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Beautiful day and scenery!!! The hike up is an incline, just be prepared and have water!!! :)

Cold, damp, quiet, and long but would do it over again! The cave and stalagmites are breathtaking!!

Beautiful scenery and just a really nicely maintained trail that almost anyone could walk.

Once we got to the top, the views of the surrounding valleys were amazing!

A fun trail that is well maintained and easy enough for anyone to use. The views along the way are great and very picturesque!

Not a hike but more of a stroll around a manicured park. Fantastic views.

DANGER! ZERO TRAIL MAINTENANCE on Mountain Beautiful Trail!
At this time 08/17/18 we strongly suggest you avoid Mountain Beautiful Trail, this hazard filled trail presented us with grown over trails with waist high ground cover, (much of it "leaves of three") making each of our steps hazardous and onto unseen thus unknown ground. There were multiple downed trees and choking vines forcing bent over tight squeezes or clambers over downed trees, staying ever aware of the potential for snakes below the downed trees.
We can confidently state that the Mountain Beautiful Trail was the WORST maintained National Parks trail we have EVER experienced.
By the time we finished our legs were red and itching, we were covered in spiders webs and brushing off spiders (freaking Maxine out) and we were just so pissed off at the trails condition that we seriously contemplated walking up the busy Scenic Highway to return to our car parked at Cravens House.
Luckily the Hardy Trail paralleled the road, this unimpressive trail follows the Hydro Pylons, but we were some thankful that it was wide and clear.
I have written a letter to the Park Superintendent, I trust he/she would want to take immediate action, but who knows???
Just be warned!

Boring and short. Views of the city.

Easy trail with lots to see where the cave dwellings are. The climb to Alcove House is really worth it if you are in decent shape... and if you don’t mind heights. It can be pretty freaky climbing down those ladders. The ladders are solid, but there’s no room for error.

the toilet was nice to see after a long walk, protien bars and water

it was a nice walk bit wished I had a bike

It’s a beautiful overlook. Steeper than you think but short. There’s street parking at the trailhead.


3 days ago

Short, rugged, and very scenic trail that climbs alongside a wet-weather waterfall and skirts (sometimes almost perilously so) the tops of some tall cliffs. A great short hike to tackle after work or school.

This is super short and easy. It’s at the bottom of the Delicate Arch trail.

Easy, accessible, cool fossilized burrows.

Nice paved trail, very accessible, easy. The visitor center is also very nice.

on Tsankawi Ruins Trail

6 days ago

Awesome trail

If you are going to be in Bandelier, you have to do this trail. The ladders are very secure but be warned, while going up is tiring going down is just as exhaustive!

Loved this trail! Added Bromide Hill to the walk and was rewarded with a fabulous view. We even saw the bison. I really enjoyed the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. We will be back to hike some of the trails we haven't gotten to yet. And not too bad a drive from OKC.

A quiet, easy trail with some nice scenery.

7 days ago

Beautiful scenery, good workout with some elevation changes. Very rocky, be sure to wear shoes with good tread, especially if it has recently rained. My favorite trail at Petit Jean so far. Went on a Friday afternoon in August (very humid, obviously, but not too crazy hot as it is very shaded), didn’t see any other people at all.

8 days ago

Really neat piece of history.

I entered the caves from Natural Entrance. It's very large inside the caves. Beautiful and amazing! the humidity is very high inside and I'm not very adapt it.

You can walk along the rim to see the walnut canyon, while the scene is not very featured.

8 days ago

It's so interesting! Many rooms under the rocks. It's funny to live here.

on Bench Trail

9 days ago

Easy hike under the tree canopy. Saw a deer on the trail as well as squirrels, plenty of birds, lizards, and only one snake (which was fine with me)

A bit short, but the view is fantastic.

9 days ago

More of a tourist walk than a hike, but so interesting to learn about the living conditions and culture of the Sinagua tribe and how they lived during the 1100s and during the period when the San Francisco peaks were active volcanos.

The steps will get the heart pumping.

There is a $10 fee per person as it is a national monument. If you are looking to hike Walnut Canyon, there are other more authentic trails.

10 days ago

Have to say this trail was a bit of a disappointment after the amazing trip on the rim trail. To me it was too much like walking up my dirt road. Saying that it was wide and relatively easy and I wasn’t as worried about seeing a snake. There aren’t a lot of views on the trail but there is lots of history. Would love for the park to someday bring some of that history to life. I did find that part interesting. Was surprised to see Fern lake on the path but really wish they would consider cleaning it up a bit. All in all it is a good workout just not as exciting since their weren’t as many views. I did love getting a view of the rim trail to see how high I was the day before.

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