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3 days ago

Stunning ocean and hill views for probably over half the hike, and the rest is lush, green and also beautiful. With all the footwork between the steps/erosion control, roots, and narrow path near the top this hike ends up feeling longer than it is - but totally worth it.

5 days ago

Nice easy walk to two beautiful waterfalls. If you catch it right the sun makes a rainbow just by the falls. Went on 3rd December and trail was a little icy and slippy so be careful. Was very quite as well only us along the trail.

Beautiful views! It’s a pretty easy hike except for a mile or so of the 238 side. It’s pretty steep there.

The view is the best part once you get to the falls

14 days ago

Rated hard but is on the easy end of it. Not technical. Clear trail to the top. If you are able bodied this is relatively easy

Went this last Sunday, it was raining and I came out muddy and wet but all worth it! I drive 2 wheel Hondai Tucson and took the road down as far as I felt comfortable then walked. Felt good about my stopping point. The last mile of the road is larger rocks and comfortable in a higher clearance Subaru but I didn’t want to chance it. The Hike is great once you get to the trail head. Stayed Left, very steep but ropes right where you needed them. Loved walking along the river, glad I had boots, lots of rocks to get they but the Waterfall is mind blowing!

Road to the trail is kinda hectic. alot of pot holes and big sharp rocks. asides from that I made it down to the gate in my honda crv. If u make it all the way to the end of the road the hike goes from 5.3 down to like 1 1/2 miles from the gate. stay to the left when u hike down the trail. STAY TO THE LEFT! if u don't want to climb down a cliff.

Great hike! Steep, but rewarding views and wildflowers.

1 month ago

Difficult road to travers to the actual trail head unless you have an all wheel drive vehicle. We walked the road to the TH and the trail itself is not long but steep and appearing not formerly maintained. The hike is sleek with rock and covered in fallen leaves making it difficult to traverse in many areas. The pay off is well worth the jaunt with a beautiful falls. The drive to this falls is also splendid.

My favorite hike so far in the PNW. We had perfect weather and snow is about 1 inch right now depending on the area may be deeper. 100% need a high clearance vehicle. We had to rescue someone who took their Mazda and couldn’t make it out. Spend the night in their car. I believe this road closes first week of December

Great place to hike! Restrooms available. Lots of water scenes, waterfalls, and forrest to explore. Flat and easy marked trails. Dog friendly as well.

Super awesome hike!! Totally kick ass though. Straight uphill and lots of switch backs, but worth it.

Amazing views. Idk about that 2.2 miles though. The loop took us awhile and we move at a decent pace.

Hiked Iron Mountain last week and the view was worth the work. Pack a lunch and enjoy.

1 month ago

Beautiful ocean view at the end!

1 month ago

I went out of season this weekend, 11/3, It was very pretty but the trail is essentially mud the whole way. The way they did the preservation of the trail made it much worse then it could have been for those with a bum knee. They put in boards to channel the water and or prevent errosion and provide steps. However when they did this you must step up or down between 8-16inches. and the traill probably has more than 1/4 mile of these scattered throughout. If you are using the recorded trail just stop at the top because if you hike further like it says then you are just going down into the canopy on the opposite side to the other trailhead and it takes you knowwhere. Even though it was muddy, rainy and foggy the views were still nice. I think others would deffinity do it again but even though I enjoyed it I proboably wont.

Absolutely gorgeous! made it to the white locked fence easily thanks to the directions of *always staying to the left and down hill * directions once turn off of Crooked Finger Rd. Took second trail as stated below with Abbey Foundation sign and it was a quick hike in staying left once we hit the river.
Definitely going back once every season this next year !

Completed 10-8-18
Went in the dark, still a fun hike

Beautiful trip! This map is from Trailbridge/Blue Pool trailhead to Coldwater Cove. Coldwater is closed after Labor Day, so You’ll have your pick of car camping sites, which is a welcome sight after the hike up the river. The distance is 16+ miles total if you go all the way to cold water cove. The second mile is the toughest due to serious crowding and rough lava rock trails. Once you make it to the Carmen reservoir at the 6th mile you can take the waterfalls trail, which is tougher and more crowded, but worth it on the way back if you can catch it early in the morning. After blue pool, Carmen/Waterfalls is the first place to get water, and last good place before you get to Clear Lake.

1 month ago

Easy to find trailhead and it’s nicely marked. Beautiful views at the top. We stayed for a while taking pics and enjoying the views. It was a clear day so we saw all the surrounding mountains. Beautiful!

This is a beautiful hike and can be family/dog friendly. The water is SO blue and both waterfalls are absolutely stunning. Sahalie falls is very easy to access and it’s a short walk from the parking lot. The fall colors were in full effect when I did this hike & it’s beautiful. The hike itself is mostly flat.

1 month ago

nice today. the meadows are so but more beautiful in the spring and summer. NC did a controlled burn a few weeks ago so it's a little chard.

Hiked this after Henline Trail (waterfall). Only saw one other person. Amazing views! Will be doing again.

Amazing trail. Beautiful day this past weekend 10/14 but my goodness was the wind howling. Strong enough to make you have to lean into it. Every step is worth it. Multiple different ways to get to this lake/mountain. The 5 mile trail head is definitely treacherous and would highly recommend a high clearance vehicle. Plenty of rocks on the road that would destroy most vehicles. One of the best hikes I recall and possibly my favorite in Oregon.

1 month ago

Great hike, perfectly clear day so the views were fantastic. I did the 2 mile upper hike so it was easy


one of my favorite trails. very easy, well maintained. the water is magical

Really amazing hike! Lot of razorbacks and some steep points but super amazing and such an awesome view all along the way (especially at the top)!

on Marys Peak Summit Trail

1 month ago

This is not hard and is more or a walk. Pretty views on a clear day.

This was my favorite hike of all time. Did it in mid September and only wish I had hiked in my tent so I could sleep on the edge. The weather can turn nasty VERY quickly so be mindful of time of year. I took my AWD SUV up the road and it wasn't that bad - just be mindful of tire placement. Tacomas were passing me like a little wuss but that's ok. :) Absolutely beautiful spot.

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