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One of the worse Ridgeline trails yet. Views are ok. You just never get the satisfaction that the hike was worth the end result. Better off doing another ridge

Beautiful ending to a great hike. Recommend not going right after it rains.

3 days ago

Fairly easy / kid friendly hike around the arboretum. Plenty of beautiful plants and birds to check out.

Super fun and easy. My 4 year old had no problem!!

so much fun with the family. my 3 year old loved this hike.

6 days ago

This was a short waterfall trail by Ko’olau Golf Club. I would park at the far left parking lot for the trail entrance. Parking is free. When you go to the trail, turn left into a small open brush right before the graffiti tank. DO NOT go around the tank as it just goes in a circle. We totally went around it like idiots. We totally missed the trail.

Make sure to step on the tree roots so you won’t sink in the mud. Walking on the rocks can be slippery but this is why it’s best to use hiking shoes for this trail. I highly recommend to wear waterproof or old shoes as this trail is very muddy with red dirt. We happen to come while it was lightly raining. I thought it was better since the waterfall was gushing and so beautiful.

Also, put on lots bug repellent as you will surely be bitten my many mosquitoes like I got. Good thing I had some!!

You will surely enjoy the Hawaii nature and the waterfall. Great pictures. Be careful going on up the waterfall as the rocks are slippery. Good thing I am a hiker and I know where to step and I take my time to scan where my next step will be. You can use the tree branches by carefully tugging what will carry your weight. Part of the waterfall holes are deep so I would remove your shoes.

Other than that, it was a good short walk up the waterfall less than a mile up. Make sure to bring your camera!

becareful of leptospirosis esp if you have cuts or open wounds

7 days ago

First things first.....BUG SPRAY!!! Secondly, it’s not 1.5 miles. I don’t even think it’s a mile round trip. The path is not marked where you start. We thought we were doing a different hike until we looked on here and found it was this one. Look for the blue mark (I wouldn’t call it an arrow) on the tree to your right. Take that path and it leads to the beautiful waterfall. It was pretty muddy so I recommend bringing a different pair of shoes to change into afterwards. We went around 11:30 and passed 3 sets of people coming down. There were 3 sets of people at the Falls when we got there but most left shortly after. Pretty simple hike. Saw several small children make it there plus dogs. I would recommend it.

Loved this... bring bug spray!!! Did this trail on a blind mom date lol so I was super nervous !!! Both tiny humans did great! It’s muddy and buggy though. Bring a change of clothes for after if you want to go and get lunch like we did. Trail is not well marked and we almost missed the arrow. They loved the waterfall and playing in it!

Trail was super muddy today. The first 2 miles were fairly easy, past there lots of water to cross, lots of mud. We weren’t able to complete the last half mile, it was too muddy and super slick so we turned around there. So only 5 miles round trip today but what an adventure!

awesome hike. incredibly muddy and much harder going back down than coming up. trying not to slide all the way down was difficult.

Great but very dangerous yesterday due to weather conditions!

We went yesterday and although it was sunny in Waikiki it was raining on the trail. At first very very light rain barely perceptible, but as we hiked the rain got heavier. By the time we made it to the third waterfall it was pouring to the point of not being able to open ones eyes, and the waterflow was very powerful. We had trouble crossing the waterfall at the top due to the heavy rain and waterflow, but ultimately was helped across by another hiker who happened to be from the airforce. On our way back we had help from two marines who brought their own rope to cross the stream which was like a floodzone at this point.

Tl;dr if it’s raining heavily, turn back. In those conditions I would not recommend hiking this trail as the route up the waterfall and crossing the streams is very dangerous due to slickness, powerful waterflow, and deep streams.

This trail was pretty fun! My kids ages 3 and 5 LOVED it and want to go back. My dad who recently had knee replacement was even able to do it. Only thing I would "fuss" about would be it's not clearly marked. but other than that I would definitely go back in a heart beat. The falls were flowing nicely too.

8 days ago

Did this hike yesterday with my family of 6. My 12 yr old enjoyed it a lot and stayed ahead of is for the most part, was not to difficult for her. it was extremely muddy. My 3 and 5 year olds came out covered but they enjoyed it it there was some parts that's were a bit difficult for them due to how slippery it was from the mud. I was wearing our 3 month old and I slipped twice (no one got hurt). The falls and stream were pretty brown so it wasn't "pretty" so to speak but it definitely was fun. But..... not fun enough to do it again. lol

This was an amazing hike, challenging, slippery, but so much fun. We went the wrong wY and climbed down all three waterfalls. One of the best hikes so far!

Short and decent hike, pretty flat. Little hard to find the opening, luckily had read other helpful comments so was able to find it. Basically you pull off the Pali as if you’re going to Lulumahu, but instead of parking in that lot you drive down the side st (Nuuanu Pali Dr) all the way down until the trees clear up and you see the dept of water building on the right side. Find parking. Nearly across from the water dept building is a small clearing in the bushes with a sign that says permit required - that’s the entrance. Two forks in the trail, keep left at both. Soon enough you will be at the ruins. Highly recommend mosquito repellent, and NOT the organic kind. I got bit a few times just while applying sunscreen and walking to entrance on the main road! Couldn’t wait to get out of the trail as I must’ve gotten bit like 25-30 times despite wearing the organic repellent and reapplying! Little muddy with stagnant water. Bring shoes with traction, some of the roots on the ground are slippery.

We did this last year. It was great. Thanks Scott.

Difficult trail. You need bug spray. We only hiked up about 5.5 miles. Took us 3.5 hours there and back. Very pretty jungle though.

12 days ago

Very muddy when we went and my kids kept tripping over all the roots. Nice swimming area and overall nice hike, but I’m not sure I’d do this one again. If you do go, bring bug spray.

The hike is a great workout! About 3 miles uphill but so worth the views. Children might have a difficult time with this hike unless you take them in a stroller. Bring snacks so you can picnic at the campground. It’s very peaceful there.

I went up anti-clockwise, passing all the waterfalls. I started very late in the day, around 2:30 pm and by the time I finished the loop via the ridge back down to my car it was already 6:30. The going was very slow due to the amount of mud along the way ( in fact the entire trail is muddy except for the waterfall part ). Very good cardio workout and i sweat a lot due to the high humidity we are facing over the islands these past few days. Its best to do this hike early in the day in case something goes wrong. Not a good idea to be hiking in the dark and it gets very dark fast esp in the valley. In general, the trail has deteriorated a lot over the years from exessive usage.

Tip: Use a light traction device like microspikes or chainsen for added traction due to the very muddy slick conditions. It helps a lot.

Beautiful yet dangerous as hell hike.

I’m happy we took the time to go up to the Lyon Arboretum Trail. The flowers and the foliage were stunning. The hike was very easy but was intensely hot and humid. Make sure to bring water. The waterfall at the end was a bit of a disappointment as it was quite small. I think it would be great for families. Multiple small hikes available in the same area.

There are many photos of the recent fire in the Waianae Ramble track.

This is a classic gorge hike i.e. multi-tiered interconnected falls that amass to hundreds of feet longer in distance to any other waterfall on the island. It makes manoa and lulumahu falls look like coy pond fountains. However , it is super easy to get lost and I learned the hard way what trails can completely to bypass the tricky, slippery descents ect. This trail is easy to only give lost with multiple divergent paths and the all trails app only shows general direction. I need to redo this hike tomorrow morning 7 am to reclaim my trekking poles and do the ridge portion. The falls are great right now and the path is moderately muddy but should dry up even more by tomorrow morning. If you plan on hiking this email me at justindavidsands@gmail.com. If it is on a different date I can possibly meet but depending on if I work that night I may have to do a turnaround after the falls. I have hiked dozens of trails here and this is the mist challenging when it comes to navigating but is 100% epic and totally worth it.

You can also try Schofield-Waikane Trail ( it is part of Na Ala Hele State Trail System).

This was a short, simple trail that I enjoyed with my wife and three-year-old son. He was able to be independent for most of the hike and I was comfortable letting him walk by himself. The falls are cold and refreshing.

Not recommended for beginners or the faint of heart. This was one awesome hike with three waterfalls and a great 360 of the island. Tricky at some parts during the summit, but worth the sweat.

Monday, 24 September 2018

This is the Maunawili Trail.


No need to squeeze thru the gate. Start from the Pali Hwy hairpin turn trailhead or from Waimanalo side. You can also start from Maunawili Falls trailhead and use the connector trail to connect to Maunawili Trail.

Maunawili Trail and Maunawili Falls Trail are two different trails.

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