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4 hours ago

I really enjoy this trail, its wide and well maintained. 6 km is a good distance around the lake. Mostly flat with one hilly area makes it an easy walk.

Some difficult parts in snow, overall really fun hike!

love this hike in the morning. You can see lots of birds flying in and out of the trestle structure. Charming

Beautifully restored trestle bridge. Very easy relatively flat path leading to it. Definitely worth the trip.

30 days ago

It was definitely a good moderate workout as there as some very steep parts. I had read other reviews indicating the muddy area near the falls so I made sure to bring spare gloves which made the experience much more enjoyable.

other than a bit of steep scrambling it is mostly moderate. well marked, if you can't see an orange marker, you veered off course. great views part way and at the top.

1 month ago

Steeper then expected, ropes involved, slippery surface

Nice trail to explore and take the dogs out.

Pretty simple walk with some nice views from the tops, expected the crack to be bigger, still impressive tho.

2 months ago

Great hike ! Parking lot packed. Lots of nice friendly people and lots of dogs. Watch your footing on this one. Beautiful white sand beach to start and majestic ocean scenery and rainforest. Fairly easy hike. Got to love Vancouver Island !

Great trail easy to follow the orange markers. Great climb, it was a misty day so didn’t get to see the views but the hike a beautiful.

Very picturesque and well marked. Hike to the bottom to look up at the trestle

Trail down to the water is closed but many were still going. It is a Rough trail down to the waterfalls with many routes that you need to hold on with. Great trail took about 40 minutes to get down to the falls.

Steeper then anticipated. Surface was very lose. Easier up then down.. But worth every step. Beautiful view from the summit.

3 months ago

Fun and challenging hike. 3hr40min round trip "straight up" route (that included quick water breaks and 20 mins at top for lunch and photos). Enjoyed the different types of terrain and the workout. Amazing views all around. Can be slippery on loose gravel/rocks/ground so be mindful of that as well as all the tree roots.
Lots of fun and would definitely do it again!

nice short walk for me little pain in the arse with people riding bikes or joggers think that u have to move out their way

Challenging hike if you use the "to the top trail" but can be easier if you use a different one. amazing view of Nanaimo. Well with it. It took my husband and I 4 hours round trip including a 30 minutes so and lunch at the top.

Great for walking or long walks parts of it could be more hiking, biking,

Just walked the trail today with my boyfriend, his friend, and my step son. love that its family friendly. :)

Nice easy stroll in the park with a relaxing feel. The lagoon is beautiful and this is a place worthy of repeat visits.

Many very steep sections that require scrambling on all fours. Nice park with a nice view, but I give it three stars for the roughness of the trail, poor marking in a couple of spots, and value of the view (it's a city view, not spectacular in my opinion). I'm 43, in pretty good shape and my knees and hips are hurtin. Possibly worth doing once for bragging rights, but not worth a repeat trip:) Took 1hr32mins to top, and 3hrs10mins round trip w time at the top.

on Coast Trail

3 months ago

Scenic coastal route one way followed by a forest path and road back to the parking lot. Very enjoyable and not too difficult, as long as you're prepared for navigating amongst roots and rocks one way and elevation change the other.

Fresh blackberries along the trail and nice smooth surface for running or walking. It's an easy walk around the lake surrounded by beautiful forest. I loved it, would be a great place to picnic or take the kids too. Lots of parking too, and I went this past Sunday.

Just made it to the top with my kids. Great workout and great view of Nanaimo.

Nice easy trail to the Tressel. Parking can get tricky as there are a lot of people who visit here.

4 months ago

An easy walk/hike once you’re on the pipeline. Gorgeous scenery and very few people. One of my favourites.

4 months ago

Read the reviews! I did this hike back in 2016 with my husband and my brother. It is one of the best day hikes I’ve done in Canada but it wasn’t easy as many of these reviews have also stated. I’d say moderate to difficult. It is also a 10 hike along the coast. We had a gorgeous spring day for this and I have terrific memories of blue skies, sea life and the sound of crashing waves. A very memorable hike! Shout out to the blog ‘HikeBikeTravel’ for this most excellent suggestion.

4 months ago

Great trail - count in 2- 2 1/2hours at least - the part on the coast was not as easy as we thought

It took my girlfriend and I about 4 hours round trip. This includes the time we stopped at the top for photos. They way up is physically tiring, but not exactly difficult. The way down seemingly takes forever, but was much easier in terms of exhaustion.

The view is great, the exercise was great and I’d do it again.

Side note - it may be difficult for older dogs.

5 months ago

Lovely little spot to walk. There is no way this should be labelled as "moderate". Moderate hikes are a bit of a challenge for me. This place is one of the easier trails.

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