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Epic hike with my daughter on July 15, 2018. We made Summit and it was worth the steady and steep uphill trek. Once we hit the storm cabin we moved on to the epic summit where the views were heavenly. Definitely good to carry bear spray. We started at 10 am and it was very light traffic. By 4 pm when we were making our decent there were a lot of people. One of the best hikes ever. Layers are recommended as we went from warm woods to cold snowy mountain sides. Suggestion-
Make it to the summit!!!

17 hours ago

Fun hike. We made it to the first bench and then home on a work night. It is very apparent that you gain elevation. The mosquitos, black flies and no-see-ums were annoying so definitely wear bug spray

Surreal to the see the crater and great views from the summit! The hike honestly wasn’t as bad as anticipated (we hike regularly and had been training) until the ash hill, which was grueling. We attempted to glissade down to by-pass the boulder fields, but the snow wasn’t cooperating. Leave early to beat the heat and crowds and make sure to bring lots of water and sunscreen.

Absolutely gorgeous trail. I’m a beginner and found this to be super hard with all the incline but I pushed through it anyways. Highly recommend! Didn’t see any wildlife but the trails were in great shape.

Amazing trail. Intense boulders but worth it!

Challenging, but worth it. Beautiful for a day hike. BTW...Listed as Strenuous by the NPS.

Not a stroll in the park but surprisingly easier than I’d anticipated. The last bit through the ash field felt like it was never going to end but this was the only time my achilles were barking at me. The view up top was totally worth it as was the brief glissade down. We started out at dawn and had perfect sunny but cool weather until our descent. I’m so glad we did this hike!

2 days ago

The fact that the runners can descend the mountain in less than 10 minutes is mind blowing. I just couldn’t wrap my head around how you run through that creek bed. Overall great hike, wonderful views, just wait until you have a nice clear day to do it (you’ll be able to see the ocean).

Incredible hike- one of best I’ve done. The views of the glacier were better than anything I did at Banff. Absolutely a must to do in Alaska.

We went about 3 miles in, little past the glacier overlook. Did not go past mostly bc it was very cold at that point and getting late- would have liked to continue to the end. If you do, be aware you are hiking up area with snow and it gets very slippery, hiking poles are a big help

This trail shows off Denali taking you through tundra, which fades into a beautiful spruce forest. It ends at the huge glacier runoff where you can see Denali on a clear day. We went in the beginning of July 2018 and the Mosquitos were crazy bad. We sprayed several times with mosquito spray which kept them at bay. We never got bit but they were thick in some spots. It was so worth it because the views are amazing. I would do this trail again and again.

Wow what an experience... when you finally get to the top, it feels as though you are on top of the word... the colors looking down into the volcano, cameras can’t capture how awesome and beautiful it is...we had the top all to ourselves for about 20 minutes and could hear glaciers falling. I am looking forward to going again. The last .7 miles to the top was the hardest, literally one step at a time, with the top taunting you to hurry up and get there

5 days ago

Definitely a tough one. As bad coming down as up. Two miles of easy trail, then 2.5 of climbing around or through boulders, and then 1.5 of ash and gravel. Don’t start late in the day. Probably about 9 hours for most people.

Heading up -

Jeep Trail starts on 1st. Make sure you look at the map (examine it) at the trailhead before you head up. The Bench Trail comes off the Jeep Trail and follows the creek. Lots of bugs. It goes aways till you hit the ridge and follow the ridge up the Skyline Trail through the slate/scree to the summit, which is marked by a big rock in the Trail.

This hike is moderate. What’s described below is strenuous and should only be undertaken in good weather (ie not when it’s raining).

On the way down you can go down the runners trail, which has two trails after you get off the summit. From the summit, you head through thick scree which is tough to traverse. From there you head through a thicket of wildflower to where the trail splits. TAKE THE RIGHT TRAIL (the scree). The other trail is the “up trail” which is mostly dirt, and can be very muddy when it rains. I made the mistake of taking this trail down bc I didn’t read the sign at the bottom, and spent most of the walk down on my butt.

Still a great hike with great views. I’m scratching my head at how anyone could run this though. Would love to see that.

The elevation picked up fast but it was worth the view from the top of the cliff!

Great views at the top

Really incredible views, so much more impressive than you'd think.

Incredible views above the clouds, did in 2015. Highly recommended. Plenty of camping areas, stayed near cougar...expect a long and punishing hike because of the terrain. It is no joke, but no words can describe the view from the rim.

Only made it to Marmot Meadows but it was a gorgeous view of Exit glacier

Gorgeous as everyone says! Quite steep, not just parts of the climb, but also the drop-offs from both sides of the trail as you approach the summit. Be sure to choose left when the trail splits to go to the summit; right will take you to the valley. Stop at the “cathedral” just past the trail split for a lovely break or picnic. On the way down we refreshed our feet in the creek and walked barefoot the remaining distance. Note: We parked at Wildman’s and entered the trail head at the end of Stetson circle. Also, I am SLOW it took us 6.5 hrs round trip, but I’m sure you could do it in half that or less.

Not the best weather today but still very pretty. Hiked up to the lake and back down. The trail is very straight forward until the split and either way means crossing some snow melt run off which could mean wet feet if not creative enough. Windy but absolutely beautiful views all the way up.

9 days ago

Great hike! One of my favorites in Alaska so far. Beautiful view of Eklutna! The clouds were pretty low, so we couldn't see all the peaks, but still worth it!

on Portage Pass Trail

9 days ago

The mile long hill climb to start this hike is definitely tough but the rest of the trail isn’t too bad. The weather wasn’t great during our hike and we couldn’t see much other than our immediate surroundings which was giving us second thoughts but we pushed on and the view of the glacier at the end was well worth it!

Awesome views of the valley below. The whole hike is a pretty trip through the woods with wildflowers all around. I recommend continuing up past the end of the maintained trail. It is still rather defined with even better views and opportunities to explore.

Very steep hike and can get quite warm on the way up. Once on top, great views for such a short hike. The trails are a big narrow and I had a very bad spill on the way back down but a great hike especially if you are hiking solo, lots of people everywhere

Great trail and incredible views. It was crowded due to the holiday weekend but it didn’t detract from the experience. When the trail splits, the one to the right is an easier climb (less steep) but a bit longer. The glacier is another 0.3-0.5 miles past the cabin. Saw a goat on the far side of the river as we returned. Bring plenty of water, it was very warm the entire time we hiked. Still had snow at the top.

that view at the end is worth it. I made it all the way to the beach. i had the opportunity to pick up a floating piece of iceberg and take pictures atop The hill overseeing the glacier once you get on top of the hill.

It is a strenuous hike. We started off with ranger led hike till Marmot meadows since we weren’t sure of bear encounters. But looks like there was no need to worry; this was a heavily trafficked trail. This part of the trail is well covered though lot of bugs. After this the trail opens up completely up till the summit. The views of the icefield were phenomenal. There were a lot of snow patches that we had to cross and hiking sticks are recommended. We made it in 6 and half hours including time spent at the summit. Start early as it gets really hot when crossing the snow patches!

Hiked a few weeks back thought I might share a video I made about my experience. Hope you enjoy: https://youtu.be/QN-UbQnBEqQ

Be safe out there,
NW Adventures

Beautiful sunny day! Well manicured steep trail! Great views. Stopped at the Meadows.

The day was about 75 degrees F which made it a sweaty hike. Views were great and you could see Mt. Denali at the top. Would not recommend to children or someone looking for a moderate hike. This was definitely strenuous.

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