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easy to moderate hike. lots of shade and picnic areas near the visitor center. there is a fee to park near the visitor center but there's a couple of free parking lots half a mile before the visitor center.

4 days ago

the trail wad closed due to erosion and not safe to use. blueridge and annies trail is open though

My son loved this walk!

Great Spot! Got to get in early morning and enjoy it before a crowd showed up.

Unmaintained and filled with trash at old campsites. Trail stunk too...shame campers couldn't clean up after themselves. Trail is hard to find- as in there are plants and baby pines growing in middle of single track trails. I didn't make it all the way...conditions were unsavory and made it unenjoyable for a solo hiker. If someone who knows the way could make rock stacks or pointers-- it would help a lot!

I can't believe I waited this long to hike this trail. Beautiful trail!! Hiked along a stream. After that you're in a nice park. Then you're looking at mineral ponds. Super cool!!

This trail is quite easy to do and has nice views. Kid friendly.

26 days ago

I loved following the river canyon for so many miles! Very scenic and a must if you can manage long distances.

Probably one of the most shaded walks I've ever done. Nice view, bearable elevation and very easy to complete within 2 hours. Great place for picnic, biking, hiking and running. Will definitely return.

Amazing and jaw-dropping views with great history of the trail! Walk-in permits are easy to obtain. Bear boxes in almost all of the established campsites. Some campsites have outhouses. Favorite campsites: Hamilton Lakes, Moraine Lake, Kern Hot Springs, Guitar Lake. Must do hike!

Did a two-nighter out there a while back. Backpacked to one of the campsites a couple miles away from the hot springs and then hiked up to the springs the following day. Hot springs were nothing too impressive, but the hike up was really beautiful with just the right amount of elevation for a good workout.

Amazing hike super short but beautiful and historic!

This was a little tricky to find, but we managed just fine. The ruins are cool, and the falls are great. The actual falls were beautiful and the hike itself was not too bad. I did have my 8 and 9 year old kids with me, and found the trail down to the falls a little narrow. I will be returning to scramble along the creek on the boulders some more; there are so many exploration opportunities.

on Pyramid Hot Spring

2 months ago

Firstly, it took me a few trips to the Sequoias to locate this spring but it is in fact there and the directions on here are accurate. If you’re coming from Bakersfield the pullout is to the left and so is the river. You might not be able to see the Pyramid rock which is actually on the pullout, unless you’re heading back the 178 (just the angle of the rock). There is about a less than mile hike down from the pullout. There is a trail sign that says “day use.” Look for the cube rock which is really literally a cube boulder. Once you spot it you will have to cross the river. The current was flowing but not difficult for the average fit swimmer, with the deepest parts being about 8 feet.

As for the spring, its more earthly as its only contained by boulders. The bottom of the tub is really soft mud, reminds me of something people would use as face masks. The water from the spring it self is on the warmer side, like a hot bath. Would be nice at night if you dont mind the swim. Its quite secluded from the road above since it has a giant boulder covering you from the main road. There is also a lot of greenery that cradles the springs. Its almost like a little spa hideaway.

Went during the sunset which literally made every view so serene, right out of an autumn painting. Highly recommend to the hot spring chasers.

Beautiful walk. Nice and shaded. Plenty of places to catch your breath and enjoy the views

2 months ago

Not really a “hike” or a “trail” as it is an area. There are several hot springs with manmade bathtubs in the ground. They are pretty dingy but warm. We did not have a chance to go in the warmest “Old Pedro” but went in the one up on the hill. Would love to go swimming in the pools below some time. They are clear and beautiful!

Fully shaded hike even good sun light. Great terrain for training endurance track

Beautiful hike lots of scenery, very short hike down there were a lot of people in the hot springs so was unable to get in or take pic of it. Was really hoping it wouldn’t be busy today. I didn’t want strange people in my photos. Overall good hike.

Hiked to Jordan hot springs and camped overnight! My friend and I were the only ones there. The hot spring was nice and hot and perfect for soaking in. Hiked back up to the trailhead the next day. Not gonna lie.... it was a pretty tough hike back up. Wish I coulda stayed there one extra day. Overall, it was a great hike with lots of neat spots to go off trail and explore.

3 months ago

Great hike to an awesome Geothermal area

Cool hike. Pretty easy.

Same deal; about .4mi from devils kitchen encountered mama and baby brown bear. Turned back. Up to that point. Easy trail. Preferred if it wasn’t a horse trail also. Nice meadow, creek. Still a good sweat today.

Amazing hike with beautiful hot springs and pools. The topo map shows six pools but we found 10. Keep to the main trail on the north side of the mountain beyond the end of what is shown in this app and you will see small side trails leading off to the south and southeast that go to the pools. Do not try to bushwhack through the heavy grass and brush; although you can get there that way it is much more difficult and unnecessary. The “King’s pool” at the very top has a stunning view and is worth the extra work to get up the steep hill.
There are well established campsites along the end of the trail and most are fairly close to the pools.
As others have mentioned the hike is longer than reported, according to our Fitbit and apps we hiked 12 to 13 miles each way.

Beautiful day for a hike through old forests, meadows, along a stream, and to the final destination where the geothermal activity occurs. The final spot really is like being on another world. Didn't see any bears (or deer for that matter). The final three miles off the pavement has some pretty washboardy areas for a small vehicle like ours. Loved the hike.

4 months ago

Best hike in Zion. The terrain, forrest, meadows, and streams make it all worth it to begin with, THEN you make it to an area that transports you to another planet. The colors, the steam vents, the boiling pits, everything is astounding. I had trouble leaving because my eyes just couldn't get enough of it. Its more than worth the extra gas to the southeastern area. Also, dont trust the park paper...go to Chester, turn left at the pizza place, then keep going down the eventual dirt road. If you follow the signs for Drakesbad and just keep going even when youre unsure, you'll make it. its way past the paper's stated 12.5 miles.

Hiked the HST one year ago this week. We made from Crescent Meadow to Whitney Portal in 7 days (6 nights). We had big thunderstorms with hail at Precipice Lake, Crabtree Meadow and Guitar Lake. Soaking in Kern Hot Spring was a perfect break in the middle of day 3. We did an alpine start on Whitney and got to see the sunrise and lightning across the Valley on White Mountain. I can’t think of a better way to spend a week.

The trail is beautiful but be advised that the Casa Vieja backpackers campground is on a meadow that is frequented by herds of cattle. They moo loudly all night long and defecate near the creek. If you can plan on camping at the hot spring it is a better choice. The hot spring and nearby campground is beautiful and well-maintained. From Casa Vieja to the hot spring the trail is steep but worth it.

Great hike, very scenic. We saw the black bear standing on the trail 25' to 30' feet in front of us on the way back.

Loved checking out the hot springs! Several little springs and pools to check out. Definitely coming back!

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