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Easy to Moderate Foothills

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3 days ago

Decent hike. Downed trees have been cleared (workers on the trail when we went 10/18). Trail isn’t blazed but pretty established and easy to follow except for a few spots. Round trip was about 4:45, stopping to look around here and there. Would do again.

nice trail with a simple incline as you make the turn west towards the big A. Has a decent view on fort Collins and you can also get a good one of the reservoir. Plenty of chances to see prairie dogs along the way and I also saw a snake.

mountain biking
9 days ago

Fun & relatively easy trail! Also, don't miss Eden Valley Spur trail.

Great trail!! The dogs loved it, and me and my friend loved it. It was not far outside of Loveland. And like others have said, it is pretty rocky the farther you go. Like big red rock slabs! This is a super dusty walk though..just FYI. I really enjoyed myself though.. it was a nice incline and not too crazy. Everyone was respectful and nice.

great trail to run one of my favorites.

18 days ago

mountain biking
20 days ago

Great biking trail. It's good for learning technical with plenty of spots to just cruise.

on Smith Creek Trail

22 days ago

I posted below several months ago. This trail needs maintenance! We hiked a 1.5-mile portion from the Unicoi trail head yesterday 30 September. There are 3 tree down places blocking the trail. This has been the situation since early June. I’ll try posting the pictures. Love this trail when it is clear, but this long leaving debris across the trail is crazy.

One of my favorites when I feel like going on more than a walk but don't have time for a long hike.

trail running
1 month ago

Nice quick run. Flat to rolling terrain, mostly open with no trees until you get to the back half. I saw one deer creeping through the trees mid-way through. The trail was well marked.

1 month ago

Cute little trail that's nice in the mornings and evenings (to avoid the sun). No shade, but very nice views and wildlife. A little bit rocky but most of the trail is well maintained and good for beginners or kiddos.

I have hiked this 3 or 4 times now. A nice stretch of the legs, this out and back trail has some beautiful views. Go early, especially in warmer months, and avoid the crowds. Large parking lot accommodates large horse trailers for those lucky folks who have a horse lifestyle. Dogs on leash.

1 month ago

Nice enough for a day hike but don’t expect a lot of room on the trail. We hiked about half of it from Anna Ruby Falls. My wife and I took our 7 yr old and 4 month old pup. A little difficult for our inexperienced dog at times but good training. You’ll work up a little sweat but that’s to be expected when you’re hiking in the woods. I wouldn’t recommend running the trail due to the width and ample rocks and roots you’ll cross. The best part was getting away from the crowds.

Good trail for all ages— 7 to 78 yr. We had lunch at the arch and rested on benches along the way. Very interesting rock formations and history was highlighted on story boards.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Fun. Fast. Flowy

Nice surface to walk - a challenging slope at times. was thankful for the shade of the ridge on the last stretch up. the only wildlife I saw were the prairie dogs in the first part of the trail.

Nice trail. Love it!

Fun hike! Good trails and some beautiful scenery up close and far away. Enjoyed the trail!

Pretty steep near the end, fun trail though. Definitely be ready for some cardio

2 months ago

really lovely trail, not very challenging but nice views!

mountain biking
2 months ago

August 18, mountain bikes the trail with my 13 year old. We loved the trail, absolutely beautiful and fun. We are from Michigan so this was definitely different than what we are use too. It was a blast and I would recommend it to anyone.

Disappointing- I was excited to see a trail within walking distance from my house but I don;t think I will be going back. No great views, crowded and TONS of aggressive/rude bikers and runners! Wish more people had trail etiquette but that seems to be disappearing with the more people that crowd our local trails. I don't think I would even consider this a hiking trail. If you want a decent hike check out any other trails in the area and you will probably have a better adventure.

Nice trail close to town with rocks and nature. Very enjoyable.

Nice workout and great front range views.

2 months ago

Low intensity hike. The scenery is beautiful, but there is no shade so bring lots of water and sun screen! I saw two rattle snakes while hiking. Also they’re plenty of mountain bikers, so be cautious.

Beautiful trail. Pretty easy but the farther you go in the more rocky it gets. Went to the end of the laughing horse loop & turned around due to ominous looking weather. I gotta go back and go farther next time.

Great riding! Challenging climbs but fun and fast downhill

Great hiking close to town. Beautiful views and some challenging spots that make it enjoyable.

Love but be cautious of rattle snakes !

2 months ago

Fun little trail with beautiful views at the top of the ridge and the while way up. Snakes are plentiful but I’ve only spoken to people who have seen them- I have yet to see one. We saw mule deer mom and fawns. Many wildflowers. Beautiful rises and ridges. Great hike with kiddos or older folks too.

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