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Nice paved trail, very accessible, easy. The visitor center is also very nice.

If you are going to be in Bandelier, you have to do this trail. The ladders are very secure but be warned, while going up is tiring going down is just as exhaustive!

A quiet, easy trail with some nice scenery.

4 days ago

Beautiful scenery, good workout with some elevation changes. Very rocky, be sure to wear shoes with good tread, especially if it has recently rained. My favorite trail at Petit Jean so far. Went on a Friday afternoon in August (very humid, obviously, but not too crazy hot as it is very shaded), didn’t see any other people at all.

on Bench Trail

6 days ago

Easy hike under the tree canopy. Saw a deer on the trail as well as squirrels, plenty of birds, lizards, and only one snake (which was fine with me)

A bit short, but the view is fantastic.

Have to say this trail was a bit of a disappointment after the amazing trip on the rim trail. To me it was too much like walking up my dirt road. Saying that it was wide and relatively easy and I wasn’t as worried about seeing a snake. There aren’t a lot of views on the trail but there is lots of history. Would love for the park to someday bring some of that history to life. I did find that part interesting. Was surprised to see Fern lake on the path but really wish they would consider cleaning it up a bit. All in all it is a good workout just not as exciting since their weren’t as many views. I did love getting a view of the rim trail to see how high I was the day before.

Nice easy hike. Good trail to start your hiking season on.

Very nice with hundreds of butterfly’s and easy walking !!!

Beautiful area! Paradise for a true nature lover!

Not bad hike to gain some elevation to watch the sunrise

20 days ago

Very nice well kept great short walk for young kids to enjoy

25 days ago

Loved it. Very easy hike even for a beginner like me. Parts of it are steep but I went up and down in like half an hour. Good for a nice workout.

Though we've walked this trail many times, this is the first time we stayed past dark. It's amazing to watch the city light up after dark. It may be a good place for stargazing too. Keep in mind in the summer, since it gets dark later to park in the right spot so you don't get ticket. After 10pm they issue parking tickets of $30. (Which rise all the way to $150 if not paid within a particular time period.)

I thought the view was great but there was graffiti and trash all over. Kind of disappointing. And, while labeled easy, it’s a bit of a uphill and not easy for many.

Easy hike to the top at Ensign Peak! Beautiful views! A bit rocky but somewhat easy to navigate. Also a fun place to watch planes take off in the distance. Beautiful view of The Great Salt Lake.

We went on a hike here yesterday and it was wonderful. If you do the Rockefeller by itself, then it's an 8 miler. Adding the seven hollow trail is what makes it over 14 miles. During a 90° day, it's tough but well worth it, alot of shade. The sites were spectacular. If you dont wanna do a hike that long, you don't have to. This trail has 5-6 trails within it that range from 1-4 miles. Definitely a hidden gem between 2 national parks and worth the trip!

Usually it's pretty crowded. But a nice, quick, relatively easy hike to do after work with your dog.

1 month ago

Great history and experience. Not the best hiking, but the views and information are pretty great. Go before 9 or after 3 and you can skip the shuttle and dump of people when you get there.

1 month ago

Super easy. Went at about 5pm and it was pretty quiet. The alcove trail is definitely worth the detour. If you go in the afternoon, the left side of the main loop has a lot more shade than the right side with the cave dwellings, so I regret not taking the left part first.

1 month ago

Super easy, basically just a nature walk. The ladders were cool, but 140 feet sounds higher than it actually is. Saw a lot of wildlife and cool plants and trees. Went late in the day, at about 5, and it was pretty warm, but at about 6:30 it’s significantly better (they close at 8, though). The main loop trail to the left has way more shade than to the right, though, so if I were doing it at 5pm again, I’d go left on the main loop to go out to alcove then finish the other half of the main loop with the smaller ladders and Pueblo stuff on the way back.

It's a short hike. Lovely view of the valley and great spot to enjoy sunset/sunrise.
However, there is always someone up there.

Amazing view. First family hike in Utah. Teenager was first up and first down. My youngest was a little nervous on the last part of the trail before the top.

easy trail, beautiful view!

Short, steep, and not well shaded. Views of the city are GORGEOUS. Sunset or after dark are great times to go. Don’t expect to be alone. Took my 7 month old in a pack and he did great.

Beautiful views, clear trail. Easy if you have an hour or less and want a quick hike.

Short, steep trail with amazing view of the city. Fairly easy even for non prepared people.

1 month ago

Good view and well maintained. Very steep (treacherous decent if you aren’t sure-footed)
Unfortunately there is a ton of graffiti along the trail and at the peak- so sad that people can be so idiotic.

One of the easiest trail in Salt Lake City. The view from the top was amazing and the I went at the time of sunset, so to witness that was simply beautiful. I strongly recommend this short trail.

1 month ago

There are actually two trails here. One is a wide chat trail out and back to the mill. It is 1/4 mile in length and starts at a kiosk in the parking lot next to the cemetery. Half way to the mill the trailhead for Mill View Trail may be found off the left side of the trail and at the north end of the lake.

Mill View Trail is a 1.5 mile loop trail that crosses the creek (you will get your feet wet) and ascends to an overlook of the dam and mill. After that the trail continues ascending up to a bluff overlook of Huzzah Creek before entering forest. There are several tall pines along the trail. In addition to the nice views, highlights of this trail were at least a dozen different species of fungi and a baby Blue-Gray Gnatcatcher on the ground just off the trail.

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