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2 days ago

Great hike with lovely views at the top, sadly we didn’t get to see the views at the top looking over the other side due to being cloudy but still worth it for the views back over. Did this hike 11th December and toke us just over 3 hours in total. It was very muddy and slippy at times but manageable even when we got caught in a rain shower. At the end there is some ropes in places to help you up. There is parking for about 6/7 cars and the lovely security card will give you a card to display on your dashboard. The path was really easy to follow and we only saw 3 others doing this walk.

Awesome hike! Make sure to go when it’s clear and sunny! Can get very muddy and slippery up at the top.

You will know once you reach the terminus. There will be a sign warning you not to proceed further. There will also be a small bench for one to enjoy the sweeping views, on a clear day. You should be able to see the windward side. Once you reach the FM station, there will be one more hill to climb. If it has been raining, it can get pretty slick and muddy.

Muddy, in and out of rivers, forests, all kinds of trees and flowers with a beautiful waterfall at the end! Not very physically difficult but it is slippery and that can slow you down a bit, increasing time to about 3-4 hours. So worth it! One of my favorites

Great, rewarding, steep hike. If you go on a partly cloudy or cloudy day you will only see mist towards the tops of the ridges and not much of a view. When you reach the set of stairs and think you’re done, you’re not. When you next think you’re done, nope, keep going. Ah, finally! You have reached the top. Just kidding another false alarm! I think the last 45 minutes up we kept thinking we MUST have reached the top as there were no other higher peaks around us. The clouds are deceiving. We plan to go back on a sunny day. A few parts with ropes but you don’t really need them to climb. I would recommend this hike

Awesome hike. We did all three peaks and it took us 5 hours. It was very difficult but worth it. We are in our 50’s and in good shape. No parking near the trail. We have hiked Alaska, Utah, Washington and this ranks way up there with our favorite. It was a little like Hawaii’s Angeles landing.

You can get to this trail via Aihualama, Nuuanu , Ohia, Manoa Cliff or Kalawahine.

Great hike & nice cliff jump options at the end.

I’m afraid of heights, so it was slightly challenging to get to the top of the second peak. I decided to skip the third entirely because of my fear. If you’re an avid hiker I’d give it a 6/10 difficulty the rocks made for easy stepping points up. If you’re inexperienced, proceed with caution.. climbing is fun and amazing, but you need to be careful of your footing and be aware where it is slippery. With that being said, some thoughtful hikers just put some new ropes up, I didn’t need them but they are great tools if you don’t hike much. I had a great time and the views were AMAZING! 10/10 will go back for the third peak.

This ridge hike on east Oahu shares many similiar features and views with other hikes nearby like Waahila-Olympus, Ka’au Crater, Mau’umae/Lanipo, Wailupe Ridge, Hawaii Loa Ridge, Kulepeamoa Ridge, Kuliou’ou Ridge ( both east and west), Hahaione ( there are several ways to do hike this), Kamiloiki Ridge, Mariners Ridge ( closed) and Kamehame Ridge ( need permit). You can also start from the Makapuu Lookout and hike along the Koolau Summit via the Makapuu Tom Tom trail which passes the Makapuu Puka. These are just some of the more popular ones on east Oahu.

Give about 3-3.5 hrs to complete this hike.

This one was a little tough especially since I Uber there and the driver would only take me so far. But it was all worth it for the amazing views that this trail provided. I would do it again!

11 days ago

Take counterclockwise route. Gorgeous trail on the way up, KST is overgrown as usual, way down is very tracked out. Great trail for the experienced Hawaii hiker--3:30 solo trail time

Doesnt take an entire day to do this. About 5 hours on a constant pace or give yourself 6 hrs max. I started at 2:30 pm yesterday and completed it by 6:30 pm. The park gate closes at 6:45 pm. during this time of the year. Should be rated as Intermediate hike.

It was amazing, this trail is pretty much challenging but is very great exercise and it takes the whole day to get to the end and back. And the view is worth it!!! U can see the Diamond Head, Honolulu to the west side and Kailua side, Mokolua Islands and almost the Makapu’u..
I’m very sporty and I can say that’s one of the most nice and challenging. Soo if you like nature and hike you should do this trail for sure:)

One way of ruining our trails.


Challenging, fun. Some rope sections that don’t require climbing experience but some upper body strength.

11 days ago

Also known as Three Peaks. I recommend bringing a friend if going past the first peak for safety. There is rope to help descend down and to get back up the back of the second peak. Fun hike but a little dangerous past the first peak. Third peak is also difficult but is my favorite spot for pictures on this hike.

ki Q left a good review below. moderate to difficult towards the end and took just shy of 5 hours. good views all around

Hiked all 3 peaks dec 1. First 45/60 min was very muddy with very slippery mud. Recent rain. If you can make the 1st peak, the 2nd shouldn’t be an issue. The 3rd is extremely visually intimidating from the 2nd. If you commit to the 3rd, the first descent to it from the 2nd looks sketchy/challenging and straight up scary. The going down part is the trickiest. The actual climb up the 3rd is not as bad as it appears from the 2nd peak. If fear of heights come into play or it’s extremely windy, I’d say stop at the 1st peak. Also, this took me 5.25 hours and I did empty my bag (as did many others) to continue to the 3rd. ALSO. If you have a drone, i couldn’t launch due to mag interference on the top of all 3 peaks. I have Mavic pro and carried it the entire climb for nothing. Perhaps launch from lower altitude??? Be safe !

I wouldn’t rate this as a Hard/Difficult, even if one would to start from Kolowalu instead of Waahila. Most of the hike is on a well defined trail even past the End Of Maintained Trail sign. It is slightly longer than Wiliwilinui Ridge, Hawaii Loa and Kuliouou ( all three are rated as Intermediate ). A Hard/Difficult trail would be Mt. Ka’ala Trail, Kamaile’unu, Moanalua Middle to Haiku, Pueo Park to Pu’u Lanihuli just to name a few.

Fantastic and fun Hike. View at the top doesn’t disappoint.

Amazing hike this is one of the best hikes I have been on however this hike is a little muddy and don’t bring young children.

This was a tough one. Once you go past the “trail is closed sign” (don’t go left) it’s a steep incline to the top. I did this hike solo and I only saw one person on this trail. Towards the top the conditions are really muddy. There’s a really big rope section towards the top and I stayed to the right and just scaled up. However, I also have Solomon trail running shoes that have really good tread which is necessary for this trail. There’s a few sketchy parts, but overall pretty good trail. I would say bring a lot of water. It’s a really exhausting trail... I mean exhausting. The app says 5.2 miles.. more like 6 miles start to finish. It took me about 3 1/2 hours to complete. On the way down, I would recommended stopping and cleaning off the bottom of your shoes for more traction it really helped. Nice views at the top, but again, really exhausting trail.

Should be rated as Difficult to complete from start to the Koolau Summit.

18 days ago

Best to hike the complete loop ( esp the Wailupe middle ridge) after HTMC ( Hawaiian Trail & Mountain Club) has cleared and hiked it. Check their schedule for hike activities.

To get to the west ridge, walk past the regular state trail and follow the road. Just as the road crosses a dry river bed, it turns toward a water tank. Look for an opening on the right side towards the ridge. It should be well marked and steep.
Personally , it took less time to do the loop starting from this west ridge, then traversing the Koolau Summit Ridge Trail (KSRT), and down the state maintained Kuliouou Ridge Trail than doing an in-and-out the west ridge alone. It is much faster coming down the state maintained trail than the west Kuliouou ridge which is unmaintained.

Pu’u O Kona is the peak between the east and west Kuliouou terminus.

A Fun trail with a refreshing surprise at the end !

21 days ago

Very muddy, slippery and a bit of a scramble near the top but the views were so worth it!! Just be prepared to get dirty.

Nice trail. Not spectacular for Hawaii but would be a 5 star trail in most states. Muddy and slick with many water crossings. Probably best to just accept that you'll get muddy and wet early on and just plow right in rather than trying to stay clean and dry. Quite a few people out for Thanksgiving day

Great hike !! Did it early on 11/21 and only ran into a little mud. Kinda slippery and some stairs are sketchy but overall pretty easy. 10/10 would do again! Views were breathtaking.

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