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This trail is very, very dangerous. If you are on the trail in Rog’s pictures (below), you might consider turning around and finding the easier trail a bit further down. We got pretty banged up and were told by a girl that her mom was life-flighted out due to sliding all the way down.

Under current driving conditions (9/22/18) I would say you absolutely must have a high clearance vehicle or you’re going to get stuck.

There are also people shooting guns and drinking most of the way down. Just a heads up.

The waterfall is magical and totally worth visiting.

Cold and windy, but not hard! Extremely rewarding views

Absolutely beautiful hike with a huge payoff. Do not drink the creek water on the way up, as there are dead elk in the lake.

Unfortunately I lost a wedding band/ engagement ring somewhere between the lake and the parking lot on September 11th. Please let there be good in the world!

Ran in Sept 2018. Starting from hwy 238 the trail starts off as an old overgrown fire road. After a mile or so it turns into single track and is much more pleasant. elevation gain for entire trail is probably close to 1500 ft (not 350 or whatever this app says). the first couple miles are all uphill and moderately steep.

7 days ago

One of my favorite hikes that I went to. Absolutely beautiful! The unpaved road definitely makes it hard to walk so hiking shoes are recommended (I used running shoes and almost slipped few times). However, the scenery is breathtaking!!!! I got to observe the nature in the most vivid ways— got to see the wildlife (bees, spiders, garden snakes, etc...).

Abiqua is a hard hike but it totally worths the time and energy !!! My friends and I felt accomplished !

8 days ago

FREAKING GORGEOUS!! Getting there can be tricky so definitely read the previous comments made by others. I got there and had such an amazing time thanks to the tips and comments I read on here. The unpaved road constituted half of the hike literally but once you’re at the trailhead, the hike itself is less than 2 mi. Steep hills but the ropes and fallen trees along the way made it a tad easier. The waterfall made it up for all of the hard work. A MUST SEEN! This is by far the hardest but it is also my favorite hike! Super peaceful and calm :) I’m definitely coming back

I did this hike in mid August while I was down visiting my brother in Bend. The difference in elevation compared to where I’m from definitely kicked my butt a little, but it was totally worth it! The lake is stunning and heading up to the very top is absolutely worth the extra 20 minute walk up! If I had better balance or it was slightly less windy I would have loved to have walked along the ridge for a while too.

12 days ago

Finding the trail head was a challenge. Spent about half an hour just trying to figure out where to start. Recommend having screen shots of directions as no cell service. My Subaru couldn’t make it all the way down so I hiked about 3 extra miles, GPS put me at about 5 round trip. It felt like a ton of work for the payoff but I’m giving 4 stars due to the lack of people (I went on a weekday).
Also, I wouldn’t recommend doing this with a dog unless they are very agile. I had to carry my 60lb pit bull up a steep hill because she was struggling.

The hike to the top is 100% worth it, the lake is beautiful and you can see so far from the peak at the end. It’s amazing

One of my favorite hikes!

What a great hike! perfect day, nice breeze. Awesome views once you reach the old look out tower. Perfect place to sit and relax while eating lunch while soaking in the views.

Did a backpacking assessment test this Saturday. Was a great hike to the top. Got an early start and no one else on the way up. still a few clouds on top, was clearing up. Had to head back down, and met (5) other hikers headed up. Did pretty good with a pack on for the conditioning assessment...was a blast and glad to see my vehicle when I got back down. A real nice workout for an old goat.

I passed the entrance and got lost for about an hour, until a really good person showed me the right road. It is true that the further you go, the sketchy it get. I don’t think the road is meant for sedan car, so I will recommend to drive the road as far as you can and the condition of the road allows you. When you start to see the road full of very sharp rocks, park the car in one of the several spots along the road. Then walk from that point. You will find at the end a closed white gate, then turn back and find to your left one of the trailhead with a withe and black sign (see picture). Once you’re there, as you already read from other comments, in the Y section, take the left and you’ll get to the bottom with no complications. You will use the ropes to climb down, but it is really easy. Enjoy :).

Such a beautiful hike with view of the river and waterfalls the whole way. My three young kids easily did it, ages 4-10 yrs old. One of my new favorite hikes.

This hike is straight up the mountain. None of this trail flattens but the views are great of the mountains. 3.5 miles feels like 6 miles when you go up. The trail is completely made of either rocks or sand. Some parts have shade from trees but the last mile is mainly rock with no trees.

Wear sunscreen!

!!Bring lots of water!!

Amazing views for a shorter hike.

Hiked with the Texan kids and 3 labs. No name lake was beautiful. Spotted many of the dead elk killed in avalanche. The road into Broken top trailhead was very rough

Loved it! Was worth the 2.5 hour drive

What a great hike. We parked at Sahalie Falls and enjoyed the view from the main viewpoint, then headed downriver on the east side of the McKenzie. After stopping at Koosah Falls, we continued down river until we got to the reservoir. Go across the bridge turn upriver at the toilet and head north along the east side. This less travelled trail is a jewel and has just as good of views of both falls. Continue a half mile past Sahalie Falls to cross the river on a man bridge. Then you can head back to Salahie Falls where you began.

on Iron Mountain Trail

25 days ago

Hiked to the top with My Sunflower the first week of May. There was still quite a bit of snow on the trails both in shaded and open areas. We could not make it to the top by the normal route because of the snow drifts that were still deep and to soft, so we made our own route on a steeper, open area from the west by southwest side.
We made our way back down from the top by an equally steep route which gave My Sunflower an anxiety attack because of the steepness but she pulled through like a trooper.
Also lost the bottom leg extension on my black diamond trekking pole on the steep decline somewhere. We’ll try to find it a little later on a return hike.

25 days ago

This is our favorite non waterfall trail so far. Not far from Lincoln City this trail takes you through some old growth forest before you emerge into open rolling fields. There are a few plateaus that are perfect for a rest or a picnic. The views are stunning. Take plenty of water as the elevation gain is fantastic. Parking is good and has a few vault toilets.

Beautiful hike with flowing cold mountain water. This is a great place to take a break and enjoy the surroundings. The hike was easy, there are other trails to go on to get close to the water.

Beautiful hike all the way up and a fantastic payoff at the end. My favorite hike so far here in Bend. The access road, if you can call it that, requires 4 wheel drive or a car you don't like and will take about 30-40 minutes once you pass Todd Lake. Go really early if you want to miss the crowds.

28 days ago

“The meaning of life is just to be alive. It is so plain and so obvious and so simple. And yet, everybody rushes around in a great panic as if it were necessary to achieve something beyond themselves.” ~Alan Watts

I left a wonderful gift for you to find here. You'll know it was from me when you wake up tomorrow feeling magnificent almost as if something has awoken inside of you. Be prepared for the ride of your life! You're going to experience several days the most incredible love in your heart. You'll recognize the one you truly love in everyone you see. You'll be so intoxicated by the thought of that special someone that sleep and reality will blur together.

No matter what happens in your life enjoy the moment that is now! Today is tomorrows yesterday and you can never do it again. It is the reason why I'm forced to leave this kind gift for you to discover. I can no longer look back, it's time to move on, I can only hope for forgiveness because all paths lead you to where your heart wants you to be. J

Great hike! 7.4 miles round trip. Many viewpoints along the way. This trail is not recommended for small children or small pets...it is way too steep for them in my opinion. Views at the summit were subdued due to smoke from British Columbia. You could still make our Mt. Jefferson in the distance. Recommend for those not faint of heart or with those healthy enough for a 3.7 mile UPHILL walk.

1 month ago

Did this hike on August 16th, 2018. It was a bit smokey at the top, but without the smoke the views would have been astonishing. The hike up was quite nice, not terribly difficult and without too many super steep parts. The thing that stuck out the most to be on this hike was the amount of huckleberries and thimbleberries! They are absolutely everywhere right now, and to me that sells the hike all its own. That being said, this hike is probably worth doing any time of the year. Highly recommended.

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! Steep, but so worth the burning in your legs!

love this trail. easy to follow. challenging to do.

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