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8 hours ago

To reiterate others' comments, the road is an absolute mess -- without a SUV, pickup, or Jeep, there's no way you'll be able to drive to the upper (summer) trailhead. We managed to get about half a mile in a Honda Civic before parking on the shoulder and walking the rest of the way (~2.5 miles). By 7:00 AM on a Sunday, the parking lot was completely full. Don't expect much solitude, especially on the weekend - at least a few hundred people summitted the same day we did.

All that said, the hike itself was a lot of fun, though certainly difficult even after a few days of acclimation at RMNP. I'd recommend doing Grays first, going down the saddle, and then heading up to Torreys. Grays is all steep switchbacks; from the saddle, Torreys is a short but very steep climb. We thought the views were slightly better from Grays. Despite being rained on, hailed on, and briefly snowed on (yes, in August), the trails themselves weren't difficult to follow. Definitely a good experience for our first 14ers!

First, the road: NEVER AGAIN! What an awful beast of a road. I think I have PTSD from driving those 3 miles from hell. (And yes, I was in a high-clearance 4x4 truck.)

Next, the trail: Just wonderful all around. Mostly moderate in difficulty but hard in some places. The trail up to Torreys is steep and a lung-buster. Hiking poles highly recommended for the descent.

17 hours ago

It's past peak wildflower season, but there were still some pretty blooms up near the top. Please be mindful that this trail is quite steep and rocky for the first mile and the last mile, so if you're bringing dogs or kids, make sure they have proper footwear (yes-- PLEASE put shoes on your dogs to protect their paws!!). View from the trail just before you hit the lake is gorgeous. Go early to avoid the crowds, we arrived at the TH just after 8:00 AM and snagged one of the last parking spaces. It was windy and chilly up at Herman Lake so bring layers!

18 hours ago

Went hiking on 8/11 and it was great! Got there early around 6:30 and their was plenty of parking. Definitely recommend getting there early to beat the crowds and have the lake and trails to yourself. Coming down it was starting to get overly crowded. Last half mile was a little tough but well worth the views.

This is definitely a very popular trailhead. Arrived at 445 am and the lower lot had cars parked, we found a spot on the road near the upper parking lot cause it was full. The road up was sketchy for sure. Highly recommend you use a 4 x 4. I have a 4Runner and made it no problem, but there was a Prius 2 people in front of us that got stuck a couple times. Be smart people! The trail itself was nice but crowded.

shoutout to Mike for giving us a ride up to the trailhead. TIL what altitude sickness is. View from the top is 11/10.

As you can see in the recordings made by 2 users, the trail/road was closed 50 yards above the final turnoff (basically at the edge of Mt Evans Wilderness) so we had to walk from 2+ miles before the listed trail start. I passed the trail start and never saw it and continued on to the junction of the actual Grass Creek and this road we walked where there is a solitary sign labeled Grass Creek at a big meadow with hay bales. Turning right went towards Mt Evans and the Lost Creek trail. Not well signed at all and pretty hot and dry beyond about 1/2 miles from the parking lot. Grass Creek was dry so no water for the dogs. Saw about 10 people and many had dogs.

Great hike. The people that climb these peaks are so pleasant to be around. It's almost like a family thing. Awesome views from either peak.

Don’t be scared off by the incline at the beginning. Great views throughout the entire trip, very wooded in some areas and not in others. We clocked about 7.5 miles round trip.

Arrived at 5:25am in a Friday and there was 2-3 parking spots left but when lot is full people just park on side of the road. Also noticed people parking just past the trailhead as the road does extend a bit further. As a flatlander making first climb at this altitude it was hard. It made it up in 3:15 with frequent breaks.

Great hike. Quite busy on Friday and the road up takes a bit of time but it is not bad. Outback made it up easily. Went up Gray’s first, awesome view! Both peaks were great, easy to keep on the trail. I could have used 2 fewer miles on the way back! The beginning of the trail is pretty, but long. Enjoy!

Awesome place to take the 4x4 n camp out over night

I ended up hiking to the top of Bergen Peak. Definitely worth it to do that. It’s a long hike, but I wouldn’t characterize it as “Hard.” It’s a long moderate. Like many trails in Evergreen, alternations between rocky-narrow paths, forest paths, pretty summits, scenic views, aspens, and lovely wildflowers, especially by the meadows. But I was a bit bummed that I heard the cars on the highway almost the whole time. I tuned it out, and a few times amidst the aspens it was truly quiet. But that’s why I give four stars. Sometimes some mountain bikers come barreling down, and you’ve really got to have your wits about you. But otherwise, the views, the thick smell of pine all along the way, and the serenity of the hike, even on a Saturday morning, is why I live out here :)

Great hike, some steep parts, but I really noticed the incline more on the way down due to the trail being a bit loose. Great views though, lots of wild flowers, pretty lake at the end. Parking g lot fills up real fast, got there at 8am and it was already overflowing to side streets.

great hike beautiful day. 4x4 drive up to parking lot. arrive by 5am

Great hike. Short trip to Beaver meadow and picnic shelters then tons of longer options and gorgeous views! great spot.

Not a loop trail, and it is over 2 miles one way to get to Lost Lake. We had a time constraint and had to turn around and didn't see the lake. Due to misleading description on AllTrails we didn't allow enough time. Trail is poorly marked with a few spots you have to choose a trail, but indeed there are many hikers to consult. Download the map before you get up there. I forgot and didn't have service so it was too late. Map would have been helpful. The difficulty ratings on AllTrails are also misleading. As an experienced and relatively fit hiker this hike is easy, but the I'm trying to find a trail for out of town visitors with varying fitness levels and this ain't it. There's many other trails on AllTrails rated as easy that are clearly not easy.

Very busy, however, well worth the trek.

it was a fun trail. the road was definitely rough heed the 4x4 sign

7 days ago

Beautiful trail. Steady incline but extremely enjoyable because of the meadows and flowing streams. We did get caught in a hail storm on our way back It was scary but memorable ! Carry a jacket just incase.

For me it was hard

I can’t believe this is rated moderate, hardest thing I’ve ever done coming from Florida haha. Absolutely breathtaking views, so worth the altitude sickness.

Hiked this with my cousin who was visiting from Boston on 7/30/18. It is definitely longer than 6 miles, but we also chose to wander down the path to the left once we got to the lake at the top, so that added on mileage. Beautiful hike (minus the traffic noise the first mile and last mile). Great having access to streams for dogs. View from the top is very pretty and well worth it. 2nd half of hike is fully exposed, so make sure to bring layers and sunscreen, bugs weren’t bad. Not a difficult climb, just long, well worth it! Took us about 3 hours total, give or take, stopped for lots of pictures and lunch at top. Didn’t start hike until 9:45 and we were fine w parking and weather, but it was also a Monday.

Great drive but I didn’t see any off road trails.

This was one of my favorite hikes since moving to Colorado. I got to the trailhead at 6am and had the lake to myself. If I had arrived any later, that would not have been the case. The first .75 miles kicks your butt, then the last .5 miles on the way up give you round two. But this hike offers both open meadows and then plenty of tree cover too. It was a perfect balance.

Grays and Torreys were a great hike in July. We arrived about 500a on a Saturday and parked on the toad just short of the parking lot. Started our hike around 515a and we were back to the car around 1100. Took a short break on top of each peak. We took a right at the fork and went up Torreys first. I think this was the best and easiest approach. It was a bit more steep on your initial hike, but made it much more pleasurable to huddle down Torreys and then have the easy hike up to Grays. We then came back down the back side and through the saddle instead of all the switchbacks.

Consumed about 2 liters of water and a sandwich.

Beautiful day, a little cold and windy at times.

Hiked Torrey’s this morning and it was beautiful. I was very worried about the drive up because of all the reviews on here, however, the drive is fine. It’s bumpy and should be taken slow (we went 4mph up and down) but very do-able. I wish I would have brought my dog. I drive a Ford Escape so everyone can compare their car. :)

Hike was awesome and it was a beautiful day!

Arrived at 6 am on a Thursday in a 4-WD Ford F-150. The road up is extremely bumpy but the F-150 handled without a problem. At 6 am there was 4-5 parking spots remaining.

Took us 2 hours to get to the top of Grays. You have cell phone service at the top. Probably spent half an hour at the top snacking and chatting with fellow hikers. Most people like my group were not from Colorado.

Then headed across the saddle to Torreys it took about an hour. You really have to watch your footing going down. Then the ascent up torreys is more steep then Grays. Spent 30-45 minutes at top of Torreys

Took about 1.5-2 hours to descend and get back to trailhead. The ride down the bumpy road is worse going down.

Overall a fun hike that can be achieved by anyone with a decent level of fitness and who does not get altitude sickness.

Everyone from my party is from Florida and arrived in Colorado on Tuesday. Nobody had any major problems except for a minor headache.

11 days ago

Made it to the Summit of Torrey’s. First time hiking!

The only reason I’m giving this 4 stars and not 5 is because there were so many people! I reached the trailhead at 6:45am on a Tuesday and the parking lot was completely full. Too many people aside, Torrey’s and Grays (I did both, Torrey’s first) were a great introduction to 14ers. Be prepared for some loose gravel (Especially on Torrey’s). Round trip took me 7 hours. That included about 15 mins at each peak and many short stops along the way.

The road to the trailhead is no joke. I drive a Honda Element and probably could have made it, but I decided to park about halfway. I had no problem hitching a ride up or back.

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