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For my first hike ever it wasn’t bad. Paved and well maintained. Not a lot of people at 1200 and parking was easy. Saw some people swimming in the pools but I was not about to do that hike. Very kid friendly!

2 days ago

Try Kalauao Falls hike or Aiea Ridge Trail if you want something more challenging. The Aiea Ridge Trail has some scenic point along the way.

tourist heavy, but a nice waterfall.

the most boring trail on all of Oahu. many people use this trail for running... kudos to them. get through it as fast as possible so you can get out of the forest lol. there's one view... of h3.

Paved road the whole way up with gorgeous lookout areas on the way to the top. Seasonally you can see whales migrating though they weren't there in mid October.

Not closed!
Not easy, wear real shoes not “slippas”

100% worth it
Wear mosquito repellent or bring someone the mosquitos like more than you!


Good place to check out the waves, incredibly blue water, and its pretty much an extension of the China Walls. As mentioned, it's not a trail!

4/5 because it's not a trail, but I would suggest friends to check this out if they came to Oahu.

Great family hike to the best waterfalls we saw on Oahu. About 2-miles from the parking area. Very lush and beautiful plant life on a trail they have used for the filming of Lost, Hawaii 50, and the Jurassic Park series. Note - you cannot swim in the waterfall pool. Also if you get there before 8 am the parking attendant will not be there but he/she will likely leave a pay on exit reminder on your windshield,

10/14/2018-Started walking with the group around 0800 and encountered 20+ groups along the way. Lots of happy dogs out getting their fresh air and exercise. =) The sun was out but it made the water look inviting for a swim. Definitely recommend sun screen and 1L of water.

The trail itself is underwhelming. It's basically just a paved road winding up the hillside. But the views of the water are indescribable. The blue water is absolutely stunning, as is the view of Waimanalo and down the windward side. I strongly recommend going a bit off the track and up to the top through the stones. It's not too difficult, and there is a cool little bunker at the top with even more sweeping views.

Perfect beach walk/hike. We got there about 10am and walked slowly along the coast looking at the turtles in the water. Had the beach to ourselves basically the whole time. Passed a couple of homeless tent setups in the vegetation but no one bothered us.

Highly recommend!

8 days ago

Not really a hike but a fin side excursion if you are doing some of the other hikes (Koko Head, Makapu'u, Diamond Head) in the area. The sitting cave is awesome.

Nice easy hike on asphalt all the way up. However, if you are capable take the side hike down to the pools. Really fun and a very cool blow hole as well.

Very beautiful. Also very slippery.

Very beautiful! slippery

8 days ago

We started out early @ 7:15am. Definitely less traveled at that time of day. It rained a bit yesterday so the trail was a tinsy mushy but doable in durable boots/shoes. The views are beautiful along the path. Be sure to take a few of the small jaunts off the trail for the best views!

All paved and a nice view from the top. No shade so wear a hat.

10 days ago

I did this with my husband and three year old. My son loved exploring the forest with all of the beautiful plants and animals. Being so young, he did get carried by the end of the hike, but before he ran out of steam, he was easily able to make the hike. It was difficult to find parking that did not impede on private property, but once we got on the trail it was worth the effort.

Scenic and fairly easy. It’s paved the whole way, and it gives great views once you’re at the top. Wear comfortable walking shoes, obviously.

Very pretty view of the surrounding rocks and ocean. My wife and I spent a good amount of time just looking at the ocean and listening to the waves. Not a hike, but the path leading to the rocks is hidden behind a dumpster, but is clearly marked. Be careful when it rains, water runs down the path and could be very slippery. Few handholds to help you, but if it’s dry you’ll be fine.

nice trail on beach, mostly soft sand and some rocky areas.

My family really liked this trail! My three year old went up and back on his own (picking up every rock on the way). Super muddy so prep for that! Pretty crowded too. Good hike for visiting family.

Definitely a fun hike. the kids enjoyed it as well but was a little tough for them at some time (ages 3 and 5), I worn my infant and didn't struggle to much. it was a little more crowded than I would have liked. They say you can swim in the falls but it's harder to get to as they have the wired off and the water was a tad murky.

ps. we did this hike over a month ago. just now writing my review.

Still closed

They have reopened the trail

13 days ago

We hiked this trail with our 6 year old, and we all had a good time. It’s not too difficult but it was raining a little and the mud was deep and slippery during half the trail. Wear old/resistant clothes and be prepared to ruin your sneakers. Bring some wet wipes in case you slip in the mud. There are three stopping points with benches.

Short and decent hike, pretty flat. Little hard to find the opening, luckily had read other helpful comments so was able to find it. Basically you pull off the Pali as if you’re going to Lulumahu, but instead of parking in that lot you drive down the side st (Nuuanu Pali Dr) all the way down until the trees clear up and you see the dept of water building on the right side. Find parking. Nearly across from the water dept building is a small clearing in the bushes with a sign that says permit required - that’s the entrance. Two forks in the trail, keep left at both. Soon enough you will be at the ruins. Highly recommend mosquito repellent, and NOT the organic kind. I got bit a few times just while applying sunscreen and walking to entrance on the main road! Couldn’t wait to get out of the trail as I must’ve gotten bit like 25-30 times despite wearing the organic repellent and reapplying! Little muddy with stagnant water. Bring shoes with traction, some of the roots on the ground are slippery.

Nice and easy hike, great for hot days.

smooth asphalt trail, not a hike. decent views but nothing crazy, halfway up the trail you can hike down to the tide pools which is the only thing I really enjoyed about this one. the tide pools are like mini aquariums. bring goggles it's very cool.

19 days ago

Nice and easy trail. Not too much of a challenge but was a little slippery. Will probably take friends who aren’t that active when they visit.

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