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Relatively easy trail. The most difficult part of the trail is the entrance side near the 57 fwy but the difficulty is only for a short while. Most of the hike was easy. There are several creek crossings and beautiful trees for the sun to shine through. Kids could get tired just because of the distance but difficulty level is easy

This trail is a nice and easy hike that's perfect for the family and doggies. There's tons of shade provided by the oaks and alders. Unfortunately, there was some graffiti on parts of the trail, but if you can look past that, you'll still find beauty around you. The elevation gain/loss is barely noticeable since it's only 416 feet. This should make the hike pleasant. The keen hiker will note that there are several species of plants that don't belong in the creek. I found bamboo and Mexican Fan Palms growing near the creek which normally don't grow there. There's also lot's of poison oak growing along the creek bed so great care must be taken when going near the creek. Overall, it was a nice hike and I would do it again.

on Murphy Ranch Trail

nature trips
2 days ago

Perfect hike for family’s, we sometimes drive up and walk for early morning exercise, or ride our bikes as a fun summer activity. Perfect for kids of all ages

A fun little trail with a few stream crossings that's easy to get to and easy to follow. The best part is that a majority of the trail is in the shade, perfect for a summer morning hike! Get there early because parking is quite limited and you need an adventure pass.

10 days ago

My wife and I have done this before and enjoyed it for easy hills, nice shady Oak trees and gentle creek and we found a rope swing over the creek. We will be back but not today it's 112 degrees.

12 days ago

Quick and easy— or add to the loop for more miles.

small trail that goes through campground to waterfall

Was very pleasant. But if you push it you can get a real burn

Took my 7 yr. old. Didn’t make it all the way but it was well worth it. Lots of shade and some creek crossings. A good place for a family hike. Certainly recommend it.

15 days ago

A quick little weekday warm up for the trials that are up and coming for me, if you loop it twice it’s a decent work out!

on Millard Canyon Falls Trail

16 days ago

This is a nice low impact hike. Very kid friendly.

17 days ago

Easy hike if you’re in the area and need to get one of the peaks done on the Hundred Peaks Section list. Easy to follow. Trees obscure the view at the summit but there are near rock formations.

Good trail, unmainteined, a lot of graffitis and some homeless around made it uncomfortable.. easy and simple.

The trail starts in a camp ground, where there is no parking available for hikers. This entire mountain seems unfriendly toward day trip hikers. It might be possible to hike this trail if you park at McKay Park and hump up the hill to the camp ground.

Nice short easy hike but very dirty! Please when hiking this path bring a trash bag to help clean up. People please don’t leave your trash.

Short, beautiful, oak-shaded trail to a waterfall. Rated easy, but I would not wear flip flops or take my grandmother on this hike: uneven terrain, some uphill. But if you're somewhat prepared and in shape, well worth doing.

From the app's directions could not find trail head.

I loved every moment

29 days ago

This was a beautiful trail. It was great for a family hike. My five-year-old son blazed through it with no problem. My three-year-old daughter had a little bit of difficulty, but was still able to do it on her own. It is a little bit on the short side, but if you want to make it a little more challenging, do the trail counterclockwise like it is recommended here. The parking lot isn't very big, but we went on an overcast Sunday morning and there was plenty of places to park. There are several picnic tables by the parking lot, in case you want to pack a picnic lunch to enjoy after your hike.

Easy short trail.

Nice, shady trail. Mostly flat except for the beginning and end. Not easy when I have to carry my toddler back to my car in the direct sun. Will probably return when my daughter gets older and on a cooler day.

30 days ago

If you have no cartilage in your knees, avoid this trailhead and use another, HOWEVER, it's a beautiful trail. Plenty of shade, flowers, plants are still green, and the stream has enough water in to give a couple of little boys a lot of fun for a couple of hours. I'll definitely take this trail again, but I'll start at another trailhead.

I’ve been to numerous of trails and this one was just ok. Definitely not kid friendly. My son kept sliding. If you want to avoid hiking, you may keep driving to top of the hill and go through the gate to go down the stairs instead.

This is good hiking trail.


very colorful!!!!

My wife and I really enjoyed this hike. Plenty of shade and benches.

Short hike..no shortage of grafffitt...actually colorful.

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