spectacular.

Great little hike!

This was so far our favorite hike in the green mountains.

5 months ago

very nice trail... family friendly... our dachshund made it all the way without any assist. no views along the way... a nice wooded trail. would look great if leaves were peaking... which they were NOT today... the payoff is a waterfall which is fun to scramble around on and pretty...

Excellent trail with beautiful views.

The trail and the sites and pictures obtained were absolutely breathtaking, but the way this trail is marked is unbelievably confusing. We went on the blue trail and ended up getting lost. We actually had to walk on the main roads for 3.9 miles just so we could get back to our car. Not sure if we would come back to this trail.

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