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6 hours ago

Found a drone controller on Poo Poo point trail (the flat area where you can see Mt Rainier). Please reply or DM me if this is yours with a description of the controller. Trying to make sure it finds its owner.

DM/email me at dashwinvideos+dm at gmail.com

Very beautiful hike!

So beautiful! It’s a tough hike with all the switchbacks, but well worth it on a clear day. I highly recommend this one.

Most beautiful ever ever! Colors are everywhere! One of my best fall hikes!

Saw different mushrooms. Lakes are beautiful. Worth the effort. Went there on 10/12/2018.

Went up on a beautiful fall day and it was a nice hike. The way up is nice and we went off trail up boulders before the peak which added a nice effort. Great view up top but would imagine it’s crowded during the weekend.

Started the hike on oct 1,, at around 7:30am, took about 3.5 hours out and back. The fall colors were amazing in this little valley before the final push to the summit and the top was covered in clouds which looked surreal. It was a bit challenging, my legs were pretty tired from the few hikes we did the day before so it felt like the switchbacks went on forever. there weren't very many people on this trail, we did see someone with a dog so dogs can definitely do this hike. There were blueberries that lined the trail which made for a great snack on the way up.

Great trail!!

5 days ago

great quick hike, great for dogs. Beautiful views from the top.

Finally did it today! I arrived late, around 2pm. Wasn't too difficult going up but I took lots of short breather breaks. I had the hardest time on the rocks going up but going down them was almost worse lol. The view, and the sentimental moments spent at the mailbox, made every footstep worth it. Because I had a late start going up, I was forced to run most of the way down to avoid getting locked in! (Gates close at 8pm!!!) Saw lots of people dressed lightly, but warm as it is super cold up top. BRING TOO MUCH WATER!! :)


Awesome - longer than stated here. We tracked 11 miles from trailhead to tower round trip. There’s approximately 6inches of snow once you start curving in from the ridge and it’s pretty slipper in some areas with all the slush. Looks like a winter wonderland though. Couldn’t see anything because of cloud coverage from the tower (it was closed so sat below it) but the views from the ridge were incredible with bright fall foliage. We plan to visit again in the summer.

Awesome trail with beautiful scenery and changing landscapes. We went thinking we'd see the Fall colors, but we're a day too late! Still some reds and yellows poking out, and plenty at the middle elevations. Socked in at the top, but still worth the climb and snow-free rocks to eat lunch on. Go early before the snow melts to slush! Was muddy on the way down. Parking lot fills up by 9 and clears out around noon. Don't forget your Northwest Forest Pass and warm layers! Happy trails. (Hiked 10/6/18)

trail running
9 days ago

Great trail for cardio... did it with the kids 7-12 yrs old... they did get tired, but the end was amazing... we got to see people para gliding.. and some beautiful views.

Wonderful hike! Steady elevation gain most of the way. Lovely fall colors all the way up to the lake currently. Peaks up top were clouded in, making for moody photography. Lake was a vibrant teal nonetheless. Quite nice against the orange leaves! No snow anywhere, and although quite cold, no snow falling today.

The second half is definitely pretty rocky. Just have to be careful with your footing especially on a rainy day like today. Nothing sketchy, just couldn’t go as fast as I’d like. (Did get passed by a dude trail running, so it just depends on what you’re comfortable with.)

This was a great hike. The lake was amazing as well. The upper trail had snow on the trees and peaks. But this is not a 8.5 mile hike. My tracker put me at 11.1 miles from trailhead to the end of the lake. I wasn’t expecting to put my dog through such a long hike, but he did great.

I would say if it's your first time hiking or you don't have good shoes. stop at the first second water fall, stay there a bit and look. there's a secret way to get on it. Then just head back. if you want to keep going, pack a wind breaker or something light but warm cause near the lake it's bloody cold.

great I love

14 days ago

2018/09/15 Saturday (Hiking Date). Best Hike. Last half mile was tough. This hike was deceptive at the end - Two times towards the end of tail I thought the hike was over... only to realize there is more to it. Very good views on the way and at the top. All rocks towards the end for a quarter mile. Good size crowd. Total Miles: 11. Total Time: 7.5 hours. Active Time: 5.5 hours. I definitely go there again.

15 days ago

This trail was beautiful! After spending a lot of time in a city lately, I was so happy to be surrounded by so many big trees. The trail is pretty steep and I was with some people who weren’t regular hikers so we weren’t able to make it all the way. Definitely a good workout! Saw a handful of other hikers along the way so not super quiet.

This hike was beautiful and the fall colors today (sept 29th) were incredible! Took me 4 hours total to get up and back down not really taking any breaks or pics (not including the 20 mins I spent at the top). Pretty tough but I would rate it more as moderate than hard if you are in decent shape. Parking lot was full by 8am and definitely saw more people coming down later so I recommend starting before 8 if you can. Pretty windy and chilly at the top so definitely bring a jacket! Nice views of mount rainier too! No bugs at all. Highly recommend!

We planned on this being our lighter hike of the trip and only doing the Denny Creek trail but ended up going all the way to the lake. This may have been my favorite in the end. We had some beautiful views along the way and a great variety of scenery. The falls, creek, woods and a good amount of wildlife. Several Pika, frogs and chipmunks were spotted. Turned out to be a perfect way to end our time in the mountains.

Hiked this on Saturday. It says it’s 9.8 but my Fitbit logged 13.11 miles. It was beautiful at the top. Wish we had more time to enjoy it hanging out at the mailbox. Will definitely do it again.

on Poo Poo Point Trail

28 days ago

awesome trail with beautiful view on top. definitely recommended.

The views on this trail are amazing! There is a variety of scenic views and trails. I accidentally took the boulder path to the tower. Wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. It was a test of my skills for sure. The view from the tower is incredible. Took the trail back down which was 10x easier than the boulders. Love this trail. Took me a few hours but it was so beautiful I keep stopping and soaking up the scenery. IG: @markobreezy

I enjoyed this hike. One of my favorites. However the hike down to the lake and back was closer to 11.5 miles.

Good little hike. Steeper at the beginning and the end. I thought the view from the top was ok...not breathtaking, but definitely very nice.

1 month ago

Watch out for bees, they were pretty feisty. Also, ran into a mama mountain goat and her baby.

Great hike with lots of changing scenery. It got busier as the day went with other hikers coming in as we were going out. Hardly a bug to be seen.

'Northwest Forest Pass' required for parking. I think you can get them for 5$ right at the parking lot, our vehicle already has one.

Trail begins wide and meanders thru the forest. It's loud due to the highway above you but this quickly fades. The trail will come alongside Denny Creek and then stairs will lead you right to the creek. You have to cross here and look for the small sign on a tree. More forest and then it opens up. Next you'll see Keekwulee Falls. Alternating forest and open rock switchbacks. We had low cloud for the hike in, and then the sky cleared while we had lunch at the lake. The second lake pathway runs to the left side of the main lake, only takes a few minutes to get there.

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