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Beautiful day yesterday. Creek was nice and flowy and we crossed back and forth over it many many times. It was so refreshing! Creek provides a nice source for tree growth in an otherwise arid landscape. Saw several people panning for gold along the way and campers too. Took us 6hrs to do about 13mi. One big drawback would be the $63 parking ticket to everyone not parked in the tiny parking lot provided ☹️

1 day ago

Make sure you go LEFT at the forkbat 1.25 miles in. you can either go left and go DOWN or go right and go UP. To the right looks more offcial because its the Sullivan Fire Road but it will not take you to Murphy Ranch. It will actually take you to a boy scount camp (dead-end) and mountain biking trails, NOT Murphy Ranch. I will be going back to try this again :-)

Great views in all directions! The trails are steep and narrow at times, but very well kept. Echo mountain is a cool historic site, but I chose to walk back to the junction about 50 yards and continue on to Inspiration point which added about an
hour, but certainly worth it. Prepare for little shade along the entire trail.
Parking is free from 6am-8pm on the street adjacent to the trailhead

The views from this trail are amazing! Like others have mentioned, the trail itself is quite narrow. When you pass other hikers, you have to stand to the side because of this, but it’s general hiking etiquette anyways. I passed almost 20 other people on the trail on a Friday morning, so I can imagine weekends get crowded. There were quite a few benches on the way up, and lots of picnic tables at the top of Echo Mountain.
Parking was manageable even though I came later on a Friday morning. There are no restrooms at the trailhead, so take care of that before you arrive. I’m a medium paced hiker and it took me about 2 hours to complete (including taking pictures and taking a short rest at the top). I’ll definitely be back with friends!

6 days ago

One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever been on! Of course I love graffiti and abandoned places full of mystery so... with a nice mix of beautiful nature that’s not too overcrowded when you go off the main paths! Can’t wait to come back

This is a good beginners hike has a few challenges but nothing major. a few streams and rocky roads. Take extra socks, light snacks and about 2 Lts. of water. I did a very early hike from 6am to 1pm I was back. not many uphill situations. happy hike!

8 days ago

Super easy walking trail and open space for kids to explore

8 days ago

This was a great hike! Nice view and a great workout.

Great family hike,lots of trails. The scenery is beautiful, weather was 79 degrees. The kids enjoyed climbing the rocks., easy hiking unless you’re climbing to the top of the rocks. Enjoyed the drive there.

11 days ago

I accidentally went off down a different path but eventually got to the shipwreck area. When the paved road starts to curve left at the top of the hill there’s a path I followed that had a rope to help you get down to the beach. This was an added bonus of adventure and had great views! At the beach there is only one way to follow. It takes you left and you get to do some climbing if you want. The views are amazing and yes there are rocks to walk on, but it’s not that bad. I almost didn’t do this hike because of all the reviews about the rocks being terrible but there’s enough of a path where everyone has walked that it’s just fine. I actually ran most of the way back from the shipwreck just for a bonus workout and navigating the rocks was completely manageable. Definitely worth the view!!!

13 days ago

Easy hike with lots of paths. Very hard to get lost, longest hike will take around 2.5 hours. Great for kids and families. Nice place with great views of the rock formations.

Great hike but can be pretty crowded

15 days ago

Made the trip fairly fast this time around. Take two pairs of socks, one for up and one pair for coming down. Dry out your feet and shoes at the bridge, have a snack or lunch and make your way back. Too much time is spent drying your feet out after each stream. Just march on get there. Used only 1.5 liters but took a MSR water filter just in case someone including myself needed more. Less is more. Don’t overthink this hike. Light and fast is the way to go. + (pluses) trail running shoes, wool or synthetic socks (2 pair), dry fit material shirts & shorts, light pack and carbon trekking poles (you blaze through the streams). - (minuses) heavy gear, too much water, wrong footwear, cotton shirts & shorts small dogs with short legs that can’t make it - you will end up carrying them like many that we saw.

15 days ago

I did this hike in early April and the weather was absolutely perfect. Started at 8:15am, ended around 12:45pm going at a moderate pace (average mile was 26 min). Started getting a bit warm by then so start early. Prepare for 7+ miles with the first mile climbing steadily. Descending and coming out of the punch bowl is a tough climb but definitely a good kind of burn. At least two liters of water is recommended and trekking poles.

This is a 4.75 mile hike, not a 3.45 mile hike. When getting there you need to park up the street DO NOT continue down the narrow road to to left. The map on this hike is different. We followed to road until we saw spray paint on the road that said “Murphy’s Ranch” pointing to the left. Followed that half a mile to a “Y” in the road, we went to the right, which loops around to the left path we didn’t take. Great hike! Will be back now that we know where to go!

Very nice !!! Excellent views
Too busy in the weekends

Loved this hike! The trail itself was moderate it’s the distance that was a bit challenging with the heat. I went thought 3L of water. I had no problem following the trail using alltrails. The is no cell service but I find if I call up the map before the hike it tracks me with GPS very well, easy to see if I’m no track or not.

I took water shoes but there were so many crossing on the way back we just gave up and crossed with our boots. If that’s what you choose to do I would take an extra pair of socks to change into for the trip down.

Breathtaking views!!!!!!!

Good for an adventure :) lots of small paths leading in lots of different directions but very difficult to get lost.

The hike was a lot of fun. There is a route sign at the trailhead which is about half a mile away from the parking lot. This sign is a little misleading. It says it is a 4 1/2 mile hike to the bridge. I have to assume that rockslides and flooding have rerouted the trail several times, because it was a 5 1/2 mile hike. Well actually, because the trail is not well marked in a few places, we missed it and ended up intruding into a group of sketchy looking guys that were panning for gold. (Yes, that is apparently a thing in 21st century Southern California.) so, having to backtrack caused our hike in to be approximately 6 1/2 miles and the hike out was 5 1/2. From the elevated trail that takes you to the bridge, we could see a lot of people had missed the trail and had to backtrack as well. There is no cell service From about halfway up the mountain all the way through the trip,, so I recommended taking a printed map.

We went this last Friday, March 30. The weather was about 80 and sunny. It was perfect conditions for the hike. The first 3/4 of the hike in is rather shady. This is where all the water crossings are. If it had been any cooler, it might have been to chilly to hike wet. The last 1/4 of the hike in is completely exposed. No shade at all. So any warmer and this portion would have been rough.

I took water shoes, but the crossings were so frequent, I gave up on those after crossing 2. It was easier to just cross in my hiking shoes and hike with wet feet. A friend was wearing Teva’s and she was pretty comfortable the whole hike.

Everyone says bring lots of water. I went through s whole 2L camelbak. My daughter drank 2 camelbaks. But rather than carry extra water with you, I suggest investing in a steripen and a nalgene. There is so much water on, and next to, the trail, if you have a steripen, you could easily refill your camelbak. I should have taken mine.

We also took 2 dogs. This hike was a bit too much for them. A lot of jagged rocks and rock scrambling was tough on paws. My lab blistered both of her back pads and is still limping 2 days later. I wouldn’t take a dog again unless you are CERTAIN your pooch can handle the rough terrain in areas. The other dog was good but he’s still pretty exhausted.

All in all it was a fun hike! I really recommend it. The bridge was pretty cool to see!

This trailhead was pretty easy to find. The path was straightforward, there wasn’t anywhere to get confused...all options had signage. It was a beautiful day and didn’t seem too crowded...at first. The number of people grew as the day progressed. There were a lot of runners to move over for and dogs on leashes...all nice things for a more social type of walk. If you are looking for solitude this might not be THAT hike, but if you need to practice for THAT hike, this one’s perfect. The hike had a gradual but steady incline...it wasn’t horrible. I enjoyed my day outside and the views over Los Angeles.

22 days ago

Great easy hike with 3 1/2 year old grandson, loved the Batman caves. Playground at parking lot entrance which was nice.

23 days ago

Amazing views. beautiful hike. My new spot

Beautiful place to explore with family.

Pretty nice hike with little human traffic - especially if you go in the early morning. There are multiple parking lots within the hiking area but they open at 8AM. If you decide to go a little earlier, you can park on the side of the road and just shimmy your way through the gates.

Once you get to the rocks, you can choose to climb it peer down and get major vertigo (i did - but it was worth it!). Aside from the main attraction (the rock), there are other trails you can take and go on your own little adventure - just don't get lost.

Overall, a pretty nice hike that's not too difficult at all! I recommend wearing a power rangers or star trek cosplay on cause this is where they actually shot some of the scenes for those shows. I was expecting to see Zordon but realized he died in the first movie. :(

Went this morning while it was cool weather and brought my dog. It's very pretty, the small streams were at a decent level and hardly any people there around 9am. We only did a mile and a half since my dog decided he's had enough of the streams (he's not very tall and a couple I had to carry him over). Only bad drawback was all the graffiti. Way too much. I'll go back when I have another human to go with and I'll leave my dog at home.

One of the best hikes I’ve been on. Took my 6 and 10yr olds with me. They want to go again.

Awesome Amazing Hike! Beautiful views ! I recommend Hiking shoes!
I will def be going back!

Such a beautiful place to explore! Fun on trail and off!

Had a great time taking my family to the bridge. crossed over the water 8 times. It got kind of deep in some spots but once you get threw it once it’s very easy and rather enjoyable.
Only thing I would do different is bring sandals and a change of shorts for after the hike because my lower half was soaked.

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