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Love it. Plan for 7 hours to the Bridge and back to parking. >11 miles not 8.9 as stated on All Trails.

I won't do this trail again. "Scenery" is dry, low brush and housing tracts. Not a single trail marker. Part of the trail ended up being a sidewalk along a busy street...or at least that's what we ended up doing, because, as I said, not a single trail marker. The All Trails map wasn't working. Only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is that the trail itself is well maintained.

on Castle Rock Trail

19 hours ago

Did this hike with the High Desert Hiking Group. Took my two dogs. Trail starts out with a rocky steep incline to Castle Rock (good work out). We stopped at Castle Rock. Very nice view of the lake. After the stop, I continued the trail to 2N10. Another nice incline surrounded by Pine Trees. By the time I returned there were people everywhere.

Someone was asking whether this trail is open. Yes, it is. I was there today 11/18/18 and it was open.

great hike, every hiker in SoCal should do this at least once, however, it is very heavily travelled. if you enjoy some seclusion on your hikes this is not it

does anyone knows if this trail is open?

great trail, definitely will come back to run..

Karla Gomez has no idea what a review encompasses. It's unfortunate that it's closed due to the recent fires but by no means does it diminish the beauty of it. It's a neat little trail with ample shade and plenty to look at.

Beautiful hike, many river crossings and scenic sights. Bring lots of water and keep track of your steps because it’s easy to get lost since there’s almost not a single sign

Beautiful place

Beautiful hike, many river crossings and scenic sights. Bring lots of water and keep track of your steps because it’s easy to get lost since there’s almost not a single sign

Beautiful hike, many river crossings and scenic sights. Bring lots of water and keep track of your steps because it’s easy to get lost since there’s almost not a single sign

I underestimated this hike a bit. It is definitely harder than I thought. But depending on the trail you take it could be easier. Landslides have removed part of the old trail so you have to travel on the dried up river bed which is fine. A lot of shade. Towards the end there was a clearing for sun but it is overall shady. Lots of river crossings. Bring some good boots or waterproof shoes. Some extra socks would be good too. Lots of fun! Very beautiful. Chances to see mountain goats which I saw none. Bungee jumping at the end. Expensive! $120. Wear some good pants. Wasn’t a lot of people there. There are some camp sites there as well. Next to a shooting range too.

Don’t be misled by the short distance. It’s a steep uphill climb...sometimes up to 35 degree incline...steep all the way and rocky. It’s not too bad cuz it’s short, but it’s a nice little challenging hike.

Nice hike! Completed in about 2.5 hours. There are some serious inclines but all hikers for sure should go! Very pretty

Trail closed due to fires right now

Amazing views.

Not very challenging, but do not underestimate the stairs. My buddy was dying on the way back.

Kind of hard to find the entrance. A lot of interesting graffiti everywhere. Very green right now.

Nice easy short out and back trail. Not strenuous at all. But a nice little morning nature walk. We took the dogs and they loved it!

Wide open fire road that offers no challenge other than the inclination.
Almost no shade.
The rock itself is cool.

11 days ago

Easy short hike. You need to climb some rocks for better views - that can be fun :) parking spot is small and you need to cross the road, so be carefull. we've collected a lot of trash after other people on that trail that day.

13 days ago

steep climb from the start. several side trails before the final climb. lots of rock climbing. several rock formations.

14 days ago

Really pretty, not very challenging, and cool rocks to climbs around in at the end!

This hike should be rated easy. It’s pretty much a strain hike with a little here and there incline. An excellent hike to take a dog. Lots of water through out the whole hike. It’s just long but not hard. However the drive to get there is a different story. It’s about 5 miles through winding rounds that you have to share with a lot of bicyclists. It’s only a two lane road. Which feels like forever when your trying to leave.

on Castle Rock Trail

16 days ago

easy hike. great views from the top to the lake. you will have to climb up rocks if you want the nice views. parking is scarce, be careful crossing the highway.

18 days ago

8 mile cycle each way from Marina - which makes the hike harder on your legs, otherwise the hike doesn’t burn that much. Lots of people around - less so when you break the loop to the top of Skull Rock. The small loop is one for the kids for sure.

Amazing hiking. All the trail was very quiet so you could hear the sound of nature.

Just 2 miles from Trippet Ranch in Topanga State Park, lies this impressive slab of sandstone rock. I’ve been on quite a lot of hikes with some pretty rad rocks and I must say this particular rock formation is a new favorite as it had me quite entertained for a good amount of time. It has mini like caves that you can climb through and lots of nooks and crannies to simply explore. I came here the day after the rain and it had small water ponds in different pockets of the formation giving it a bit of a dessert oasis feel! On the bottom left side of eagle rock also lies this random tree surrounded by grass on the rock, it looked so beautiful in contrast to the sandstone rock. This area definitely looks accessible but you have to do some downward rock scrambling which got a bit complicated at one point and I decided not to take the risk for now and try another day with a friend.

A little backstory on how I got here. I actually took the Los Liones Trail (Pacific Palisades close to the beach) to the Parker Mesa overlook and from there I started the long and scenic trek towards Trippet Ranch/Eagle Rock which was about 4.5 miles inland. I think most people simply drive to the Trippet Ranch/Topanga State Park parking lot and then hike 2 miles to Eagle Rock.

I definitely want to come back here and bring a big group of friends!!

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