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loved it. definitely not for kids! too many places where they could fall.

The hike was very clean, there were many trails available. I was pleased that I saw no liter, just graffiti, which is typical. I took my kids (8 and 15) with no troubles. Will go back again!

1 day ago

Great little mid-week out and back hike. The parking situation was a little confusing, we ended up asking if we could park along someone’s fence. They were ok with it so worked out well. We were also warned of mountain lions and bears, but after doing more research seems like sightings are rare. It was a gradual incline to the top, there’s not a clear ‘summit’. So we ended up walking along the ridge which gave us more mileage. But don’t expect a ‘you’ve arrived’ sign. Overall a nice hike, pretty easy and straight forward. Worked out well because we stopped for cider doughnuts and hot apple cider at snow line orchards which is close to the trail head.

There were some steep bits that had some tricky footing, but the view was great. I went pretty far off the trail, but it was well worth it because the view for better the higher I got. I definitely recommend going higher that the trail if you have the time and energy.

Lots a shady people in most random of spots

So beautiful! definitely recommend

Great hike! So fun for Oktoberfest and getting in the Halloween Spirt!

Well kept

It is a 4 when water is in the creek it would be a 5. I would say it is easy to moderate vs just easy. For a first hike for children they definitely need to watch their step.

Very pretty.

8 days ago

Great hike. Gear for beginners and kids.

lots of logs, boulders and streams to jump through. my soon to be 4yr old had a blast!

great spot to take the dogs especially if they love water :)

Very nice after the rain

off road driving
11 days ago

they recently paved the trail and the end is a fire hazard so the gate is closed. they also added signs stating that you are not allowed to go off course so basically you are forced to drive on the pavement. used to be my favorite trail but now it is just a normal road with a speed limit of 25

trail running
12 days ago

I really enjoy this trail. It’s not long at all, but it’s cool and very peaceful. I’ve never seen more than two others on the trail when I’m running it during the week. Definitely recommend!

mountain biking
13 days ago

First time here and had a great time. Similar to Fontana south ridge trails. Gonna return with some friends next week!

nature trips
13 days ago

Beautiful, fun and easy hike. There was no water when we went on Sept 23rd, but was still such a nice hike. A little bit of an incline on the way back out, but my husband and I are always taking our kids (2 months, 3, 5, and 7 years old) out for hikes, lake/river swimming and fishing, 4 wheeling and camping trips so they didn't have to hard of a time. We just let them go their own pace. We lucky when it came to other hikers. The parking was great and we seen maybe 4 other party's hiking. We defiantly want to go again.

Beautiful high mountain terrain, pretty easy going. Looping round via the Woods Lake Rec Area results in having to climb 2 miles back up the 89; not recommended.

it was a very dirty, no one pick after their pets, disappointed

Beautiful Trail, great for early morning runs!

Love this little trail!

A lot of it is on the streets, but it’s serene and has a great view up top.

Besides the noise it’s a fun adventure.

Nice trail and great walk.

Easy walk. You’ll see some horses as you walk.

Came here at least 3 times a week over the summer with my dog. Easy trail but I love it! Once you get to the picnic area, it’s sometimes fun to go down below the bridge and walk through/along the edge of the creek until the end. Makes it slightly harder and gives a different perspective, your shoes will get wet though so come prepared.

24 days ago

Good little hike with a nice pic spot at the top I gave it a 3.5 cuz of the photo op.‍♂️

27 days ago

Camping here was pleasant, but only because we were able to find a spot away from the crowds as there were probably 7 or 8 other groups of people camping here. The lake was swimable and drinkable (with filter), but kind of scummy compared to other Sierra lakes I've visited. If your primary goal is swimming, I would look elsewhere. The hike itself, although short, was enjoyable and offered surprisingly diverse scenery. The trail was easy to follow, but would be a bit more difficult if there was snow. Our hike began with a hail storm at the trailhead haha, but it was clear skies and sunshine after that blew through. Despite the fire ban, one of the groups camping here (a dozen large young men with fishing poles) decided to have a large fire. It was disappointing and frustrating to witness. Please obey the restrictions in place. You don't have to burn things just because you're camping.

29 days ago

Visited Bassi today. Beautiful as always. Not much water but what there was was clear and crisp.

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