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easy but enjoyable

Went at sunset and it was amazing!

I came here yesterday with my 8 year old daughter and 11 year old son and we loved it. We actually just began our hiking every weekend family tradition about 3 weeks ago and this is by far my favorite. The start of the trail itself was a little hard to find seeing as you can come into the trail from different points but where all trails shows the starting is located was confusing. Once we parked at the park parking lot and walked on the Main Street we saw the Ellis Cove sign.
The trail itself had about 5 brides and steep stairways so make sure you watch your step! But the views of the lake and the city of Olymipia is beautiful. And they had a few hidden bear sculptures that my kids loved trying to find. I would definitely recommend this trail for anyone.

Easy walk if you just want to stop for a quick stroll at the end of your day. Beautiful falls and rushing river views for the entire walk, you almost forget you’re in the middle of town.

11 days ago

This is easily my favorite hike in the Olympia area. It’s short and slightly challenging but easy enough for my kids age 7 and 3 to do it with me. It’s beautiful, heavily forested with a creek, bridges and it leads you out to the rocky bay. I have hiked here in the spring time when little buds are forming on the trees, in the hot summer the trees provide some cool shade and in the fall with the contrasting color of the changing trees with the evergreens.

Beautiful and easy walk.

14 days ago

Good easy hike. paved nice green trail. Ends at the beach... Daughter loved all the little crabs

16 days ago

This was an excellent trail, clear path. Probably will do it again soon.

Steep but well-maintained trail. Well worth the effort. Quite impressive.

loved it! Plenty of room for everyone!

Beautiful park. The trails are great for running with some short, steep grades and lots of root hopping as well as great views with lots of shade and some sunny spots. Perfect place for a moderate trail run.

Such beautiful scenery!! Absolutely love this walk. The looped walk has small hills that leads into a couple big hills (depending which way you go, you could be going up or down these hills). If you’re going up the hills, there’s a park up at the top and they have a water fountain and dog water area. Also, a few places to take some amazing photos. Right off the loop walk, there is also a bridge where you can put a lock on. And a body of water that is so pretty, where my kids love to look for crabs.

Easy little walk with my baby in her carrier. There were definitely a lot of people there but it was nice scenery.

loved this trail! will be using it for training!

1 month ago

What a gorgeous trail tucked away in Olympia! It was lush and rich. The bridges and staircases were visually appealing and we were able to pop down onto the beach for a stroll there before finishing the loop. We loved the carved bears hiding here and there and also the wonderful views of the Capitol building across the water.

very nice and relaxing walk, beautiful beach great first dogs that like to swim!

Really nice paved trail to an awesome photo spot. Took the Salamander trail back which was packed dirt and beautiful as well. Runs right back to the parking lot. Noway to get lost.

1 month ago

A perfect day for my little one to experience his first little nature hike.

Great trail for all ages, shapes, and sizes. Great signage and mile markers. Scenery is calming. Destination on the bay worth the short walk.

Good nature walk for children

I loved this trail. Easy and beautiful!

1 month ago

I went here yesterday and it is absolutly beautiful. I would definitely go again.

1 month ago

I'd rate this as easy not moderate. .

Easy to get to. Straight trail. Nice to see the rocky beach. Not a fan of the straight hike, where it’s not a circle, I prefer circle hikes. The trees along the way are pretty and the terrain is mix of rock and cement. Easy for kids too!

very rewarding. cool historical info along the trail. awesome hike!

Nice park however there were several suspicious individuals which made the beautiful trip awkward and a bit scary. We saw a beautiful girl walking in and then turned around because she was by herself.

great trail for all ages just walked it with my 2 1/2 year old. beautiful scenery and a couple view benches along the way.

2 months ago

Nice waterfall but I have seen better.The road to the beginning of the trail is bad.A hiker from Czech rep.

One of the most beautiful walks you’ll ever do!! So many amazing and lucky views!!! Usually walk it at least twice a week and it never gets old. Fairly easy a couple heart pumping mini hills but nothing major.

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