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Great hike but sad that Paradise Valley Trail area is recovering from the wildfire in late June. Still beautiful but bits of green coming back makes for a hopeful hike.

Nice trail. Shade for about 50% of time

Fantastic options as you traverse the main trail. Lofty vistas make hiking up a ridge worth the effort. The trail is good for most... it can be a tad steep in some places, so wear proper footwear.
Don’t forget to pay... 6-month pass (affordable) and parking fee.

Very nice short hike with some beautiful views at the top. Pretty steep climb at the beginning but then pretty easy. If you’re going in the summertime recommend going early because there’s not a whole lot of shade.

21 days ago

One of my favorite local spots.

Hiking here various in difficulties. Some spots are paved and flat, while others become rocky and heavily inclined. The trailheads aren't really marked well, but do point you in the direction of land marks, ie: Pond, Lake, Caves.

What I love about this hike is the varying terrain and views, You'll start out deep in the forested areas, eventually getting views of the cliffs and more rural areas of Fairfield. Evntually stumbling across a small pond and then a nice lake filled with an abundance of wildlife.
It's not uncommon to see Herons, Ducks, Chipmunks, Fence Lizards, Turtles, and Bullfrogs in and around the pond.

1 month ago

Hiking is a loose term, very loose. Its a stroll...If you have little kids part of this trail is ok, but most of it is actually on the road so be careful. I would say little kids under 5 might enjoy a 10 minute portion of it when the sun isn't hot. I wouldn't drive more than 15 minutes for it. I was positive enough about it until I discovered most of the walk was going to be on the road. We had to dodge cars a lot. I would skip it and I definitely wouldn't pay a fee for it.

1 month ago

Nice hike (loop) from Alhambra Creek station. Partially shaded, wide trails leading up to the lagoons at the top of the trail with clear views across the bay on a clear day. This is a fair weather hike.

It is a beautiful trail. I loved it

on Green Valley Trail

2 months ago

It’s been three weeks, and I’ve finally recovered and calmed down enough to write a review without profanity. First, this hike can only be described as “Easy” if you’re about 6 feet tall. There were at least three spots climbing up the hill that required me to use my hands because they were so steep and little to no footholds. Also because I went under the false assumption this would be an easy trail hike I was not prepared with enough water for my dogs. They finished off the 16oz before we even made it to the area by the cave. By the way this is NOT a dog friendly trail. After surviving the trek over the hill I was looking forward to the level walk around the small lake. Frustratingly blocked off by a barbed wire fence and posted signs that no dogs are allowed, I didn’t think we’d survive finding another way to pick up the trail on the other side, and I wasn’t willing to risk another mile or two. So I carefully pushed my dogs under the barbed wire fence to get into the area then out. Finally coming down the last slope to the main entrance I slipped on a patch of loose dirt and landed on my knee. I literally left behind a (quarter) pound of flesh. Also noteworthy there’s an entry fee for people and dogs. The payment machine accepts cash and credit cards. One star for the GPS mapping working quite well. The only good thing was I didn’t get too lost.

3 months ago

Excellent warm spring hike. Mind the snakes. Busy season for them. Saw three on this hike!

3 months ago

Good trail and not over crowded with tons of people. Someone mentioned below about the tick warning and that wasn't a joke. We purposely wore knee high white socks and pulled almost a dozen off and we didn't stray off trail, they're just that narrow and overgrown right now. We checked ourselves before getting in the car but backpacks must have even had them cause we found 2 in the car after. Gorgeous weather and tons of greenery right now, but not sure I'd go again this time of year

3 months ago

Franklin Ridge Loop is one of my favorite little loops. I suggest an alternate route, which skips the steep climb from the parking lot. Instead keep driving out on Carquinez Scenic Drive (west) instead of taking the left turn into the parking lot. The road stops at a gate, but just before that on the hairpin turn noted on this map is the actual trail head for Franklin Ridge Loop. If you take this route and walk in a counter clockwise direction, the climb is gradual. As you hike always stay on the fire road and take intersection turns to the left until you have come back to the last turn at the bottom of your loop and then take a right back to your car, (as seen on this trail map) (street parking is limited, but usually not full)

3 months ago

Beware of ticks- I’ve hiked this trail a lot and enjoy it. However I don’t recommend hiking during this time (April) with shorts or bringing any pets because of ticks. The trails are overgrown right now and you can’t avoid getting ticks. I found over 10 ticks on me during the hike.

Good hike, nice views and close to home. Very steep in some areas but overall good.

Hiked this trail today. The views are gorgeous! I can't wait to go again and take some of the other trails. There are some steep areas, but the scenery is well worth it

Beautiful. Hard incline for beginners though. :)

Watch out for the momma cow at the entrance! Great views nice little hike for beginners. My dog loved it!

Great views, peaceful, and quiet. Well placed benches for a rest with a view. Muddy/slippery on the Hulet Hornbeck portion of the trail. I am glad I scaled that portion at the beginning going up and did not have to navigate it as a mudslide coming down. Fantastic hike!

4 months ago

I've walked/ hiked the park for 40 years.
Its in the Pacific Flyway. I've seen many species right here . Eagles, Hummers, Woodpeckers, Swans, Bufflehead, Bluebirds and Vultures to name just few. Bring your binoculars.

5 months ago

Easy to do, and plenty of trails easily viewed on google maps. Do this two or three times a week anywhere from 3 to 7 miles [if you do Dillon Point Rd]

5 months ago

Unexpected beautiful landscape. The cows graze land; so be mindful since they’re not behind a fence.

We hike many of the loop variations often and like the flexibility of various distances and degrees of effort

5 months ago

Very muddy. Saw 25+ cows.

good trail a bit crowded on the weekends.

Great little trail. Starts off a little steep for beginners but great to strengthen your legs and Stanama

I love walking at this park.

trail running
6 months ago

Just because people say the cows don't mind people, doesn't mean every cow is gonna accept your presence. Two bulls fighting each other and a charging big momma cow are not what I had planned for the day. Even if you keep your distance, you might find yourself needing an exit strategy. thankfully when she charged me I was closer to the gate than to her. I'll be back when the cows arent around.

Enjoyed a nice stroll around the lake!

Wonderful 2.5 mile walking trail around the lake. Beautiful at sunset and lots of geese & duck to watch. Well kept, clean Trail. Looks like there’s a great frisbee disc course, saw a few groups playing. Only negative thing I’d say is that sound of people flying their drones. They’re not too loud but just annoying. Loved this park!

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