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My wife and I have been meaning to hike Purgatory Creek, so a few days after the rain, we went hiking. As everyone mentioned, traffic noise can be heard the closer you are to the trailhead but tapers off. The hike itself was OK...with a few lookouts along Dante’s Trail and wildlife, mainly deer, in the clearing along the trail. I thought it would be more scenic. Oh yeah, there’s still plenty of muddy areas and a swamp blocking Dante’s Trail close to the start. There are plenty of mosquitoes along the trail so make sure to apply generous amounts of bug juice.

We went after the rains and it was really too muddy. Will definitely return when it dries up! Easy access and pretty surroundings, too bad the highway noise is so near.

Great trail with plenty of shady areas! Family friendly even my 69 year old mom who sits behind a desk all day felt good afterwards.
The elevations are an easy ascent. We will definitely go back!

Gorgeous views, decent incline. Good overall workout.

We covered about 8 miles. The sun was a beast in some areas. I thought it was more than a moderate trial.

Nice little trail. No dramatic elevation gain and not too many people.

Excellent trail and well marked. Plenty of vegetation, not much shade, but lots of terrific scenic views. Only drawback was no water source at the mini camp area. Mostly flat with a few good hills to break up the monotony.

Come back again and again and we see something different each time. Deer, lizards, little grass snakes, a coral snake. Its awesome. Trail shared by hikers, dogs, runners and mountain bikers, but, its never busy. Tons of diversity. Smooth wide trail, rocky rooty trail, nothing but rocks rocks rocks trail, open meadow trail. It never gets old. Even has an overlook where you can sit for a minute and look at the trail below. The buzzards like to hang out on the overlook and glare at the hikers below. Bring water, there is no water in the park and while the majority of it is shaded a few sections are nothing but sun baked rock and in summer it gets HOT. There is a water fountain at the Hunters road entrance, and privies at both the Hunter and Craddock entrances. No benches within the park so be prepared to either find a nice rock to sit on of just be prepared to not stop moving. So.e sections have a very wilderness feel to them. Also, use this app. All the trails are marked but some intersections are marked a little weird and its easy to walk right past one if you're in a section that requires you to keep an eye on your footing.

24 days ago

Gorman Falls is pretty amazing. Most don’t picture lush green vegetation when you think of Texas.

I’d recommend going early in the morning (say, before 10am) because the light cuts through the trees and hits the blue/green travertine deposits just right.

28 days ago

falls were beautiful!! the trails were just rock and cactus.

1 month ago

It was really great, especially with my dog. There are quite a bit of rocky areas, but the trail is marked well. There is a severe drought right now, however, which made the river very, very low. The areas that were supposed to be river crossings were very shallow, and only one of the springs were active. Overall, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Loved. It !! Great view

Nice trail, very very little shade until you reach the falls. If you have Sprint you won’t have service at the bottom. When I got to the visitor center I didn’t have service there either. Nice hike, pretty views at the falls and of the Colorado River!

Nice hike, marked very well: I would agree it is a perfect hike on a hot day! Pretty views! If you have Sprint for cell phone service you will not have service on this trail!

We got lost multiple times on this trail because the markings are not easy to find. We never found the end of this trail but we still had fun getting lost in the beautiful State Park.

1 month ago

I will be back to do a complete hike. Was only able to get into the trail by 3.8 miles and turned around completing 7.17 miles since it was getting dark. This was an awesome trail and I can’t wait to really get some miles here!

A great, challenging hike. There’s a solid half mile of uneven terrain with a 25% grade. Leave the pups at home and bring your trekking poles! The large steps can be really hard on the knees.

1 month ago

Good trail but I prefer more of the wooded trails that are off the beaten path. I found a few while hiking but I would rather do the whole trail through the trees and not on gravel roads. It was fun and a very basic trail. The trail is about 10 feet wide most of the way until you get out towards the far end of the loop. Only saw lizards and birds nothing really interesting but still had fun.

8.96 miles completed.

it's got some distance to it don't forget to take a bottle of water or two, easy to moderate with some elevation included

2 months ago

The park is really pretty and it wasn’t super crowded so that was nice. This trail is nice and moderate but you gotta make sure you look for the signs Bc they are weirdly placed. Bring lots of water!

I would rate this 4 stars as a trail but 5 for the overall experience. As others have said, the trail itself is rocky and often devoid of shade. But it's a short hike to the falls, which are absolutely worth a visit. Just bring lots of water and wear a hat during the summer, and you'll be fine.

got an early summer start, started at 7:30 and I was the only one on the trail

2 months ago

I only hiked down to about Walnut Spring Park, but boy was it gorgeous! Nice views of the lake (more like a river here) river at first, then after a short bout of woods (with a small water crossing) and the open fields, you get another nice view of the lake. After this is hiking in the woods for awhile, but you get glimpses of the lake at a distance, cool looking vegetation.

Once at Walnut Spring park, you can actually hike down to the edge of the lake. And here, it's just utterly beautiful- a least in the Summer when I hiked it, I wonder if it holds it's beauty during the Winter.

I'll definitely be back soon, to try and hike all the way to Russel Park.

on Reimer's Ranch Trail

2 months ago

Great for a day hike, nice swimming near by, beautiful scenery. There are some areas with water, large boulders, and rock climbing as well. Love this park!

Great trails and trail markings, moderately flat and curvy. Love the intersections and alternate trail routes available. But there's a lot of road noise from the nearby highway, but only on certain sections on the trail. Bring water.

2 months ago

Great trail took the dog and the kids and all did great. We lucked out and arrived after a thunderstorm so temps were down. Rangers put out several water coolers along the trail which made things that much easier. Final descent down the rock portion was made easy with the railing but it can definitely get slick when rocks are wet. Overall a great hidden gem in central Texas!

We went durning spring break, it was nice weather!
10, 12,13 and 15 year old all loved it!
I loved the changes between the scrub oak trees to the rocks.
Once you get to the canyon it’s fun to explore around!
I think it would be neat to come up through the river trail as well.
Relaxing hike with a cool canyon!

This trail is awesome!!
Especially on a hot summer day as you end up in pools of spring water to swim in!
Not sure why it’s rated as moderate? It’s a easy dirt road walk amongst the trees.
We all loved loved this one!!
10,12,14,15 and 40 something parents

I can see this being rated moderate, especially in summer. It’s exposed to the sun most of the hike with rocks to navigate. The decent down to the falls is steep but the wire guidelines really help. We had no trouble by being prepared w a lot of water, the right shoes, hats and snacks.
We hung out a while enjoyed the amazing oasis in the desert!!! We cooled off in a smaller water fall and swam in the Colorado river.
I loved this hike and so did my family.
10,12,14,16 and 47.
Went in Aug it was 104, we started at 7:30!
It is amazing!!!

I loved running this trail. It has a lot of variety. There are wide smooth parts to very rocky areas. I enjoyed the challenge of the hills and the rugged terrain. I ended up with 9 miles at 10:40 pace to include some walking parts. I can't wait to run it again!

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