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27 days ago

Peaceful and beautiful...nice wide trails clearly marked.

We walked counter-clockwise from the visitors center and saw the falls first, then hog rock, and then we turned south on the yellow trail before reaching thurmont. We had a 2 and 3 yr old with us and were taking our time. We recorded 5.7 mi on the yellow loop. It was a very nice hike with beautiful views and fall colors.

Overall a moderately challenging hike made a bit more exciting by some soggy, slippery conditions after a few days of rain in late October. I parked at the campground at the bottom of Quarry Gap Road and walked about 1/2-3/4 mile up to the trailhead; although, parking where the road dead ends is an option too. I completed the loop counterclockwise, but don’t see any which direction being more beneficial that the other. The loop took about 2.5 - 3 hours as I went pretty slow in some places (lots of slippery rocks) and I stopped to take a lot of pictures because this place is GORGEOUS! I’ll definitely be back. What a gem!

had a fun day with some brisk walking around 10+miles (we did a little extra walking here and there) in around five hours!

1 month ago

Trail offers a variety of scenery and the elevation gains keep it interesting.The area is open to hunting, so be sure to wear bright colors. Towards the beginning and end of the way out is best- did not really enjoy the middle portion that includes walking along a gravel road. On the way out, I thought it was more moderate than hard. However, I think the rocky terrain wears on you and I began to get tired coming back. Hiked on a Friday and did not see another person until almost back to the parking lot. A good little workout.

Scenic trail for easy bike riding through agricultural lands with nice views of mountains to the north. Good comfort stations and parking at trailheads in Shippensburg and Newville. Low traffic at road crossings allows for brisk riding speeds and little braking.

The hike in this trail was amazing. We started with a warm up through the Park Headquarter / Orange Trail, then climbed up to the Wolf Rock, Thurmont Vista and Chimney Rock, the view from Thurmont Vista and Chimney Rock is breathtaking.

Wonderful hike even on a foggy day, you miss some of the views but it’s an enchanting feel.

Enjoying yes this trail since all Billy Goat trails were closed due to flooding.

Nice walk through the woods.Rain the week before made it very muddy but with boots on not a problem. Nice mix of easier walking and then near the top,a little more work. Beautiful view from the top.From the Sherwood drive parking spot was about 5 miles up and back.Will do it again.

I'm docking a star only because one cannot truly summit this mountain since Camp David sits atop the peak. The trails for the most part are easy to follow. I tend to go counter-clockwise so I can save Cunningham Falls as a treat at the end. The large switchback on the White Trail is a bit tricky. Keep an eye out for the trail markers otherwise you will go a bit on a false trail that will disappear after about 1,000ft. Views from the overlooks are great. If you have the time, take the side trail, which is basically a pure scramble, to Wolf Rock for a proper view of it.

Great bit of trail. Difficult sections are followed by easy trail. Oakland Run is an awesome creek with plenty of mini waterfalls. The trail becomes pointless after you reach game lands; it basically becomes a grassy access road.


2 months ago

This is a great trail for those looking for a little adventure and who don't mind searching for the trail a few times. It is not for the faint of heart or those new to hiking as it is has stretches that are poorly marked. If you have any common sense and experience with tracking or hiking then staying on the trail should be no big deal. It may not have a massive grandiose view but the hike in early fall is beautiful and colorful. There is no shortage of picturesque ferns, mountain laurel, mushrooms, and mosses. It has a steep beginning but once that's completed the rest is quite easy. It was in the process of drying out when we went so some steps were not sure and plenty of rocks gave way underfoot. In total, the trail is very much worth it if you don't mind adventure, brush clearing, web dodging, and vast rocky stretches. We will most certainly be back! Also, this is a great trail for an active dog, lots of trees to jump over and rocks to jump on and to.

I’ll have to go again where I can do entire trail. I had my geriatric pup so had to take it easy but it’s Pete t for her because nice and flat :)

3 months ago

Nice park, safe, nothing exciting just read maps prior to hiking.

Mason Dixon trail is all over the place and that’s what I love about it. You go up and down and all over. Great views and good challenge. Beautiful waterfalls and just a fun trail.

3 months ago

It was an awesome hike will definitely be back again well worth doing the whole thing

Awesome hike!

This hike was a lot of fun and had its challenges! The Catoctin Mountain Extension trail is actually a combination of trails that loop around a majority of park. If you want more of a challenge, definitely go counterclockwise (starting with Chimney Rock). If you have any questions, the park employees are very friendly! Only gave it 4 stars because of the views aren’t to die for, but still very beautiful overall.

Really nice trail, well maintained, however some graffiti on rocks along the way. Not very difficult, but some areas are rocky.

4 months ago

We hiked counterclockwise in a loop and parked by a water/electric (?) building at the end of Quarry Gap Road. Locust Gap to Hosack Run to AT back on Locust Gap. Wear hiking shoes and it had wet spots and creeks to cross. The AT shelter, Quarry Gap, was adorable, and we enjoyed relaxing there. You’ll see a lot: creeks, rock formations, AT shelter, tunnels from the rhododendrons, and steps along the AT. Will do it again!

Not for the weak! Plenty of camping areas along the way. 3 of us backpacks up there taking our time and hammock camped. Source of water was endless if you have a filtration system.

Fun day hike, 11 year old daughter also enjoys it. The ascent at the second half can be challenging, and the overlook is a nice reward.

Nice well marked and maintained trail. View not as nice as Flat Rock trail but still worth it.

Not a big fan of this one. This felt like a long walk in the woods. The woods are beautiful, but there is no “real” overlook. I did not get the sense of a “summit”. Lastly, Cunningham Falls was a little disappointing. I expected more. Plus, the fact that the falls is not technically part of the hike(it has its own parking lot) took away some of the experience to me.

Fantastic trail! Well marked and challenging but worth the views.

mountain biking
5 months ago

We loved this trail! Lots of scenic views and the trail is shaded along most of the route. Fun, easy ride!

It was good not that great. but you will have couple of good views up there. for me its good experience because i climbed rock which is little bit challenging.

5 months ago

Liked this trail a lot! Pretty challenging terrain with multiple hills, but also some good spots for running. Mostly shaded, and stretches along running water with pretty rhododendrons. Last bit was just an uphill grass walk for about a half of a mile, which wasn’t my favorite. But other than that good hike!

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