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Hoosier National Forest Map

Nice trail, beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the waterfall was dried up on our visit. There is a single disperse campsite located to the right of the entrance.


I have been strolling this trail since I was very young. great place to take the family for a hike.

Totally loved these trails. My husband and I did these trails along with trail 2 which took us about 6 hrs to enjoy. Parts of these trail were a little rough. I didn't bring mine this hike, but a pair of trekking sticks or a staff would have been helpful. Areas of the trails got close to bluffs and would have just made me feel a little more secure on the trail.

Good hike. Great little place and well marked. Just make sure you take at the loop!

Good stroll around the lake. Always less busy than the village trail.

17 days ago

Great hike with kids!

19 days ago

Good workout. Narrow trail as grasses and weeds very prevalent.

Great hike, even without the waterfall running and the creek beds being pretty dry. Definitely take the optional loop when you get too it. The shallow cave at the top is awesome.

Trail is the best marked trail I’ve been on. Easy grade changes, rocky trail.

trail running
29 days ago

Almost a perfect trail running trail for beginners, trail is mostly gravel with a few not so bad up and downs. Park is really clean, and at-least the day I was around I had the place to myself.

Close parking to refuel between laps, bathroom at the entrance, only real downside is I had 0 cell phone reception the whole Time I was in the park.

This is a wonderful 2.5 mile trail to hike. It had good elevation and turns with very good trail markers. The dense trees provided a perfect canopy on a hot, humid morning. We wished we had time to hike the entire trail. To get to the trail entrance, follow the golf course signs to the practice area and first tee.

I'm an avid hiker/explorer and this place is a blast! Make sure you have atleast a full day to enjoy this magical place!

Enjoyed it

Nice easy trail

This park is very well maintained and the trails are well marked! We couldn’t record our hike because my phone battery is not stellar, but we hiked 7.6 miles with a combination of 8, 1, 5, 4, & 7. It was a super hot day and we were pleased to find that the Nature Center on the south end of the park is air conditioned with a lovely bird viewing room. We saw all of the falls but I think Tunnel Falls was the best! I liked Little Clifty Falls as well. When the map says the trail is rugged, they’re not kidding. The ruggedness is a great challenge, but be prepared to climb up and down on rock and roots quite a bit. Also, people who are afraid of heights should maybe stay on trail 2, because there are many drop-offs next to the trails up on the ridge. Overall we had a challenging, but rewarding, day in the outdoors!

trail running
1 month ago

Rocky but good

Loved trail 5. Tunnel Falls was my favorite waterfalls of the day, Caution on the rocks leading up to the tunnel as they are slick. The tunnel is closed to foot traffic from fall to spring. Trail 5 goes around the tunnel also. South end of trail has a 153 step staircase that will give you a great quad workout. There is also a leg of the trail to take you to the creek.

Love the creek trail all the way up to the falls!

Very nice trail! A great workout for our family of 5, (13 yo, 10 yo, 8 yo). All sweating and ready to take the shortcut loop on trail 2, which after a mixup on where we were supposed to start ended up being 3.5 miles. Wish we could’ve seen with full creeks but nothing trickling during our visit.

Gorgeous views. We actually hiked at Hemlock on a rainy day, and it was a lot of fun.

Beautiful views along the way. Waterfall was a lighter flow than what I was expecting. But still very peaceful, not a crowded trail.

Challenging enough to be interesting without being too long or exhausting on a hot day in July. Saw lots of turtles and one adult northern water snake

2 months ago

Fun trail and quite scenic. Watch out for ticks in the overgrown grassy areas. Also, those spiders like to web at face level :).

2 months ago

This is a nice hiking trail its a pretty easy hike my wife and i hike it a lot. Love that you can pick from 3 miles if you take the shortcut to around 9 miles if you do trail #2 and #3 so you can get the links of hiking trail that is right for you.

beautiful place to get away from it all.

3 months ago

Hiked this trail before finding this app. Trail #3 is a nice trail. It passes through some virgin timber, along several sinkholes, caves, and has plenty of ups and downs. The trail markings where it intersects with Trail #4 can be a bit confusing. Nice trail overall.

3 months ago

The trail was a lot of the same view throughout. Lots of trees and wooden steps. Glad I wore long pants due to the path being narrow and overgrown with weeds. Trees down and in the path requiring you to climb over. For a lot of the hike you can actually see and hear traffic due to the trail being so close to the road. Not my favorite hike, probably wouldn’t pursue it again.

3 months ago

Cell signal made it easy to follow the map.

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