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3 hours ago

My first AZ trail. Its about 60 minutes of gentle uphill with rocky path. A few steps where you need to use your hands for leverage. Great views of the desert and rocky canyon walls. Would do it again!

This trial was a nice little 5 mile hike. we veered to the right and hiked to the cave. it was awesome! lots of Bats but it was daylight so you could hear them but they didn't bother you. The cave was a good hike up about 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile but gained an elevation of 700+ feet.

9 hours ago

First part of trail was near houses, and had 2 cattle gates, so not so great a view to start. 2 porta-potty's, no TP. Once you got along the trail a bit it was beautiful, but it's vastly more rocky on the trail than places like Usury, or Lost Dutchman, so you are forced to look down the entire time so you don't trip. Kinda ruins the walking part of the experience. Entire loop was 3 miles, but "distance" indicator above would lead you to believe it's 2.8 miles one-way. No waterfall at end; just a slow drip into a stagnant pond about 20 feet across. Pretty up there, and glyphs were cool, but just not a good hike overall due to the trail condition.

10 hours ago

Beautiful trail that can be extended into much longer hikes by the vast network of connecting trails. These trails are primarily used by mountain bikers. The pros are it’s amazing scenery and relatively few people compared to other nearby trails on the Preserve. The only con is that it’s not much of a workout due to no elevation gain. Great choice on weekend if you want to get out on a hike while also have some solitude in nature!

23 hours ago

Pretty busy on a Sunday afternoon I wanted to get closer to take better pictures of the petroglyphs but lots of family with kids so I will have to return maybe during the week. Everyone was friendly and seemed to be navigating the trails comfortably, Tips there are port-a potty but had no bathroom tissue, bring water prepare to be to spend a few hours round trip I was there 3 hours

Awesome trail not to hard not to easy! Very dog friendly we saw several and even took 2 ourselves! Ours even got to go swimming when we got to the top They loved it!

Ps always bring water for yourself and your furry friend!

Happy Hiking!

Just did this trail and it has beautiful views. Not hard at all. Few steep places but otherwise a beginner hiker can conquer this.

Amazing views and sunset

7 days ago

Being recent transplants to Phoenix, we have spent most of our time hiking to the north (Sedona, Oak Creek, Pine/Strawberry, etc.). On a whim this weekend, we decided to give the Superstitions a try, and are we glad we did! This was a perfect hike for a beautiful Sunday afternoon with the family. Our kids, ages 13 and 12, really liked the trail, also... especially the part when we crossed paths with a large Tarantula! Do yourself a favor, and hike this trail!

Great hike-good views, not too long and challenging

Such a pretty trail! I’d say it’s on the easier side of moderate, but you can go a bit further at the end to add some climbing if you’d like. Gorgeous views though!

on Hieroglyphic Trail

13 days ago

Really enjoyed this hike, I would rate this a little more on the easy side but still a good hike. Weather was perfect and beautiful scenery!

15 days ago

Great view of rocks and cacti. Plenty of dirt. Walking in this trail I really felt the history under my feet. Afterwards you’ll be hungry. So good one yes. #goodoneyes

It was a great day on the trail! It’s less sandy and loose rock than other trails we’ve done in the area and that made it easier. Water was flowing at the top and it was so nice to be up there with other hikers.

Amazing!!! Go early. Wear sunscreen and take water!

Weather was perfect and scenery was amazing. Was a fairly easy hike in and out. We went a little higher then the stopping point and that was a bit more challenging. Gorgeous views and not too many people. I would highly recommend this trail.

Great moderate hike. Busy trail on the weekends but still ok. Look forward to hiking it again later this week.

Was beautiful. Go early ~ less people. As you get into the trail it gets rocky. Wear proper shoes and watch your footing. Was worth the hike.

Lots of rocks. Do not do this with sneakers.

Love this trail!

Nice upward jaunt, great restart to hiking this year!

Recent rains have small stream and waterfalls flowing. Good way to shake the summer lack of exercise. No scrambling and moderate incline.

A pretty easy hike, not too much elevation gain with some nice running (not always) water at the end. The hieroglyphs are nice, and I’m pretty sure some people have added their own as well.

28 days ago

went with my dad and two kids. we loved it! the spring is beautiful and the weather was perfect.

29 days ago

Went hiking with wife, kids, and cousin on the first very beautiful day of the fall hiking season. Waterfalls were still running the day after very heavy rains which made it very refreshing to stop and admire the tranquility of the petroglyph area. One of the best trails for the whole family to be found in Arizona!

1 month ago

Very rocky. Wear proper footwear. Some steep inclines but worth the climb. Easy for the first .8 or so but as you get to the base of the saddleback, lots of boulders to get to water pools and petroglyphs.

Beautiful Sunrise Hike this morning with some friends....waterholes were full, no waterfall yet, not enough rain. Good Times!

Great hike for all. Slightly challenging towards the back end but the 360 degree views of the valley are worth every step.

1 month ago

Nice trail. Easy-Med. The petroglyphs were amazing to see! If you don't like people this is not the trail for you. There were a ton of people, loud with no "trail etiquette". Litter and graffiti on the rocks next to and over the historic drawings.

I really liked this trail. Nice views and not too busy when I went. If you look close you can see some petroglyphs at the beginning of the trail.

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