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horseback riding
3 days ago

awesome place to ride plenty of shade. well marked trails.

Love the trail. Our kiddos kept up and we did a round trip of 3 hours total. We took our time and enjoyed the hike. We took the longer trail that looped around to the river. Not a lot of people at all on our hike. Temps were cooler so no mosquitoes and didn’t find any ticks on us, hopefully won’t find any later. If you’re worried about ticks however, definitely wear leggings tucked into boot socks or breezy pants tucked into boot socks if you plan on taking the trails during warmer weather, it definitely will help keep the ticks off your legs. We had a stroller for our smallest child and the trails were very stroller friendly.

Amazing trail with plenty to see. Dog friendly

Nice trail. Very dog friendly. Beautiful scenery.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Great place to start riding. I’m 53 and this was my first off road mountain biking experience. It is listed as easy, but it still wore me out. One thing to note was that the southern side of the back trail was tore up pretty bad by some heavy vehicle causing heavy mud , as such it was hardto cross on a bike. I will be back. I’ve lived in this area for 6 years and didn’t even know this trail was here.

1 month ago

it is beautiful out here! Very scenic. The river Boardwalk is still closed, but I can't wait to come back to check it out.

2 months ago

My backcountry super deet bug spray did not deter bugs out here. You can yell this trail hasn’t been looked after in awhile.

My ultimate favorite hike of all time. I’ve taken several friends here and had some unforgettable adventures. I saw armadillos, a Fox, a tortoise, and even baby wild boars!!!! There are snakes, but as long as you don’t bother them, they’re fine. I absolutely love it and would recommend it to anyone of any level! There’s even benches to sit for people who get tired easily. One of the trails comes to a shoreline where you can sit peacefully and watch the water. There are ticks, though, so please wear big spray! I got bitten by one last time I was there because I forgot repellent. There’s lots of cool crabs and seashells. Absolutely breathtaking. Wish I could give it more than five stars. Thanks for some of the best times of my life :)

Potentially a nice hike when there hasn't been a rainstorm after months of above average rain. The bug population was thriving, hungry and laughed at our bug spray. We lasted a half mile in then turned tail and power splashed out. Will be back when it's cooler, drier and the bugs have died back some. December maybe!

Great trails. They range from moderate to difficult and are very peaceful and easy to navigate. The lake and the poles (surfer spot) are gorgeous. One of the premier parks in NE Florida.

One of the best trails I’ve found and I hike around Sanford also.

Nope that’s all I can really say overgrown and black widows everywhere not safe at all wouldn’t recommend it

mountain biking
3 months ago

Very heavily trafficked on weekend. Not a bad trail though, good scenery.

loved the "little mountain" with the kids. fun for the entire family, even our furbaby. Beautiful riverview as well.

This is a great trail. Most of it is soil with only a little bit of boardwalk which I like. When you get to the marsh on the return trip be ready for some elevation. It’s an uphill climb! Good stuff.

Enjoyed the length of the trail with the different rewarding views. Bug spray is a must and you will need to check for ticks.

3 months ago

I think it would have been a really nice run but the boardwalk was broken (looked like storm damage), and as far as I could see there wasn't a sign warning you. I'd go back if the board walk were to be fixed, but as of now I would not recommend.

Very well defined paths with lots of shape. Be careful, lots of tree roots. I’ll be back.

Ticks, both on humans and dog afterwards, hard to follow and unkept “trail”. We were very disappointed and will not be back.

3 months ago

A Florida beach with driftwood. How could you go wrong?

Summer weekday morning hike. MUST have a quality bug spray for this hike. Beautiful woods and very quiet. Bring plenty of water and food. There are no services available here. Followed the trail to the Tolomato River. It is salt water fed from the ocean so there isn’t much small animal activity. However, there is a lot of marsh land and we came across an alligator on the path. Quite a thrill!!! In summer, the morning can be best as afternoon rain patterns persist.

Absolutely my favorite trail in Jax to date. Love the elevation as it gets your heart pumping.

Very relaxing hike, with varied distances based on your abilities. Elevation in some areas gets the heart pumping. Lots of wildlife to see, especially early in the morning, or evening hours when its cooler. Watch for snakes.

This was a great hike. Wife and I took our 4 boys(10,7,4,1). It is covered most of the way. Remember your bug spray, watch for the crabs on the marsh side of the loop. We took the trail to the tower to get a great view, it's worth the extra few steps but a lot of people bypass it.

Totally recommend!!

Probably would be a nice trail but is really overgrown , banana spiders all around , ticks all around. Between ducking under banana spider webs and watching for ticks I wouldn’t suggest this trail, Unless you’re looking for an overgrown trail. Turned back after a mile.

Nice wide flat trail. Make sure you put on bug spray in the summer momths

very beautiful , we had a blast With our dogs, some parts of the trail were muddy from the rain, and we got a few ticks on each of us. But i will be back!

Starts off fairly easy but will pick up once you are in a good ways. Def liked the fact that it was challenging. As well as brings you to many different types of terrain. I’d recommend bug repellent. Other than that it’s a wonderful trail.

on Hanna Park South Trail

mountain biking
5 months ago

Amazingly Beautiful Trails!
I can’t help but be impressed with these trails.
I was very pleased with the condition, variety and simple beauty of the various trails. The trails themselves are very well maintained and there are a variety of skill levels to be had. From a few flat straightaways to many hairpin turns, to the unlimited rises & falls, all while constantly needing to dodge the unlimited obstacles placed in your way. Needless to say, I found the “More Difficult E-Line Loop” more than enough of a challenge for a guy my age.
In addition to the good condition I found the trails to be in, I was blown away by the scenic images I was exposed to. From the beautiful lakes, rivers, trees and friendly woodland creatures- to the not-so-friendly alligators I saw “sunning” themselves atop logs in the water.
I really didn’t expect to be that close to them.
In fact, at one point of the trail, if you fall off your bike to the left side, you will end up in an extremely thick swamp where an alligator is waiting just under the waters’ surface to snack on you or anyone else that may fall into this guys’ territorial waters. YIKES! I’m not kidding folks.
***I would seriously recommend everyone take a buddy with them for company & protection while riding here.
I found the above, as well as the many other amazing experiences I have had here, reason to RAISE my score of this Parks’ Trails rather than lower it. I feel that I (and I think most other Mt. Bikers), choose to ride my bike in the woods for just this reason. If i wanted to ride my bike on a flat concrete surface and see nothing i would be riding in the streets right?
But if you ARE looking for an amazing experience every time you ride your Mt. Bike- this is definitely a great place to ride!

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