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Quick hike - well shaded, average amount of bugs. All in all a nice, quiet hike with some great scenery. Trail is very wide and easy to follow.

Great trail for relaxing walk, many different paths makes this trail fun to explore.

Had a fantastic time! Dogs swam and the hike was beautiful the ruins are really cool.

We walked about 3km on this sweet trail. A nice way to start the weekend.

trail running
3 days ago

Not good for trail running

3 days ago

i went today
i didnt know it requires a permit and payement
abit to buggy for me

I thought it was challenging enough with beautiful views.

Lots of shade. Couple steep climbs but not too difficult. Keep going beyond the Falls to add extra steps. Can get busy on weekends but lots of space.

Great loop trail with lots of rocky outcroppings with views of the surrounding hills , river, lake, and Ottawa skyline in the distance.

9 days ago

Did this last weekend starting counterclockwise (so through the marsh first) and was stalked by a SWARM of deer flies for the first 4km or so, to the point where I almost turned back and threw in the towel at one point. I was wearing DEET bug spray but clearly it wasn't enough to deter the pests. I spent most of the 4km waving my arms around me CONSTANTLY to stop them from landing on me and biting, and by doing short running bursts to try and lose the cloud, which was very annoying and pretty exhausting but a good workout in hindsight considering the rest of the hike was very easy.

If you decide to do this hike, I'd recommend a bug net and thick hiking clothing to prevent them from biting through your clothes (Lululemon leggings are NOT adequate protection! as I learned the hard way...). Bringing a can of bugspray with you to spray as you go probably wouldn't be a bad idea either, unless you don't mind waving your arms constantly and bursting out in a sprint every now and again.

The bugs let up at about 5-6 kms in though and the hike is pretty nice after that. It's relatively flat so pretty easy but makes for a good trail run since it's pretty well worn (not too many snags or rocks).

Best part: Bring your bathing suit and jump in the lake to freshen up at the end of your hike!

10 days ago

Park at P11 at OBrien beach. Lovely trail, very easy hike. About 30 mins walk to the ruins . Nice views of Meech Lake along the way. Dog friendly. Busy on weekends but not too bad on a weeknight. The ruins are so cool, and the falls are very pretty. Bring your bathing suit and a picnic to this spot!

20 days ago

A bit busy mid-May. Easy for a beginner hiker. Nice places to stop.

21 days ago

It was a fantastic trail for the adults and the kids. My girls (7-5) loved the fact that there were so many rocks on the sode of the trail making it fun for all. The view at the top are great.

Great trail. I wish the trail marking were better. Once we were at the top I felt lost and hoped for the best.

23 days ago

Nice moderate trail. Not too busy. Take your map because it’s not super well marked.

24 days ago

Lovely trail with excellent water views of Morton Bay. I went clockwise, there were a few steep downhill spots, but nothing too difficult. Hiking the trail counterclockwise would be a more difficult uphill path as mentioned in another comment. Mostly shade except the very top.

Did the hike clockwise and loved it. Ended up doing 12k by time the excursions off-loop were done. Was absolutely beautiful! The end maybe easier for sure but a nice reward along the lake. That and a momma dear with her 2 little ones! There were bear sightings today by some other people closer to the campground FYI.

28 days ago

The trail was great with easy parking. Hike was good and easy to follow. Not too hard with a few moderate elevation changes. The view was gorgeous at the top with wonderful views of water along the way. Reminder you do need to pay a fee to use the trail.

The trail was really nice seen deer in 3 seperate spots. The ticks on the other hand were hungry I got bit twice and took 8 off the dog just crawling not latched on. Still good times

Trail closed along the east side of the lake, presumably due to poison ivy along the trail.

1 month ago

Easy trail. Well maintained. Light traffic

1 month ago

(French will follow)

Not a bad trail in itself, but it was a bit boring.

It goes up and down, but there's not much to see.

I won't qualified this trail as good choice for those who likes the calm of the nature or the hikers who are less interested into crowded place.
In my opinion, this is more like a commercial trail or a good place for those who seek for a decent introduction to the hiking field.


La randonnée en soit n'est pas mauvaise, mais elle s'avère quelque peu ennuyant.

Le sentier monte et descend sans nécessairement offrir des points se vue intéressant.

Je me recommenderais pas cette randonnée pour ceux qui aiment profiter du calme de la nature ou les randonneurs préférant les senteurs moins achalandés.

Cette randonnée axe davantage sur les aspects commerciaux, mais reste quand même une activité intéressante pour ceux et celles qui veulent s'initier à la marche en montagne.

I did this trail on a beautiful, sunny Sunday in June. Parked in P12 (across from Meech Lake) around noon - the lot was starting to fill up but still had many spots. First few KMs of the trail I saw quite a few people and cyclists but once I was deeper into the trails I saw very few people. The trail is dog friendly and my dog adored it. Quite a few freshwater streams in the first few KMs are a good spot for the dogs to get a drink. Good trail for jogging. The ticks are really bad on this trail, my dog was covered in them when we left. I didn't make it all the way to the Champlain lookout this time around so can't speak for that. Leaving around 2 PM the P12 parking lot was almost completely full.

Nice easy hike but super busy. There are a few trails off the main on you can do

1 month ago

Great views of Ottawa valley

1 month ago

Getting to the "parking" when you know where it is is easy enough but you're just parking on the road you're eventually going to hike. You then walk to where you park for the winter start of the trail and that's when the hike actually begins. The trail started nice enough by walking through a rolling hill field and then up into the forest however due to the bugs once in the forest, we turned around after about 3 mins and literally ran our way back to the safety of the sun/breeze. The trail itself (what little we saw) was beautiful but I would recommend avoiding it until bug season is over because they will swarm enough to ruin the hike.

1 month ago

Great hike with a fantastic view on top. You can do the trail either way. For less punishment in some areas, I would recommend doing the trail in a clockwise direction.
Challenging in some areas.
Would do it again.

Hey folks, if you go for the hike, leave your Tim Hortons in your car not as garbage on the trail. Pack it in pack it out. Don’t be a fn Timmy Tosser

For a 3.5km trail this one is excellent! It provides many ups and downs for a slightly more challenging walk in the woods, some great lookout spots, and begins right at the park office. It's great to have a trail this beautiful that can be done in under an hour.

This one is quite spectacular in the fall. There are some amazing spots where you can watch the leaves fall like rain or walk through a rainbow of trees. so beautiful! It's not the most challenging of hikes - it's one of the easier Frontenac trails for this distance but still has difficult moments. It's great that if you don't have time for the full trail you can cut off 3km and do Bufflehead instead. Also lovely.

Nice surprise compared to the other trails I have done in Gatineau Park. Plenty of ups and downs and the ruins/waterfalls are beautiful. I'm from BC and this trail reminded me of back home! There are a TON of bugs, so be sure to remember your bug spray!

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