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Awesome place!

As advertised, very easy, but an unbelievably scenic stroll. Some dirt trials so wear boots if raining

I've visited this park twice and it never disappoints. This is a must in the fall!

Great trail, fantastic views

4 months ago

i would not call this an easy trail if you want to see all the falls. There are several layers of them leading up to a high manmade dam. the rocks on the side of the river to climb up are wet and slippery. It is not a trail for small children. You can see the first waterfall with a short simple walk but it gets more difficult if you keep going. Is there a trail on the left? I only walked on the right side of the river where the parking area was.

scenic driving
4 months ago

Beautiful park! I plan on going back when the upper falls construction is completed. The overlooks are gorgeous!

Part of the trail was closed for construction, there are a lot of people on the trail and it is very close to the road in places. The waterfall views were great but I typically like less popular hikes.

great easy trail. really nice for family treks

The views were terrific. We walked on the west side of the loop but the trail was closed for construction when you headed toward the south end. As many others have said here, more of a walk than a hike.

Breathtaking views of the gorge and waterfall. The trails weren't well marked and I ended up circling a bit before getting back to my car. I would definitely go back.

Nice walk, was unable to do the full trail. the southern portion (upper falls) was closed due to construction and the northern part crossing the gorge was also closed. was unfortunate and ruined half the hike for us.
This was not hiking on the west side in my eyes. I think the eastern part seemed more adventurous but oh well.
gorgeous views, definitely worth seeing.

Beautiful scenery. We did it with 3 kids under 8 and they loved it.

Beautiful waterfalls

6 months ago

kids love it here!

6 months ago

my kids and I went here for the first time today and we loved it. Trail was a little rough but still had a great time and the got to wade in the water!

Agree with others who have said that this walk is a must during the fall. The colors are bright and crisp with cool mist coming from the falls. Additionally, Columbus Day Weekend there is an annual craft fair that is located within the park. This is not really a hiking trail but rather a well maintained, groomed walking trail along the gorge. Have done about 6 miles every year. It is a little tricky with the southern entrance to the park being closed, but you can still get good views to all the falls with excellent photo ops.

This trail is a must during the Fall. It is absolutely gorgeous during peak season of Fall foliage, but will be swamped with tons of tourists. Everything is accessible and there's no shortage of beautiful photo opportunities - lots of small waterfalls, free flowing water, small animals, and beautiful scenery.

We did part of its trail! It is amazing.

An amazing place to visit and hike. We hiked many parts of the main trail and the views are spectacular of the canyon and the numerous waterfalls in the park.
Drive to the stops and hike the back trails, you will find some real gems on these hikes. The best falls are the mid falls.

An amazing place to visit and hike. We hiked many parts of the main trail and the views are spectacular of the canyon and the numerous waterfalls in the park.
Drive to the stops and hike the back trails, you will find some real gems on these hikes. The best falls are the mid falls.

This was a solid hike with some very nice views. However the portion of gorge trail from middle to upper falls is closed... so I chose to do somewhat of a "bow-tie" route.

I parked in the lot where you go for rafting. Proceeded to lower falls and went down the staircase to the bridge, and also the lookout point closest to lower falls. I suggest going to the "restricted" area once you're near lower falls because it gets close to the falls and you feel quite a bit of mist from the lower falls.

I then proceeded back up to the gorge trail and headed toward middle falls. Then turned around and came back to where I started (the first loop of the bow-tie) This was 5 miles.

I then hiked to big bend lookout point, before returning to my starting point. This portion of the bow tie was also 5 miles (totaling 10 miles).

I would definitely do this hike again, the views are terrific!!

7 months ago

It would be hard to find another hike like this with such incredible waterfalls. You have to see this place. Check out my write up which includes directions and other things to look out for.

7 months ago

I will start by saying that we had a lot of fun and since you are basically hiking up and down a series of small waterfalls, it was beautiful.

Be prepared to get wet. Possibly soaked. It was more like exploring than an actual trail. There are a lot of places where you have to cross the water.

A real downside to this trail is the required $5 fee for all adults. This seems high to me for something that requires no maintainance by them.

Not much of a trail, but if you want to jump around on rocks and in puddles it is great.

Nice, quiet, secluded trail through the woods. Well marked white blazes.

Solid day hike covering both McCarty Hill State Forest and Rock City State Forest. This is a small part of the Finger Lakes Trail. Start at the McCarty Hill parking area (alongside the road) and end at Little Rock City before returning. Some mud depending on recent weather, but more rocky. Trail is not really well defined, but white tree markers are plentiful, so staying on the trail isn't too bad. Beautiful views and great forest hiking, as well as the intrigue of Little Rock City. Highly recommended.

Make sure you don't rely on google maps to find it, we lost reception and never found it. We'll try again next year.

1. This is not a typical hike, but mostly walk on a paved / stairs path.
2. Amazing views, and many places to sit watch the view and connect to nature.
3. Park train #7 (leads to the higher falls) is closed at least till the end of 2017 - it means you start the at the green point - go south west till the mid-falls, and then go back because the path is closed. Then you continue to go (it is mostly down the hill with many steps) until you get to a bridge crossing the gorge. Past that point most of the hike (until you get to trail#7 and realize it is closed) is in a forest up the hill without to much view of the canyon. My recommendation - until trail#7 is open - once you get to the bridge - go back. I wasted 2 extra hours trying to find a bypass for the closure - unsuccessfully

Agree with everyone who said this is more of a walk than hike. If the weather is nice would be fun with continuous, amazing views. If youre feeling like a bum, or its a rainy day, you can easily drive to all the observation points and not miss anything either. Park is well maintained with plenty of benches, shelters, picnic tables, parking areas and rest rooms, worth the 10 dollars cash to get in! The nature center was great too!

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