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I LOVED this hike. I walked 5 miles and saw a total count of 38 gators. Unreal. Tons of birds to see including bald eagles, spoonbills and cranes. Saw a mother and baby deer by the back of the park as well. The hike itself is a relaxing walk but it got quite hot as the morning went on. Overall it was well worth it and was a great hike! Will definitely do it again.

1 month ago

Such a pleasant surprise! Near the park ave area, there is another little set of trail systems accessible via fern trail. Fun adventure.

If you go early in the morning, beware you will hit every spider web on the trail.

Great hike. Quite a few spots were water logged and a bit of slogging but still beautiful. Completed 7.44 miles. Can’t wait to go again.

Great place to see buffalo and wild horses!

A nice change of pace from many other trails in the area. It is quiet, peaceful, and sparsely traveled. The network of trails are well marked and provide many opportunities to modify hiking and birdwatching. Seasonal flooding is a big issue, especially in the southern ends of the white and red trails.

1 month ago

Well marked and maintained.

1 month ago

Only got to spend 45 Minutes here. It’s a birding paradise

1 month ago

trail is great!!!! However, it is shared by mountain bikers and hikers. It is distracting and at times dangerous. If you are hoping to see any wildlife forget it. There should be designated days or something for different uses or designated trails.

Solid hike with out much foot traffic. A good place to get get lost in your head. Stopped at the lake for lunch which was well worth it. Pay attention to the blazers. There’s a lot of crossing of trails and it’s easy to miss your turn.

2 months ago

Can’t believe it is right here in the middle of Tallahassee !

One of my most favorite places to hike around here. During the summer it gets flooded FYI.

on Orange Creek South Tract

3 months ago

Well maintained trail by the SJWMD. No other hikers but a few horses on the trail. Saw quite a few deer and birds. Only made it a third of the way on the yellow trail due to flooding. A decent loop trail.

Total garbage still closed because of the hurricane. Get it together people.

trail running
5 months ago

We had a great 8mile run through the trails.. they have green, yellow and red trails red being most challenging ... we liked all of the bridges and obstacles and narrow trails ..great workout! Their were a few bikes but were considerate of runners! We are going back tomorrow love it! When you first start out you feel like is this it and it quickly gets fun fast!

trail running
5 months ago

Great trail! It's well maintained. There was a couple spots I had to guess which trail to take, but for the most part it's well marked.

I lost service a couple times and my phone died, so it didn’t record my complete hike — I did the entire 7ish mile loop. Beautiful well-marked trail. Started off white, then transitioned to red and yellow. The small loop was 1/3 under water, sometimes up to my knees .. probably should’ve skipped it. Will definitely be going back, hopefully when it’s not flooded!

This place is amazing!! One of the best trails in central Florida. Guaranteed gator sightings!!

So much fun with my main squeeze ❤️ had lots of fun walking this.

trail running
8 months ago

Great central Florida trail for hiking or running!

9 months ago

Amazing Last time we went we saw bison and the wild horses as well as ton s of alligators. Previous times have seen deer as well

Classic Florida Hike from uplands to wetlands.

9 months ago

Quiet and untraveled trail. As Bryan stated earlier, not anyone else was on the trail all day. The northeastern part (yellow blaze) was a little muddy and overgrown. But, otherwise, well maintained.

Stunning wildlife! This place is one of my absolute favorites!

Awesome mountain bike trail but not really good for foot traffic because it can be dangerous with bikes coming out of nowhere.

Unique park and trail with lots of birds and wildlife. There's a tall hill, the "overlook" that gives a neat 360 view. On a hot day this trail is more enjoyable biked in my opinion. Theres a water bottle filling station and a water fountain at the trail head by the parking lot.

One of my favorites around Jax. Trail signs are somewhat confusing, but lots of beautiful scenery. Saw an alligator!

Really nice fire roads that snake all over and go forever!

mountain biking
11 months ago

Relatively flat, good trail, almost constant twisting path 1 hour or less to ride

Lots of wildlife here including spoon bills and gators. It gets very hot with little shade, so go early with plenty of water and a hat or umbrella.

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