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love the views

Did this trip in August. Absolutely loved it! Beautiful scenery! First backpacking experience. Camped midway which was fun and hiked to peak next day. The altitude was a new challenge, but not too hard. A wonderful getaway!

22 hours ago

my son, granddaughter and I had a wonderful time exploring the trails and area. trails were easy to navigate, steep near the volcano

Did it on 11/17/18 very nice weather just a bit chilly at times .

saw squirrels having sex

3 days ago

The trail is wide and well maintained, would be a good one to bring the pups. Nice views at the top of the summit

Beautiful scenery through out the trail and ending with a beach walk back to the starting spot is a great cool down.

Spectacular views. Can be hard for folks who take time in adjusting to altitude low pressure at 10k ft

Short but a good workout especially the loop trip. Steep and rutted trail with a lot of traffic. Views from the peak are great. Not much shade, early mornings are best IMO. Plenty of parking. No fee but donations are appreciated.

Very nice on a beautiful day..

Beautiful hike with a moderate amount of steep sections

great hikers and viewers.

We did this around 8am it was perfect timing. The fog came in later so we had some great views. It’s started to get crowded around 930am.

This was one of the best hikes! Highly recommend it

Hike this regularly. It's my outdoor gym, gets me ready ready for bigger and better things!

nice hills, good distance, good work out, just not much of a scenery.

22 days ago

Oct 28, 2018. We hiked today with kids 10, 11, and 13yo. It was a wonderful experience! We started around 4pm and finished 6:15pm. Taking a lot of pics is what slowed us down. Next time we will hike in the morning :)

Very nice!

on Lake Calavera

22 days ago

Good workout

23 days ago

nice good hiking area...there's a $10 parking fee and the office accepts card if its open.

Got there quite early (730am) and it was very foggy on the hike up but the temps were so mild it was perfect. The include was gradual but you get a good cardio workout.

Definitely epic views.

Best part - briskly walking the beach hoping to not get my shoes wet... which didn’t happen

I love this trail, especially in the Fall. I bring my labrador and we have a great time.

Pick up you dog s**t and trash you filthy animals. Don’t bring your aggressive dogs on trail; otherwise it is a nice stroll.

A fun, quick hike in a nice forest with a few lovely viewpoints. We went in the later afternoon and it was perfect; lots of shade, no bugs, not too busy, and got back to the car in time to enjoy the sunset on the way down the mountain. The trail is well-maintained with a gentle but constant uphill grade, interspersed with steeper rollercoaster parts which makes it a little more interesting. We got to the top a little bit too late to enjoy the observatory, but that wasn't the reason we took the hike so it wasn't a big disappointment. All in all, a great little hike.

Beautiful! This is ranked as easy but if it’s high tide and you can’t cut across the beach, you’ll have to go back the way you came; if you’re new to hiking, the gradual inclines will get you a bit out of breath. But still an easy, breezy hike.

A good training trail to maintain stamina and balance. Choose the loop route to the summit, reverse to the cross, then back to the summit.

A nice bit of ups and downs...

Really great hike in Julian with beautiful fields. Also a great one for dog lovers!

Dog poop everywhere! These people should be ashamed of themselves leaving their dogs crap all over the trail. Ruins it for everyone else.

Great trail to bring out of state guests and friends.

This was a great trail: clearly marked, well-maintained, and provided a diversity of landscapes, vegetation, and wildlife.

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