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mountain biking
8 hours ago

Fast and mostly flat. Hike up past the bike rack is easy even in bike shoes. Cool view up top.

Beautiful. And is closer to easy than moderate. Plenty of change but plenty flat

It sure why the moderate rating. It’s easy fun and of coarse a must see if you have not done before

Beautiful easy hike underwater thermo features pretty not super crowded when I was there. Avoid times of due north or me wind

Love it we have We have hiked up and bike to the light house. it would be very tuff in the summer as temperatures are 100+ range. Definitely take plenty of water.

Pretty challenging

2 days ago

Quick hike, good for all skill levels and nearly all abilities (though ground is not flat)! View is incredible!

One of the most rewarding hikes I have ever done.

This was a great trail for our family. It is moderate level, but really nothing to difficult until the final ascent to the lighthouse itself. The trail and scenery continuously change, so it does not get repetitive or boring. Definitely bring lots of fluids and snacks for everyone.

Beautiful and easily accessible hike from the Visitors center. We even went a little off the “beaten path” and really enjoyed our time :)

I took this trail for a quick midday hike on my lunch break. Was not disappointed. The frozen waterfall was beautiful and melting a bit. I got to see some nice sized chucks of ice break off during my stop. It was still pretty snow/slush packed so I’m glad I brought my boot chains and poles.

16 days ago

Unbelievable views. Just doesn’t get any better. Came in March and it was 40 degrees out. On the dunes felt about 60. Hikes down the dunes barefoot. This was the most strenuous hike for me yet. Just when you think you’re in relatively good shape..

Just do it. It's beautiful, easy and underwater geysers are just plain cool. Plus---the Colors!

I have done this Mystic Falls loop three different times of the summer. Mid-to-late June is the best b/c the snow melt is awesome; the water is roaring; and there are small waterfalls that are very nice that are gone by mid-July and thereafter. Every time I go back to YNP, this hike is a Must. A repeat.

18 days ago

Easy trail, fast walking able to finish in right under 2 hours. Must go past the end to climb up to structure. Trail is good for dogs, minus climbing at the end. Recommend March/April and late fall for hiking to avoid blazing heat.

20 days ago

I did this in mid-June during a heat wave, so as others have mentioned -- it gets HOT and your feet will burn on the sand if they're not protected. Super fun to watch the boarders and sledders, even if I thought they were INSANE for traipsing up that hill multiple times. Props to them. Slogging through the sand uphill is a definite workout (again, once was plenty enough for me), but being in a huge desert-like sandbox surrounded by lush green mountains is pretty unique and memorable. I also lucked out and got to experience a surge flow. Plopped right down in that cool goodness on my trek back. Felt sooooo amazing.

Short and sweet at any age.

Short and easy, definitely worth the quick stop.

Great view, very easy hike.

So pretty. The frozen waterfall was gorgeous! Wear spikes for sure.

Short but sweet hike, moderate uphill the majority of the way but worth it for the waterfall.

23 days ago

Stunning and a must visit. I did this today. Arrived in the parking lot at 6:30 for a 6:50 sunrise, with plenty of time to spare. The walk to the arch is only 10 minutes. There were about 6 other people there. If going in the winter, bring gloves and warm layers! It was 30 degrees this morning and even with gloves, my fingers were numb by the end of it. This is well worth the visit and braving the cold for beautiful views and photos.

Hiked this on 23 Feb after 6" fresh snow. Crampons were a must. Frozen waterfall even prettier than expected.

So hard. In February the cold wind and sand is pretty rough. The views are amazing!

27 days ago

Did it on 01-30-18 sooooo hard. Every step you take you are going half of a step back. Summit fever got me to the top while everyone else in my party started dropping like flies below. Its so cool to see how many dunes are still over the other side

28 days ago

Catching up on some reviews, so recognize that I did this hike in early September. Went with some friends to hike this on Labor day. Quite possibly the worst day to do so. The parking lot closest to the lake was filled, so we had to park at the ski lodge. We could have taken a shuttle from there to the real trailhead, but the wait was 45min+, so we started our hike from there. Very sunny, hot, and exposed for most of it, so be prepared. Also, there were so many people! This would have been much nicer if the trail wasn't so backed up. Didn't stay long at the lake because of how many others were already there. Other than the heavy traffic, this would have been a nice, short, enjoyable hike.

great views on the way, but a very disappointing ending.

1 month ago

It sucks walking in sand especially uphill but how can you pass up the opportunity!? Beautiful place

Super Easy and beautiful!

1 month ago

The view from the southern end of the loop is expansive and very pretty on a clear day.

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