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Does anyone know if this has opened back up?

Pretty busy

Totally over crowded, ransacked and ruined by people who do not follow the golden rule of coexisting nature (leave nothing, take nothing). Water quality is abysmal, super gross. Broken glass, trash, clothes and graffiti cover the place. It's a shame, because pictures from long ago show what a beautiful haven in the forest this once was. Now...ruined. Heartbreaking.

Update 1/3- I returned on a weekday and found it much more of an oasis. The trash during the government shut down is still horrifying, but if you're able to find a quiet time to soak, it's much more enjoyable.

nature trips
1 month ago

Something you dream of!

the hike was really lovely! not too strenuous, though there is a hill. I was not so impressed with the spring themselves; two of the eight were out of order and we did a lot of waiting around before deciding to bail on our dip. people who were ahead of us in line had to make trips up and down the site with five gallon buckets to fill their tub. seemed like a lot of work for an experience I was hoping would be relaxing. so we went home dry. maybe better to go on a week day!

I would not go here again and am so glad I wasn’t alone. We had an experience similar to the lady below. We were in the larger spring across the creek when we seen a guy standing near the hwy taking pictures and jacking off right towards us. We quickly got out to get dressed, grab our things and let the other girls that were there know that he was there during the whole process he “continued”.. it was very uncomfortable only to get back across the creek and up to our car to find a sticky not on my driver side window which said “why’d you stop, I had a perfect view”.. I’m so creeped out by the situation I can’t even imagine how long he’s been doing this and nothings been done about it.

1 month ago

It was brisk, so there weren’t as many people on the trail as expected. Trail was clear, only a tiny bit of snow here and there. We didn’t go into the springs, not what we went for truthfully. Not sure we’d go back. Sad to see some trash at the trailhead and up at the springs as well.

One of my favorite hot springs. There’s just something about Cougar Reservoir that always keeps me coming back.

1 month ago

Yesterday did 5.5 miles roundtrip to the bridge over the creek and back same way. All the falls were beautiful in the snow. Solid ice layer beneath the snow so needed traction the whole way. Due to trail conditions, few people ventured beyond Tumalo Falls and even fewer beyond Twin Falls

We did the 8 mile loop that showcased about 8 different waterfalls and a generally amazing trail. This hike is as hard as you want to make depending on how fast you go and if you do the loop. The walk back on the loop is not nearly as nice so if you walked to the 1/2 way point and turned around I wouldn’t blame you.

i have been going here for decades and i am so disappointed its packed people parked along the road tubs nasty and packed thank you social media... i most likely only be going in the dead of winter now

2 months ago

Nothing spectacular, way too many tourists and cars. Super easy hike. Probably won't ever bother going back. Do it to cross it off your bucket list, but really it's nothing great.

The best ever! We went early in the morning and were there by ourself for a few hours. It was blissful. Make sure to leave your glitter at home as the stupid hippies have left enough along the trail and trees.

Completed 9-9-18

2 months ago

Great easy hike to take guests. Easy trail to go in chacos or tennis shoes. This October has been more forgiving than most so it was a great day to go early.

2 months ago

Highly trafficked place, many varieties of people... I went twice at night and once in the day. Seeing it in the light was so disgusting that I will never go back (and I am not a germaphobe). It is a beautiful place but it is ruined by the amount of people that flock to it. Road to hot springs is very pot holy, high clearance vehicle recommended but not needed.

We never did find the hotsprings, but the trail to the suspension bridge is very nice, with some rocky parts.

Not kid friendly at all. Nice hike in, trail does have some steep slick rocky parts

September 30 2018
Road closed.
10+ mile hike to springs from road closed gate.
We were time restricted and disappointed we couldnt do it.
Road is washed out allegedly.

3 months ago

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED to guarantee access to Goldmyer Hot Springs Wilderness Preserve. 20 person per day limit. Pricing and more info at www.goldmyer.org

Loved it. Easy, safe to do on my own. Love the water but hold on to your pets and kids as there are sheer 200 fr drops at the view areas for upper Falls.

3 months ago

Just got back from my over night trip and it was amazing! The camp grounds and hot spring were very well maintained and clean. The camp care giver was very kind.i was surprised with how many people were there for how late in the year it is, but my over all experience was amazing!

Very beautiful & well maintained but also very over crowded.

The first time I was at Goldmyer Hot Springs was in January of 1978, I think. The bridge at Taylor River Campground was out, so we hiked in (12 miles or so). Being January, it was cold, but the year we were up there was a very light snow year. When my friend and I got there, there was a couple leaving, who had occupied the only standing cabin from the old resort. We got it for the time we were there. Totally dilapidated, but homey. From that point forward we were in a wonderland, trails leading to all kinds of derelict mechanisms, and to the springs. Being in that generation, and having read In Watermellon sugar, we identified this as "The Forgotten Works," and with headlamps explored all around. Everything was covered in ice crystal which gleamed in the night; this is one of my greatest memories of the 70s. Rest of the time we basked in the springs. I look forward to returning.

Trail unsustainable, crowded parking lot. Not sure where the day use fees go. Graffiti everywhere, used tampon sitting in the middle of the hot spring. All in all nature ruined by humans.

Trail is not marked except for a small sign on a tree. It's easy to go the wrong way when trying to hike down to the parking lot. Clothing is optional there so beware if you don't want to see naked people.
There are at least 9 pools each ranging from very hot to luke warm. One pool is near the river. The 4th pool up is my favorite. It has a great view of the gorge and river.
The incline on the hike is 1,000 ft long. There are rocky areas. There is hand rail on the area that has difficult footing.
I highly recommend seeing Tokepee Falls just 3 miles from the hot springs.

scenic driving
4 months ago

Did most of this on a motorcycle run with my son on one of my Goldwings. Went from SF area up to Port Angeles and back down way too many years ago. . Spent a few days in Coos Bay fishing as well. Awesome area and trip.

My favorite of all

A short, easy hike to some beautiful waterfalls. We especially enjoyed Tumalo Falls, in that you can actually go to the bottom of it and stand behind it! We went today with some crowds but everyone was courteous for picture taking and being patient along the narrow trail down to the base of the falls. As long as you can tolerate some other folks around you, this is a great waterfall to visit.

A lot of bang for your buck. Short, easy, with fantastic waterfalls. You can see three different falls by going roughly 1.5 miles past the main Tumalo viewpoint. Be sure to follow the mini trail to the bottom of Tumalo Falls as well.

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