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Not a very steep hike! The ruins can only be seen from across a stream, but they were still cool to see. I just wish the trail wasn't next to the road almost the whole way, it somewhat takes away from a true nature experience.

Great space for running. Ample room to allow passerby’s. Muddy in the shade, but enjoyable!

26 days ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize that this was done mid-December. Seriously such a cool hike. We were the first ones to go up after a small snow fall, so fresh tracks all the way up, although it was a little slippery at parts. Falls were half frozen, which was also neat. Not sure about the traffic or conditions during summer, but this was a great early winter trek.

A lotta bang for your buck on this trail. This is the easier of the two routes to access Bells Canyon. Parking is tight though. There are a couple overflow lots.

Beautiful. we loved the lake, the scenery, the rocks, all of it! there were some icy patches, but that's to be expected in the winter.

Great hike, awesome views and landscapes, great exercise. The hike wasn’t to bad, only five miles up and down, we really didn’t have any problem getting up there, except for exhaustion.
Anyway, great hike loved it!

Nice hike with three lakes to enjoy

2 months ago

Nice little loop. would be a nice easy area for beginner snowshoeing when it get enough snow.

not a lot of shade right now, some parts of the trail have snow, good view of the city, beautiful

Hiked from Terraces Hills Drive today. This is definitely a great quick hike with nice views.

Ironically, this trail which is quite flat and a boardwalk most of the way was harder than going up in elevation to Twin Lakes today. This is because some parts of the trail were snow packed, while others slushy, while others totally un-snow-covered and others icy and slushy. But, the fun part of the trail today was seeing lots of families come out in their best clothes for destination photos and some others trying to break the ice and a few brave ones going out on the ice. The trail was full of entertainment, no doubt.

3 months ago

Actually we started with the intention of going to Lake Solitude, but went up the trail for Twin Lakes instead. We did this back in September of this year. We weren't sure how the snow would make the hiking experience different as we are new to hiking. We actually ended up liking hiking up in the snow as when there was no snow on the trail, it was a bit hard to traverse up on the trail on the stones, pebbles and boulders on the trail. It seemed in some parts of the trail there was up to a foot of snow. But, there were some sections that were a bit slushy or slippery, so walking sticks or the snow cleats may be helpful. I am quite a slow hiker, so going up took about 1 hr 45 min and about 50 minutes to go down.


Beautiful hike with just enough snow right now. It's all pretty much uphill so it's a nice workout but not too challenging.

Seeing a frozen Silver Lake right at the beginning was an added bonus!

4 months ago

It’s a great easy hike past Bridal Veil falls, until you get to the house with the graffiti. From there its a short, steep, rocky uphill trail to the falls. Very pretty though

4 months ago

There is no trailhead sign that we saw. The concrete building with graffiti on it is the start. We parked in Bridal Veil Falls parking lot and went there first. Just continue following the pathway about another 0.5-0.75 miles further to the upper Falls trail. It's super short. We did it in 10 -15 minutes up. There's a lot of loose rock which could be difficult for younger children. We went up in the afternoon around 2pm. It was unseasonably warm for beginning of November. There was no one else around so we had the Falls all to ourselves.

4 months ago

We did this hike yesterday, fairly easy, saw a lot of families. Some good views and elevation climb is not difficult. This was a good hike for someone like me who is new to the area and getting acclimated to the elevation. Caution: you should bring GPS since trail not well marked and it's easy to get off which we did one time (several others we passed would ask us if still on trail). Also, while probably obvious, this late in fall we did encounter areas of ice/snow so while easy hike, bring appropriate footwear.

This is not so much of a hike unless you climb up to the lower part of the falls. Hiking up there is a bit dangerous and not recommended for kids or people with bad footing. Other than that, it is gorgeous!

4 months ago

Hard to find but for sure worth it

Good hike this morning to Lake Catherine. On the way, you’ll pass Dog Lake and Lakes Mary and Martha. It’s also fun (easily manageable without crampons) to hike in the snow.

Great hike. It had just snowed the day before. That extra layer of snow gave a good crunch under the feet going up, but coming down was more muddy and slippery. We went with our five kids (10,9,6,5,5) and grandma. The snow on the way down was difficult for grandma, but we walked down together to minimize slips. Kids did fine. I carried one on my shoulders off and on much of the way down due to cold feet. No clearly marked trail head, but you figure it out from the parking lot pretty easily. We didn’t see any moose. Lake Mary was gorgeous, with some great picture spots for sure. I didn’t love hiking along the chair lift for that first section though. You lose a bit of the magic, but it’s still awesome. Next time we’ll go all the way to Lake Catherine for sure

My husband and I felt that this was our favorite hike of our short trip to the Wasatch Mountains. It is more of a moderate hike, like many have said, but it was by no means impossible to do. We felt challenged enough and each lake was spectacular! Fortunately, we did this hike prior to the snow that came later in the afternoon yesterday. After Lake Martha, it was slippery with a lot of ice, but probably not as icy as it could be now. Like past reviews have said, the hike from the base to Lake Mary was the most challenging part. Because this was our first time in the Wasatch Mountains, we wanted to see a lot and stopped at Lake Catherine. Next time we come out, we plan to go all the way up!

on Bridal Veil Falls Trail

4 months ago

This place felt so magical. So amazing and breathtaking. Beautiful river and waterfall. Took some awesome pics and videos.

5 months ago

I just moved to Utah and this was a great starting hike to get used to the elevation a little bit. Nice scenery of the city and a pretty lake to rest at. I'll definitely be back.

Easy trail , good views and beautiful waterfalls

Not too steep - great hike!

5 months ago

What a beautiful afternoon for a fall hike! There won't be many more afternoons like this one at such a high elevation. The trail was covered in golden aspen leaves and the weather was crisp and sunny. The only trouble was the work they've recently done on the service road and in felling trees erased the path. We found it again luckily. And thank heaven for the GPS! We somehow started heading down to a lackluster pond before realizing it wasn't Lake Solitude and we were supposed to be heading up toward the lake instead. In other words, the trail wasn't well marked. But the kids (15, 11, 9, and 7) and I had a great time and enjoyed this hike. We saw so many deer!

Short hike and very easy. Views of the fall colors were amazing. Be prepared for crowds though!

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