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Nice trail. They should open it up to running.

14 days ago

Nice trail that has improved significantly over the last few years. Trail has some pretty nice inclines and winds it's way through a fairly dense cedar brake. Crowds are definitely an issue when the weather is nice and especially on weekends. Avoid completely within 3-5 days following a moderate rainfall as the mud can make for a less than nice outing. TIP: Hike when the temps drop into the 20's and 30's and you will just about have the trail to yourself.

I was extremely disappointed, most of the trail was blocked off and closed so all I could do is a short hike around the common area. the more Scenic parts of the park were inaccessible

I love this trail. You depend a lot on the weather though. The scenery is beautiful and the trails are in very good shape.

We tried to go hiking but all of the trails were flooded. It didn't say anything about it on the park website. so if you're driving any sort of distance, I would suggest to call the park if it has been raining a lot. Other wise, the fall colors on that area are gorgeous.

First time out I will be back

trail running
1 month ago

Love the challenging trail. It’s very useful to measure your endurance over time.

2 months ago

Awesome place , awesome view , I had been their last Saturday , it was raining , the view was just something to watch out for. Nearer to the city and such a lush green landscape hard to find.

Cost: $7 per person.

Need I say more? Other states don't charge money to walk around in nature.

A lot of mosquitoes. Take the wildlife signs seriously.

I've hiked all the trails. Great trail system.

Great trail for cycling and walking. Beautiful scenery. One of our favorite trails to ride.

Only did half mile trail. But definitely liked it. However it is the busiest trails I have ever seen. No less than fifty cars in the parking lot. In the middle of the week 30 min. Before it closes.

trail running
3 months ago

Awesome 11mile Long Run on this trail, felt great.

just another good hike at Cedar Ridge

It was not what I expected, but it was good walk. It was very clean, but the trail signs got me a little confused. Good thing is not too big, otherwise I would got "lost". It was a nice day and it has excelent bath services and the playgrounds for the little ones are great.

a very well kept secret, love nature, patrolled by precinct 4 cops, very safe and well maintained

awesome trails

mountain biking
3 months ago

Been riding these trails for like 30 years. Something for everyone. Can’t get lost...

Decent trail that ends at a lookout point. Good for my 12 year old and I.

Beautiful bridges and lovely nature ! Trail is well paved too

3 months ago

This trail is marked “closed” due to flooding. The Ranger I spoke with said there was no timetable regarding repairs or reopening.

What a great little hidden gem!!!

Great trail!

Fun hike for the family... kids 3-6 handlers it fine!

This is a 20 mile trail starting at Dennis Johnston Park with 3 miles until You reach Pundt Park - 6 miles until you reach Spring creek park then onto Jesse jones park! WHERE WAS THIS PARK 20 years ago when I had to go to Westheimer area to get in a few miles for biking and running! This is so much closer AND nicer than any trail around Houston - how great it would be to keep continuing the trail even further! I can not say enough good things about this trail as it is covered with trees majority of the way, has water stations, bathrooms and plenty of cops on the trail (giving tickets so be sure to know bike laws) well maintained trail!!! I will gladly give donations to keep this trail looking great!!

4 months ago

my fiance and I come every single Sunday! he bikes while i hike and it's just beautiful.

trail running
4 months ago

Good trail to get a quick run in. Lots of banana spiders (harmless), so watch for webs while running. Starting and ending at the bridge is roughly 2.25 miles. Spotted a few hogs before, so be aware. There's signs for alligators, but haven't seen any yet. It's mostly flat with a few drops and rises, and not very technical, aside from a few roots. I like it.

Nice area and hike. I am new to hiking but in good shape, and Im so mad I just discovered this place...

Very nicely kept park. Lots of little trails that branch off the paved paths. A good bit of it is in full sun, so bring a water.... nice quiet afternoon walk.

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