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I came to do some Geocaching in the preserve. Once you got off the short access trail from the trailhead by the ballfields, the trails were nice and wide and well maintained. Most trails were numbered but I did not have a map to help me know one trail from another. The elevation change in the area was quite unique for Florida. I later discovered that this area used to be phosphate mines which helped explain the topography. Mostly under tree cover except the north area along the railroad tracks. I did about 10 miles in the park and found it quite enjoyable on a mild October day.

good variety for any rider, ties in well for short or long rides.

Beautiful park by canoe or walking the trail. A must see for visitors to the area.

Great trail that utilizes all the available space with winding paths. Perfect for a jog or moderate run. The boardwalk says “no jogging” and in order to respect that rule you have to double back and avoid some loops, so take a look at the available maps before starting.

5 months ago

Sometimes this trail has very thick grass and it is difficult to walk or ride a bicycle through. Not really that much wildlife either ... good for a walk but that is about it.

Trail was very thick in the beginning with a lot of trees and bushes on the trail, however only about 5 minutes in, it opens up. The problem with this trail is rain. About a mile in, you’ll come across a bridge with a river below. Normally this river is fine but whenever it rains it overflows very quickly. The water was right up to the bridge and the rest of the path was flooded. Had to turn back. Looks like a good trail but you should hike it when it hasn’t rained in over a week.

great walk. wet feet. lots of contour, variety, and wildlife. we even saw a corral snake.

A beautiful trail with lots of birds and other wildlife sightings. Views include ancient cypress and towering old citrus trees. Just one of several incredible trails within the Highlands Hammock State Park.

My favorite trail in the Hillsborough County area. Located just north of Alderman Ford Park, sharing a parking lot with the baseball fields, (to the left when you pull into the lot) this is truly a hidden gem of a hike. What more could you ask for in Florida? A varied terrain of hills, scrub and marsh on a wide, well maintained trail. There is a beautiful camp site with a working pitcher pump next to a nice pond. We saw deer, hogs, wood peckers, hawks and a nice size black snake. We hiked 10.5 miles on this trail but you could easily shorten it or extend it with a few added turns. While we were dry the whole trail, I can see this being a wet walk if it was rainy season, so keep that in mind.

If you are in the area, don’t miss this one for a true Fla trail experience.

This trail has something for all, we hiked the complete persimmon trail and then some. The farther out you get the more overgrown and muddy it becomes. However there are some really nice areas with views as well. Many animal tracks are to be found in the mud and sandy areas. The ticks were plentiful, so I recommend anything with permethrin in it to treat your clothing and gear. It took 3 hours with an 8 year old to finish.

good for the main purpose of getting my dog out of the house for a bit. and logging some miles for my 100 mile challenge. easy and quick. lots of birds if you're interested. not very crowded. a few cactus plants but road has recently been mowed.

I absolutely love this place the hiking is fun and the kayaking is amazing.

Nice run. Less shade than I had hoped.

Honestly, my favorite trail in this part of Florida. Tons of wildlife, elevation change, and different terrains.

Great easy walk, great vegetation-including palms, pines, orange trees (with oranges), no Alligator(s)-did spot an Armadillo burrowing in the soft soil near the roadway entrance!

Boring trail. Very little wildlife. Some birds, crab shells and not much else.

on Cruickshank Trail

11 months ago

This trail is flat but very open. Lots of high grass and cactus to have to navigate around. We saw a lot more wildlife on the Blackpoint Drive in than we did on this trail. I would not consider this trail kid-friendly due to the heat and the cactus and high grasses. The parts closest to the parking area are fairly hard packed, but the back part of the loop did have high grasses; and multiple washouts. I"m sure the hurricanes this summer have effected the maintenance schedule which probably explains the high grasses that have to be navigated.

mountain biking
Wednesday, August 16, 2017

drove up from psl.... really nice trail to ride.... not real dificult but it wasnt super easy either.... id deffinatly do this trail again.... very beautiful scenery as well... lots of open spots where u feel sun...but lots of cover as well...trails are marked very clearly!!!

Lots of roots so good for footwork! Humid though with a dense canopy.

I had an awesome time hiking the Alafia River Corridor yesterday! Some solid Florida hiking in my opinion. The entrance is true to the location shown on Google Maps. It is just north of Alderman's Ford Park on the right when heading north. It appears to be the entrance for baseball fields, but the woods to the north reveal a Hillsborough County park sign. It indicated the land was dog friendly as well, which was great for hiking with furry friends.

The hike began somewhat constrained on a narrow trail through the woods then crossing the Alafia River. After about 30 minutes, the trail opened to a field with options to explore numerous paths. There was plenty of space to get lost for a while. Signage was ok, but the trail was true to the SWFWM map for the area.

I saw a toooon of wildlife, including a black snake, rabbit, two armadillos, four turtles, a deer, and four boar. Pretty amazing, though admittedly startling.

Overall, the hike was a solid one! The bugs were manageable; there was plenty of tree cover depending on one's route; tons of open space for a long walk; and well-maintained trails. Just bring plenty of water! There were limited options for filtering.

really enjoyed the trails

Great hike, lots of shade, very quiet, bugs were not bad at all, saw some gopher tortoises. Hiked about 2.5miles in, then turned around and came back. Only reason I give 4 instead of 5 stars is the markings aren't great where there are splits in the trail, so following on a map or GPS helps rather than relying on markings or signs.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Well maintained and a great hidden treasure in Palm Bay.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Did 6.21 miles awesome hike! not wet at all.I came in from parking lot trail 2, took trail 4 and looped around and pack to parking lot. spending roughly 2.25 hours. came across 2 large deer.

Thursday, February 09, 2017


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Leisure walk and birding. Not as many scrub jays as we had hoped, but there was a controlled burn last week. They are just now returning!

love this place!!!! nice trails and great views!!!!

mountain biking
Sunday, December 25, 2016

Peaceful ride, lots of cool wildlife to see. They have bike rentals there at a very reasonable price if you want to ride. Very nice staff

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