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2 days ago

This could be a beautiful trail if it wasn’t for dog owners that think it is ok not to pick up there crap. It is our responsibility as dog owners to clean up and preserve these trails that we are privileged to use. Come on people do the right thing; bring poop bags & pack them out!

I really enjoyed this hike - one of my favorites of Laguna! This hike is constant uphill for about the first mile (without a doubt, pretty challenging, but highly rewarding), opening up the ocean view on one side, and, on the other, the beautiful view of snowcapped mountains. Only in California can you get this beautiful juxtaposition! After that, this trail is pretty flat and easily doable through the beautiful rolling hills.

We started this hike clockwise at the trailhead as described by the coordinates of this app and finished the hike in about 1 hr and 40 minutes. Please note that the parking lot does close at 5pm.

Personally would not recommend this trail in hotter weather since there is no shade.

All trails are closed to the public due to “unsafe conditions” ): We will be back to try this trail soon!

4 days ago

Great trail — easy access, well beaten path, and excellent views.

Good workout...great hills. Best to wait a bit after it rains...very sticky

Done and fun! Great socal hike. Desert mountains overlooking the ocean. Good climb too.

17 days ago

Free residential parking near the beginning of the trail. You hike over a small creek and up wooden stairs until you reach the end which is an intersection with three other trails.

Nice walk with great overviews.

Nice trail with beautiful sweeping views of the pacific!

Nice hike. If you’re going up Mentally Sensitive- be very aware of mountain bikers. There are blind turns that are very steep. There aren’t a lot of places to move aside so just be cautious :)

Absolutely love this trail! Kicks my butt but amazing workout and short!

so great for a sun rise and dog

Nice Christmas morning hike. Rangers said no dogs allowed but several large piles toward the top so watch out for those. (Hikers with dogs who don't pick up after their pets are just jerks)
Other than that, very well-maintained and well-marked trails. Beautiful scenery at the top
Rangers are friendly and helpful. All in all a very nice hike.

Nice walk, though the scenery is a tad monotonous. At the trail junctions, there are helpful little signs to help you get oriented.

by far the steepest and narrowest trail in crystal cove. great hike

Well travelled. Took Moro ridge up and back. Good starting climb and restrooms at about two and a half miles. Great view coming back!

The scenery is okay, but when you get to the top the views are beautiful. The hike is fairly easy. Well marked and clean trails. You can end the day at the beach with the same day pass.

Nice campsites, clean toilet, great view. A little damp in the morning from coastal dew

Got a little lost and went up through the canyons but overall not too bad. Lots of steep parts. There’s an ocean view only in the beginning or end of the trail depending which end you start at. The rest of the trail is just dried shrubbery.

Expect to pay $15 day parking on the weekend. M-F parking is only $5!

Overall good workout and great weather!

Great views. Not crowded and dog friendly.

A nice morning walk. Some runners on the trial and some bikes, but not too many bikes. Great views and ocean breeze.

Great 2ish hour hike! Incline is a bit steep otw up but the views are definitely pretty! No shade so wear a hat!

Fun - once you get past the first 3km, which is entirely up hill and at times, steep, it is a fun run with great views and a combination of steady flats along the ridge with fun down hill stretches and it all seems endless.

2 months ago

Only made it up the hill, had to turn around. Far too many dog feces on the trail. Disgusting.

Lots of long fire roads and single tracks. Plenty of choices and nice views also right in the middle of town.

Great ride on Sunday afternoon when hikers are done.

3 months ago

Short and sweet but it's a steep incline! I like that it also leads you to the Toovet Trail so you can make it a longer hike that is equally as rewarding.

Great view.

beautiful views but hella steep. good leg work out

Nice trails, beautiful views.

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