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Pretty easy to follow trail between the signs and blue dots on the trees. A bit overgrown in places but nothing major. In July it’s certainly not muddy but pretty sandy.

Wonderful nature get-away in North Houston area

It was very good even though it’s summer & it was a bit hot

I used to walk this trail when my kids were really little. Double jogger and two working dogs in tow, once you committed you were in it for the long haul. Yesterday was the first time I’ve taken to the trail in about 7-8 years. I loved it! All the work that has been done to the park is awesome. The lighting, cameras, bridges, extra parking, all makes it even better than it was before. Can’t wait to return again soon!

Great spot to practice or go out with friends. The bike paths are not challenging, but you are going to encounter a fair amount of sand patches in which you can slide/fall if not paying attention. Great park overall.

we enjoy family "hikes" here a few times per year. great for young kids.

It was okay I went after it rained so it may have just been too humid. The animals are really out and active ! I saw plenty of deers and snakes ! So be careful . But it is very clean and the trail is really peaceful.

Nice trail to get in some miles. A little curvy at some points but overall wide and nice for cycling. There are plenty of branches and connected paths that allow you to get in more than 20.7 miles.

Beautiful area. Great park. The down fall is dogs are allowed on one trail only. Can be confusing as several different trails lead to others. Park ranchers are everywhere which is not a bad thing unless you got on a wrong trail with a dog. Actually a park rancher was upset with us just bringing a dog.. best to leave the dogs at home or go elsewhere.

Super nice bike trail. Lots of cool down areas.

trail running
20 days ago

I was looking for a 5 mile run and I came across the review from David above. I live about 45 minutes away, but I absolutely fell in love with this park this morning. From the parking at the Nature Center I hopped on the Forest Trail for a very short bit, then the Peach Creek South Loop Trail for about .6 until it intersected with the Ameri-Trail. By the time I finished the Ameri-Trail, I was already at 5.5 miles, so it may be more than the 3.8 as the map describes. My guesstimate is 4.5? Unless I took a wrong turn :-)

The Ameri-Trail is fantastic. I submitted the GPS snapshot of my run. Mostly flat, one-person wide, but not overgrown, with some rooty climbs and intermittent slow sandy sections. But the multiple views of Caney Creek are wonderful, along with a bog overlook near the very end (if you like bogs). There were boat/barge crews along the edge clearing fallen trees and stumps along the creek edge. If you have kids with you, the best views of, and access points to Peach Creek are on the South Creek Loop Trail.

At the end of the Ameri-Trail, I continued north on the 5 Mile Road (which is more trail than road at the southernly end) until 7.5 miles. I walked the rest of the way on the 5-Mile Road then took the Yaupon Trail to the Peach Creek South Loop Trail and took that west and then north along the Peach Creek which had nice views. Finally, back at the Nature Center lot. Restroom and showers were spotless. Met Delilah, who was there cleaning them. I’m writing a letter to the Park about my overall great experience. I’ll be back to try the Loggers Trail next.

This was our first time out there. We got a little off the beaten path, but that was the fun part. It was still a little slippery, we had a great time out there, but will let it dry a bit more before tackeling it again.

The trail itself is as boring as could be - a long, straight, flat, 10 foot wide length of asphalt. But this path is essentially a safe, comfortable causeway through a swamp that is teeming with life and threatening wildness. During the last hours of the day, after the sun goes behind the trees and the forest starts to come alive, it was a magical and beautiful place that completely distracted me from the path.

I tried to take the off-asphalt section of the path which angles off to the northeast but it became impossibly muddy so I turned back after 3/4 of a mile.

Note that I was hiking a week after some significant, though not flooding, rains. Your experience may be very different during an extended dry spell.


Great trails, not very trafficked, be ready for some wet/muddy spots if recently rained.

Great place to run in Houston area. We ran the purple and yellow trails and enjoyed them both (very similar). Fewer people on these trails than the paved trails out along the road. So many on the paved trail Saturday morning we wondered if there was an organized event going on:). Mid June at 8 am was humid and warm, but a steady breeze helped. Trails are wet in some areas, depending on recent rain.

Walked this trail on June 14, 2018. It's about 60% shaded which is much needed in Houston. The trail is asphalt and also used as a bike trail. This was a Thursday so not crowded. I would think on the weekends and holidays it would be well used with cyclists so watch out.

husband and i enjoy it for a nice walk with our fur babies.

1 month ago

Nice walking trail and also good for people to ride bikes through park.

I hiked all of the trails. Started around 10 ish, took me a while to adjust to the map and the markers since I'm relatively new to this. The trail are moderate as it says except for the purple trail. The purple trail is easier but less shadier. I wore a cap, white long sleeves, face shield, camel Bak with essentials inside as well as sunblock. Bugs weren't a huge problem even though I had bug repellent on. Everyone who passed me by wore shorts and a tank top pretty much, but I like to avoid getting cancer and to be safe rather than sorry in this 100 degree weather. Although the entire experience is scenic in itself, there aren't really any flowers during this time unless you west of the map where the purple trail leads there are some wild flowers and sunflowers that'll lead you to the running trail center. There will be mountain bikers and if you hear some yelling, usually something on the lines of "biker, rider, some mumble jumble from a distance" etc, then you just move aside andet them pass. If you plan on doing a similar hike like mine I'd carry a hydration back pack with some snacks. Great trail! Oh yeah the trails are pretty dry now being that it's summer.

I hiked around the trails with a hydration pack and some snacks and hiking essentials. They were beautiful! Full of life and nature! The trees provide shade even in 98 degree weather, it was cool. I even brought along a fan/mister and didn't event need to use it! In the shade it felt like 75-80 degrees. Around 4 pm- 7 pm, it was pretty much empty. It was super easy! Would def do again! They're still working on phase 2 of the woodway entrance but mostly all the trails open

1 month ago

One of my favorite trails at the park and much less travelled. Lots of shade and frequent glimpses of wildlife.

1 month ago

Great trail even young kids can easily walk and hike. I’ve always seen gators on it every time I walk it.

Great little trail if you live in Houston. Almost feels like you are outside the city. Very easy paved pathway. Walking, biking, bird watching. There is an 1800 cemetery, small airport, and park midway between Bear Creek and Cullen. Trailhead is at Hwy 6 and Patterson.

Great place to ride, they have off road and street riding

Did this loop Memorial Day weekend. It was really nice. A relaxing 13 miles with both our dogs. It rained really hard overnight and the trail still wasn't too muddy in the morning. Bring horsefly repellent. They were the reason the trail lost a star for us. The whole 30 hours we were there we saw two hikers and three or four bikes and that was it. If you are primitive camping ask for primitive site 3 or 4. it is a 3 miles hike to camp but well worth it to be out of the traffic of the closer sites. All in all it is one of our favorites so far in the cesspool of Southeast Texas.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Perfect spots to picnic, cool off near fountains when hot, and hills enough to feel like you’ve accomplished something cardio intensive and a little challenging by the time you are finished :)

I love this trail. It has both paved roads and wooded trails on the side of the path. The people I've encountered on it are pleasant and it seems to be patrolled by officers on 4 wheelers so I feel safer when jogging in the morning. Horseflys seem to be an issue for me in April/May and no bug spray seems to repel them! This trail helped take my walks from 1 to 2 miles to now 5 miles because of how long it is. I have spotted several copperheads both in the wooded trails and on the paved ones so be careful.

There were some difficult ups and downs. But, me and my granddaughter are getting good at it. We entered the trail from behind the soccer field. Start of the trail is not where it says it is.

2 months ago

It's a little convoluted to get to the trail, but once you are there... WOW. As a hiker, this trail gives you great exercise and training for harder trail. As it is used a lot of mountain biking, the hills are steep. Besides making the triangle, add the Hogg Loop (flat terrain) to relax and grab miles before making the triangle again to go back. Awesome work-out. I will definitely go back here. But if it rains, your can not go under Memorial Drive (Twice) in order to get to the trail. Mud will keep you out.

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