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As everyone else has noted, it is so muddy, but so much fun. Even though it was hot, I made sure to wear a water resistant long sleeve layer to fend off mosquitoes as they are everywhere! This hike is technical, so bring some trail running shoes or hiking shoes with some sort of rubber grippy part on the bottom. You will get muddy and wet, so maybe step into some mud to start your hike off right!

Be sure to bring a change of clothes if you choose to jump in the swimming hole :) If you want to take pictures of the waterfall, I recommend bringing a wide angle or fish eye lens to really capture it!

Easy! However we didn't do the rim because of high winds. If you don't like high places pick another hike. My wife cried a little out of fear but I was able to talk her up the falls. Also get ice spikes so you dont fall off the rim.

Easy hike. Beautiful views

Amazing flowers and plants. Beautiful scenery.

Did this hike 21 April 2018 with some friends took us 7 hours it was rainy and muddy and being very careful along the crater ridgeline. A lot of people did not continue on to the crater they just did waterfalls and turned around. Which in my honest opinion is more sketchy to climb down those waterfalls than to continue around the crater. This hike is not a easy hike so I would not recommend small children or the elderly. They are some sketchy areas for sure. But we all had a big smile on our faces when we completed the hike and was grateful and humble to come out in one piece!!!

3 days ago

Went during a rainy week, trail was pretty muddy so it slowed us down. Still had a great time.

Quite muddy and a bit challenging up the third waterfall... but the best hike we’ve done in Oahu so far!

4 days ago

Awesome, very unique hike! If bringing kids or pets, it would be much advised to wait until the weather has been dry for at least a few days. We did it the day after a small rain storm, but after about a week of a swell. The river was extremely high! There were actual rapids, making the crossing fairly difficult for adults. My son, aged 3, had to be carried across and the water reached to my stomach and was very fast moving. It was absolutely worth it, though!
With the extra high waters, it was hard in two spots to find the path. The map had a hard time pinpointing my location, so it was a very loose guide.
We LOVED it! Definitely recommend

If you want to climb the sides of waterfalls and hike thru the jungle, look no further.

We cut out the crater by taking the shortcut, because the summit was socked in with clouds when we went. Just be ready for a long hike -- especially if you plan on doing the whole thing.

Very beautiful hike. They did update the gate outside the Pali lookout, but still somewhat easy to sneak through the sides on the gate.

8 days ago

Great loop for trail running! Was fairly muddy when I went. It rains quite often, but even with the rain would still be an easy trail to run. Great trail for dogs of all kinds as well! Not too steep and not too long. Views were limited, but still enjoyable.

Awesome views. Quite tiring not so much the difference but from the scaling. One of the best trails in Ohau.

Very challenging. Between the thick mud, wading thru the water and climbing the slippery rocks, you'll definitely find the challenge you are looking for. We went the entire route, up through all 3 beautiful falls to the crater ridge and around. (Fortunately there are ropes on the more challenging areas.) Beautiful view of the island at the top. We then came down a different trail to avoid climbing back down thru the water falls. Again, extremely muddy but wow, what a hike! A big beer is a definite must at the end!!

11 days ago

It was so peaceful and beautiful! It’s a little hard to find at first but I found some good directions online. If you know of the Pali highway the dirty parking lot for lulumahu falls you can park there and then the road to your right is called Nu’uanu Pali Drive you can either walk down there and at the very end you’ll see where it is or you can drive down there and park next to the water pipeline building. Which will be on your right side. It’s a little up the road to the right hand side across the street from water pipe line building. Be very respectful and don’t throw trash it’s a very quiet peaceful Hawaiian sacred. Grounds. If you posted pictures of mine give directions as well as it’s hard to fine

It was rainy and muddy, and we loved it. The falls were really flowing. I took my 1.5 and 3 year old daughter. I did have to carry them for a lot of the trail because it was a lot of uphill and conditions were wet, but it was worth it. I’d do it in the rain again any day.

The trail is as described, we went 5 days ago and it was still slightly muddy from the rain 4 days prior. So just keep that in mind, it does not dry up quickly

It has it all.. mud is a slight issue so timing is a worthwhile consideration.

17 days ago

Very kid friendly, easy hike. Mosquitoes and mud, so come prepared with bug spray.

It is a wonderful hike with amazing views. We have gone there few weeks ago, was very muddy. But so much fun! Must worn, IT IS NOT A 5 MILES HIKE!!! IT IS 9 MILES. So be prepared for a long walk with multiply stream crossings, climbing up the waterfall and the summit, multiply thing ridges. Bring lots of water and snacks. Took us about 6 hours. Very fun hike. Highly recommend.

20 days ago

Very enjoyable with great views. After raining it was too slick for me to safely run on most parts. The waterfall referenced below and in some of the pictures is not directly on the trail

Good for exercise, trail running good option here

21 days ago

We hiked the loop to the waterfalls. Nice easy loop, we trail ran it on the way out from the falls. Tons of parking and clean bathrooms.

Can be very wet and muddy, and when it's been raining can be quite dangerous. The first part of the trail now has to skirt around a private property, but the trail is public. Be very careful about going to the edge of the first falls - the rocks are extremely slippery and several hikers have died here. The climb is moderately strenuous but the views from the south edge of the crater are great. Considered a "muddy hike."

It was a fun hike with the family. However,it had just rained the previous day and the trail was very muddy and a bit slippery at times. Be certain to wear some waterproof shoes if you don’t want swamp foot halfway through your trek.

With all the amazing trails Hawaii has to offer, this is one to visit but not one to keep coming back to after the first time. Trail is well-marked but we turned around and returned the same way we came. The trail was trickier to follow on the return leg but the point where you start climbing is well marked. We did it with 3 kids, aged 7, 8, and 14. It was about the right length although the 7 yr old was challenged in several of the crossings.

Do this hike clockwise and enter at the crouching lion trailhead!!! Due to the less than moderate traffic, the original trailhead is overgrown and washed out. Besides, the trail intersects with the much better maintained Crouching Lion trail anyways. I would also recommend doing this as an out and back...once you reach the final peak. The back half of this trail has been washed out and needs a great deal of maintenance. Otherwise, this was a fantastic trail with some great climbing sections. 5 stars as an out and back.

Absolutely stunning trail. Many flowering blooms. The waterfall is not as impressive as Manoa Falls, but the abundance of flowers makes up for it. We actually did both hikes on the same day with 3 children (7, 8, and 10 years old). We started the trail at the bottom while at the Lyon Arbetoreum. There is a place to cross over to Manoa Falls at the top, but we just came down and did Manoa Falls starting at the bottom as well. We ate lunch at the snack shack in between hikes. I bring all my visitors to these hikes, they ate gorgeous. Don't forget bug spray!

25 days ago

Great short hike for all skill levels. The waterfall was quite thick and made for great fun and pictures. Make sure, Make sure, Make sure you turn right after the tunnel of trees along the large rock path where the large tree sits. It has lots of graffiti on it, a couple arrows, and a very large limb that points in the direction of the falls.

A new fav, will go again.

Worth the trip!

Great hike with a beautiful view at the top. But be ready for lots of technical footwork, as the stream crossings, rocks, roots, and steepness near the end all keep the pace a little slower. Lovely to see both the valley on one side of the summit pass and the ocean in the other.

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