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Great shaded hike with multiple water crossings. Can be packed.

Beautiful experience
As I expected
The fall was amazing :(
But I got hurt.

Super easy but fun. Plus you're by the beach so bonus! Make a day of it to make it worth your while. Also don't expect a waterfall if you go in July. Because if you do, you're an asshole and I hate you.

first time really like it

Did this at 9am on Monday, April 23rd. Didn’t see anyone on trail for at least an hour. It’s decently marked. A few spots where you can lose the trail but fairly easy to figure it out. Last mile to waterfall is a good steep incline. Trail narrows but if you keep going, it widens a bit again. We almost turned back before reaching waterfall. But ran into some hikers finally who said we were close. Continued on and got great views from distance. Final descent to waterfall is almost like repelling down using a rope to hold on to. We skipped that part but still got awesome views. Falls were full. Plenty of pretty wildflowers along the way.

Was really busy but the trail was easy and a nice walk.
I would definately recommend carrying on up the waterfalls to the biggest 1. had the whold place to ourselves for around an hour in the middle of a Sat - was wonderful!

Gorgeous trail! we didn't complete the 10miles, we did 8! got as far as we could and had to turn back because it became too difficult to get through bushes and climbing over fallen trees, once u hit the waterfall at mile 2.5, I believe, it's amazing!!!

Had a great time, took my dog who was absolutely pooped afterwards, will definitely be back

Easy trail! A little bit harder, but manageable, if you go all the way up and around to the falls. Make sure to hike along the right side of the first waterfall you come to and keep going. The second waterfall is the 50ft one about an 1/8 of a mile further.

I shot a bunch of video on this trail and compiled it into a vlog, called trail mix. This is episode 3!
You can check it out here: https://youtu.be/-5Acb-3FSm8

PS: Here's a playlist to bring with you, inspired by this trail: http://sptfy.com/1US5

Happy hiking!

Eric eyelove

It was a great day. The trail was gorgeous. The falls were fun. Loved it all

Awesome Hike! Kids loved it and Mother Nature Gave us a lot of shade along with some nice breeze through the openings of the canyons. Kids will Be Kids, bring extra socks and shoes, A Good possibility they will purposely splash crossing the creeks.

8 days ago

Most of the hike consists of walking carefully on top of rock but the destination is worth it. Good workout as well.

My primary concern was getting my Scion xB up to the trailhead. I left early in the morning and drove a slow 10 mph but it managed! Decent amount of water on the falls.

Easy hike , good for kids and nice waterfall at the end. Can climb the hill next to falls if you are up to it. Be careful of loose rocks.

Easy trail. My 10 and 5 year old kids and my dog loved the water and all the opportunities to get wet! Nicely shaded.

Hiked here 2 days ago and it was beautiful.. so many flowers blooming and the waterfall flowing nicely! Pretty easy hike. It’s best to start early to avoid all the people. Busy trail! We started by 7:00 am and had the waterfall area to ourselves, which was great.

Always a really fun hike although the waterfall is normally pretty dry

Awesome place to hike, a little bit a challenge when you past the paved area and crossing thru streams but lots of fun

Very rocky! A lot of graffiti but nonetheless beautiful waterfall

17 days ago

Beautiful forest trail. There are several shallow stream crossings, so waterproof hiking shoes would be best. Also some spots along high ledges. As an experienced day hiker, I found this to be on the easier side of moderate.

Really enjoyed the hike. Shady and small creeks to cross made it very enjoyable. The car ride to get there was bumpy but also fun. Not a difficult hike even for small dogs.

Not so much a workout, but a riverbed of river rock to walk through. When u find the general area, park and cross the water and riverbed. Just keep to the left and u will come across the main starting point. Its a short vertical climb to reach the waterfall. A lot of people at the fall. Little caves here and there to explore. Nothing too interesting though. Don't forget the parking pass at the ranger station down the road.

20 days ago

A nice little hike. You have to traverse the wash about 3/4 to make it to the trail head but it’s not to bad right now. Was really disappointed with all the graffiti and trash along the way but something I have come to expect on these short hikes. To much to pack back out. The falls were fantastic though. Much bigger than I expected.

21 days ago

Finding the trail is really difficult, definitely had to use this app to guide my way along the route. Very rocky, and lots of trash and graffiti. It’s a fairly short hike , lots of families and groups hiking this trail (people in jeans and drinking beers). It’s a weird crowd. I don’t think I’d go back but at least it’s off my list.

22 days ago

Beautiful place. Too bad there 's graffiti. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the hike up to the falls, It's a bit rocky but made it.

23 days ago

Very rocky and no trails. But the result is beautiful.

Fun, fairly easy hike! There's great shade for most of the trail, and a few creek crossings. If you have decent balance you can just hop between rocks to logs and easily cross without getting wet. Pretty decent water flow at the falls once you arrive also. I climbed up to the mini upper falls and explored that area some too. No bugs yet!

The waterfall was beautiful! I will be going back soon. There are a lot of Rocky areas but not to bad. I am confident that my 9 year old will be able to do it with no problem.

I enjoyed this hike. I went with a group of friends and we had an amazing time. Just make sure to take tennis because there are a lot of rocks and you have to jump over the river a few times. It was a very intense hike, sad part is that one of my friends lost his phone in the waterfall :( we couldn’t find it and the water was super cold..
p.s. if you find a black Samsung s8 phone please contact my account or email me at paulinatita@yahoo.com THANK YOU!!

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