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Very nice trail! I summitted Saddle Peak from this, which I would highly recommend. The trail never really ends and continues to Saddle Peak, so those who don't want to summit will have to find their own spot to turn around.

Despite referring to three different sources including the National Geographic map of the area, AllTrails, and the Bozeman Hikes book, there seems to be some confusion on the distance of this hike. While I did not turn on my GPS for this hike, my general 20 minutes/mile seemed accurate with the 4 mile sign to the trail head of Truman when I reached the junction up top. I assume there was some trail maintenance which rerouted the trail and added some length. That, and about 3 miles in, I noticed some pretty recent trail work done for some pretty nice mountain biking trail. That said, the distance reported by many sources is off so do allow yourself some additional time to complete this trail if you'd like to do it all. Perfect trail for a hot day and super quiet and peaceful!

I've done all the variations of this trail and it is a nice one to get some miles under your feet and a nice uphill workout whether hiking or running. The trail is a little "short" if you are looking for something longer. Nice before work, lunchtime, or after work hiking or running trail. Peaceful and quiet both of the times I've been.

Gorgeous views and trail. I enjoy tackling the loop counterclockwise personally. Generally this trail loads up with tons of people: hikers, bikers, runners, families, and dogs. It can be a lot at times but I've certainly been able to enjoy the trail mostly to myself from time to time if I'm lucky.

This is an excellent hike or trail run for simply "getting the job done" if you don't have a lot of time but need a decent workout. The loop lends itself to helping spread people out so that the trail doesn't seem overly populated.

trail running
17 days ago

I took the advice and went counterclockwise. Ran most of the way up and down, about 1 hr. Nice shallow Creek in the beginning for the dogs and humans. Easy enough to do twice for trail hill repeats. I Pasted somebody every 40 feet maybe. But of course everybody was friendly.

Nice trail with pretty views and a nice spot for my dog to cool off in a shallow creek about .25 mile in.

mountain biking
18 days ago

Challenging uphill climbs and loose sandy gravel on the downhill stretches. Needs good grippy tires during the drier weeks. A great trail for hikers too. Good view at the top.

loved it!!

Love little trail! Interesting rock formations, benches, views. Enjoyed this convenient, mellow trail. Nice way to break up a long drive.

trail running
20 days ago

Nice trail. Beautiful views. Not too crowded. Dogs enjoyed it too.

Easy peesy. Even a Texan could do it.

Quick and relatively easy hike with a view from the top that's great for watching the sunrise!

on Triple Tree Trail

27 days ago

Great hike! This is also a good trail for mountain biking. Lots of shade on the way up. You should do it :)

nice little hike before work. got off course at the top ha

this is one of my favorite trails in Bozeman. It's great for dogs there's a lot of shade the views from the top are spectacular. And as On Any Trail you always meet lots of amazing people. lots of wildflowers too.

just a gravel road. would be good for beginners on bikes

1 month ago

New World Gulch has plenty of great features including creeks, meadows, plenty of wildflowers, and ends up at Mystic Lake. There is also a rentable forest service cabin at the lake. There are a few steep places, one small section in particular that can be difficult to keep your footing. There are also a few creek crossings. You’ll eventually end up on a closed forest service road that’ll take you down to the lake.

The hike is not too difficult, but there is also nothing to really make it stand out among the other area lake hikes. When I did it back in June, the lake was unusually low (especially for the snowpack that we had this season). There is also a closed road coming up sourdough canyon that’ll take you to the lake which takes away from the natural surroundings a little in my opinion, though it’d probably be a great cross country sky trek in the winter.

If you are really looking for a hike, head back down from the lake by cutting over to Bear Canyon! You’ll come out at the Bear Canyon Trailhead which is just 1/4 mile from The New World Gulch Trailhead. You’ll get to see a few more secluded ponds and lakes along the way, but you’ll end up hiking nearly 20 miles round-trip. Also, be careful hiking at dusk or at night; there is plenty of mountain lion scat to be found on the trail.

Overall, this does make a good day hike or could also make for good backpacking; and the lake is pretty great when it’s full. It’s minutes from Bozeman and easy to access. Personally, if you want a Great Lake hike, I’d check out the Hyalite Lake or Emerald/Heather Lake hikes up Hyalite canyon.

1 month ago

Truman gulch is a mixed-use trail that allows hikers, mountain bikers, horses, and motorcycles during the summer months. The trail is well established, but can be loose and rocky at points.

The bulk of the hike is under plenty of tree cover, but with the shade comes the bugs; be sure to bring bug spray. The climb isn’t too steep, but is steady. As of this week, the trail still has plenty of running water on it, but I was able to make it up to the Bridger Foothills intersection without getting the feet wet.

You’ll hit switchbacks 2 miles in. If you continue 3/4 mile up the switchbacks to the Bridger Foothills Trail, you’ll get beautiful meadows with abundant wildflowers, a good look at Truman Gulch from above, and a great view of the towering rocky peaks. The switchbacks are very mild and aren’t even the steepest part of the hike; I’d highly recommend going to the extra distance for the views (I don’t know why AllTrails excludes the switchbacks from the hike).

This is actually an 8 mile there and back hike! Lots of water and wildflowers. I’d be excited to do this one again.

1 month ago

I’ve hiked this trail so many times I can’t even count. It’s a favorite fast fitness hike with great views. Challenging with my kids on my back given the initial switchbacks and steep incline, but always pleasurable.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! First mile thru rolling fields, then a bit of a climb to the top. At the base of the loop, if you go right there are multiple switch backs as you climb. The left side is more of a straight climb. I found the climb to be more moderate than easy!

Steep but worth it!

Beautiful trail!! Flowers are abundant on the top and so fragrant!! My only complaint was the amount of full poop bags that were just left on the trail, doesn't that defeat the purpose of having one? Pack it in, you MUST pack it out, come on people!!

This is a wonderful hike. Beautiful alpine meadows. Crystal springs and finally grand mountain views. But if the M trail is rated moderate, how can a ten miler with close to 3500 feet gain fall into the same category?
Please be sure to review only if you've completed the trail or specify otherwise.

I hiked this trail today! Its a good little after work climb to calm down from the day

Great trail with amazing views. Make sure you go all the way to the top. Has a picnic table and views on the back side of the mountain.

2 months ago

Lovely little loops to do! Love the variety

Heavily trafficked but quick and easy to do! Pretty views on top.

2 months ago

Triple tree is quick and easy with great views of the Bridgers and the valley. Love this little hike, it’ll always be a favorite. Watch out for mud in the spring.

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