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Great scenic hike with a ton of views to see and explore. The trail is easy and please take the second loop on the trail. You don’t want to miss the second waterfall along with a large shallow cave! You can walk inside the cave while being right behind the waterfall.

My wife and I completed this trail on a 35 degree (at most) day and for the first time on this trail, plenty of water was flowing over the falls. And, due to the cold temps, plenty of ice at the bottoms of the falls. This is one of my favorite hikes in terms of scenery, bluffs, cliffs, rock faces, and similar. Absolutely beautiful area. Overall, this is a easy to moderate trail with only a handful of sketchy areas for the really young or old. Exploring around and off the trail is what makes this trail so fascinating! See our photos here.

thoroughly enjoyed this hike and want to try it on a wintery day.
I chose to go clockwise on the loop with the goal of visiting the Terrill cemetery...it is Halloween season so had to investigate.
Very creepy place and didn't stick around long. I doubled back and hiked the rest of the loop. The sections of the trail that are covered in pine needles were a treat to walk on!
I hadn't hiked since late winter so the length was perfect and I wasn't too tired after 9 miles.

27 days ago

From the north parking lot, I hiked CCW around trails 18-4-2-3-10-4-18.

The good: Trails are well-marked at intersections and easy to follow in-between even though there aren't many blazes. The forest is beautiful - mostly hardwoods with the occasional clearing, pond, or stand of pine trees. Birds were plentiful, and I saw lots of small mammals. There's enough elevation to make it interesting, but there's plenty of easy ridge-walking and overall not too strenuous. Because they are horse trails, they're comfortably wide and there's no bush-whacking, overgrown trails, or surprise spider webs in your face.

The bad: Because they are horse trails, there are a lot of spots that get churned up into pudding. Most spots are small - just 5 or 10 yards - and easy enough to avoid or pick your way across if you step carefully. Some have walk-around trails, but a lot of those are also being utilized by riders and churned up as well. A few were a real pain to navigate around or through. There's also a lot of manure if that bothers you.

The ugly: There's a real garbage problem on the trail. Horseback riders apparently have no compunction about discarding their empties wherever they please. The area around the horse camp had a ridiculous amount of trailside trash - mostly empty beer containers. (Yes, I know it's the riders and not hikers because it was all Bud Light and Busch. Hikers who drink on trail carry hard liquor because beer is too heavy.)

Other: I found a few small streams, but we've had a pretty wet fall, so they're probably unreliable sources. I would like to have gotten over to the East side of the trail system, but there's no way to get from one side to the other without a significant amount of road walking, but its likely the horse and rider problems would be reduced further from the horse camp.

Visited on a Monday morning and only saw two others on the trail. We basically had the whole canyon to ourselves! Very beautiful!

1 month ago

1st ever backpacking trip was here

1 month ago

challenging hike with lots of spider webs. some good views of the lake.

Camping is no longer allowed on this trail. Beautiful hike!

1 month ago

Very nice trail with water ways. rugged. last part of the trail goes along the road.

good trail. easy to follow with some common sense. allitle more challenging with swollen creekbeds.

Nice trail, beautiful scenery. Unfortunately, the waterfall was dried up on our visit. There is a single disperse campsite located to the right of the entrance.

Good hike. Great little place and well marked. Just make sure you take at the loop!

did the north loop. tons of spider webs the entire way, had to walk with sticks in front of us. trails were rough from the horses. probably won't do this one again

Great hike, even without the waterfall running and the creek beds being pretty dry. Definitely take the optional loop when you get too it. The shallow cave at the top is awesome.

Great views, not crowded!

Great trail, easy to navigate. Lots of spider webs, but hey, we are in the woods.

3 months ago

We did a two day overnight on this trail. Camp sites are nice. Will do again in future.

Camped out here for a night...beautiful spiders, huge range of insects and daddy longlegs, keep your tent zipped up! August poison Ivy and ticks in abundance, the spiders so thick it's like watching the ground move. Totally overgrown trail with no usage, not many flat spots to camp for over half a mile...with your gear on you. be smart....wait until late fall.

3 months ago

Great trail! Would not grade it as hard. More of the high end of moderate. Well marked. Dachshund friendly. Great workout. No real excess to the lake.

Gorgeous views. We actually hiked at Hemlock on a rainy day, and it was a lot of fun.

I enjoyed this trail as it had some pretty scenery and two spots where you could walk down to the lake. It was definitely over 6 miles by the time we were done but like I said there were side trails to the lake that we walked down. We crossed a couple of fields during the hike and the last one wasn't marked very well so it was a little confusing but it brought us back to an access road used by DNR. Overall nice trail!

Moderate well marked and not busy. , but mid July @ 94 degrees may not be the best time to try it.

Beautiful views along the way. Waterfall was a lighter flow than what I was expecting. But still very peaceful, not a crowded trail.

Was on this trail yesterday and got lost when I got to the Creek… Not very well marked on the other side. Literally spent four hours yelling for help. Luckily I remembered honeycomb rock when I saw it and was able to find the path again. One of the scariest days of my life.

It’s a decent trail with low traffic. Not hard but not a moderate run either.

beautiful place to get away from it all.

5 months ago

Great trail. Not too many people on a Saturday morning. Not a "hard" trail as stated, closer to a moderate.

Been going here for years and it's still one of my favorite places to go in the Southern Indiana Area! Very nice and peaceful place to go and get away from people for a day or two!

This hike started out fine. we went counterclockwise from the fire tower. We passed by a few campers but were the only ones on the trail on a late Sunday morning. We didn't realize that part of the trail near the end was on the gravel road we drove in on. The last mile of the path was also super overgrown and muddy like no one had hiked it for months. We probably wouldn't return, but it was a decent length and started out great.

5 months ago

A good choice for us. Good shade from the heat, good variety of up and downhills. Very pretty, but lacking in scenic lookouts since there's no large peaks around. I'm 45 in fair shape and would consider the full loop moderate. Don't let the 'hard' label worry you too much. We spotted several toads, a few turtles, a snake, and some very active fish once we reached the lake.

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