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Not much to see, but an enjoyable hike if you're looking to get some exercise.

I love this trail I hate this trail. It’s a 5 Star during this winter months and a 3 Star during the summer. It’s a wide flat trail until it meets up with the upper half. It’s partly shaded and with pretty Mountain View’s not at all challenging during spring, summer, and fall conditions. Now in the winter months when southern Nevada gets good snowfall this trail is a 5 Star the character of this trail becomes amazing. It’s wide trail is easy to follow and you can walk a snow path in a safely without fear of getting lost. I highly recommend this trail in the winter and the whole loop any time of year.

Easy. Not much to see

It was beautiful!

Great trail to bring visitors. Not too hard. Great scenery.

Amazing trail! The first half is all gravel and very level. The second half is less level, but nothing too crazy. The canyon is great. The end of trail ends with very steep rock face. I was told it goes on for a good while, but it's a lot of scrambling and was just too steep for me and my dog. I definitely will be going back to try and go further up.

A nice afternoon hike. Not too much of an elevation change. Great if you are a bit out of shape. It’s fun taking the tour of the old ranch house too!!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail, kid and dog friendly. great for all ages, younger children may need a little help in areas. You do cross a stream in the middle and there is also a halfway mark if You only want to do a 1mile instead of 2miles. The old houses, barns and cows are fun to look at towards the end of the trail.

This isn't a hike - it is a walk through a river bed with glass, old metal and tons of horse/burro/goat poo. Good photo opportunities in the 'slots', don't waste your time going any further. NOT good for dogs, lots of old rusty metal pieces in the rocks.

Nice out and back trail.

Canyons were fun, great views would def go again. The dogs enjoyed it double check their paws after maybe even use a wax before hand happy hiking!

3 months ago

Did this trail with my wife and dog took about 3hrs to complete stopping often for pictures. This is a beautiful hike and fantastic way to get out of the city!

Was very pretty hiking was moderate for me, going on a fall day is recommended

4 months ago

Great little hike up the canyon. I would suggest a good pair of sturdy shoes because the trail is mostly loose rock.

No water or flowers (early November) and easy to confuse the trails, but well worth the cost to enter ($9 for non-residents, $7 for Nevadans). Very pretty scenery and fairly easy, though I would say easy-moderate due to some moderate incline/decline spots

Nice easy relaxing hike. Great springtime flower hike.

4 months ago

It was a little hard to find the start of the trail. The map got us to a gated off area. I ended up parking at the Cathedral Rock trailhead and taking trails that ran parallel to the road to get over to the Little Falls trail. From there it was straight forward. I went with my 5 yr old and he had a good time. The waterfall was active (late Oct) and you have to kind of walk around the little stream. It was fun.

This is a beautiful little out and back hike. As you get deeper into the canyons, the scenery changes and there is more greenery to be enjoyed. The slots at the end of the trail are awesome and the dogs love it when there is water trickling down. They’re always a little disappointed when it’s all dried up though so we make sure to go when water will be present.

LOVE this hike! The trial changes all the way up to the end from desert to beautiful woods and trees and then all of a sudden you’re surrounded by beautiful steep cliffs inside the Canyon. Will definitely do this hike again and again.

5 months ago

This path was beautiful! There was a lot of traffic with children and families- it is so nice to see so many wonderful people getting healthy. I didn’t make it to the end but I will try again soon! I had a wonderful time with my niece, her dog and my dog- we will definitely be back!

Not a beginners trail, some rocks are pretty slippery but overall a good hike!!

It was a nice little hike. My almost 3 year old walked it herself only taking 3 snack breaks (her legs are small). The scenery was beautiful and that’s what made it worth it. The lake was dried up, and the river was gone except for a small trickle of water. There are old little houses you can take a tour of that you have to pass to get to the trailhead. I’m glad we went, but I don’t see us going back.

Fall colors are coming in. What a great day to be out.

Great for Fall color! Well as great as it gets near Vegas I should say.

Good views. Tough climb the whole time.

5 months ago

great hike for a beginner family, not steep or long enough for an expérienced hiker, but great for what it is. we walked from the restaurant to lower parking and followed the trail to the falls. 3yr old loved it. would recommend for a light afternoon walk to chillax from a long hard day at woke

Great trail with a lovely waterfall at the top!

A slice of heaven! Different vistas at every turn. Today we saw the aspens were yellow and orange, amazing! 7 miles from lower Bristol cone to upper plus the extra walk to get back to lower Bristol cone. 42 degrees at 7:30 am.

6 months ago

The trail is rated as easy, but when there is snow on the ground it can be difficult to follow where the trail goes. It's a gorgeous hike, and probably not as popular or well known as it should be. This one is one of my favorites, especially at the end where you are in a beautiful small valley.

Great hike. All up hill to the little springs. It's pretty steep and a good leg workout. low traffic, we'll defined trail.

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