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I think this would be great in dry weather. I hiked it today in the rain and would not recommend it as long as the wet leaves are covering the trails and wet rocks. I had to be very careful not to slip. It was also foggy and so the views were not visible. I hope to come back with snowshoes this winter.

My hometown of West Pawlet! Couldn’t ask for a better view of one of the best places on earth!

As most have pointed out, this hike is very easy for the first 1 1/2 mile. It definitely gets tougher though! The last half mile (as of 10/19) was very icy. It made for a do-able, but challenging ascent to the top. Make sure to dress in layers, as the top of the mountain is significantly colder and has high winds. With all that said...the view is worth it!

23 days ago

A friend and I went on this hike hoping to see pretty foliage but realizing we were a little too late and most leaves were on the ground. She is a more avid hiker than I am, I typically stick to more moderate trails. Looking at the reviews people said it was pretty decent until the very top so I thought I’d go for it. Needless to say this trail kicked my butt, and hers too, but I struggled the most. The last quarter-mile is intense like people say especially now as it’s covered with ice. But even the mile before that is pretty much straight up with lots of rocks, mud and fallen leaves, even some patches of ice. So I think we hit the trail really the latest time in the season before it gets kinda dangerous. You definitely need micro spikes to get up that last quarter mile with all the ice. But overall it was an adventure is hike and Cooper’s lodge with a nice place to stop and rest and even a great place to spend the night if hiking the Appalachian trail.

Great hike, the last 200 yards I stopped, too steep for the shoes I had and did not want to take a chance on falling. But I will be back to get to the Summit.

I went into this hike figuring that the top would be socked in with fog. I won't repeat what everyone else has described about the challenge of the trail. It is accurate. The final climb did have some ice though that added to the challenge. I hunkered down for a snack at the top behind a ledge. Just as I was starting my descent the fog lifted and I was able to get some really neat pictures. Totally worth the effort. My first 4,000 footer.

I hiked this on a cool sunny day. The trail was generally easy to follow. I did have one issue near the bottom where there is a fork in th trail. Perhaps the other trail signs are a different color but for a colorblind guy they looked the same. I got back on the right trail easily enough and made decent time. The trail is moderate overall. There was a bit of mud in some places with the rain and freezing that we have had. Near the top there was snow and ice in the trail. The views from the fire tower were amazing though. I took a little detour to the top of the chair lift and sat in the sun to enjoy a break and a snack. Overall a great hike.

Really this would probably be 3 1/2 stars for me. This hike was pretty without much elevation but like another reviewer noted it is rocky! Once you cross over the creek that whole section of the trail is super rocky. I couldn't really enjoy my surroundings, because if you looked up while walking you'd twist an ankle. Our golden retriever had a rougher time then usual too with paw placement. A 2 mile hike to the pond should have taken our family of 4 around 40 minutes or less - we hike a lot. It took us over an hour to get to pond since it was slow going with the rocky path.

Panoramic views at the time. Steep climb up and fun run down. Went in September - definitely some wet , mud spots - challenging, but rewarding

Hiked this trail a few days ago and there was a LOT of mud but we kept going to the summit. My husband and I have been doing mainly moderate rated hikes during the few months we have been in VT so wanted to try our hand at a Hard rated hike. Some of the moderate hikes we have done were more difficult than this one (Mt.Ascutney for example) but with that said, the last half mile or so to the summit and back down was hard. If you were to go only to the point where there is an open area and you run into the service road for the first time (maybe 2 mile mark) and no further, I would rate this as a true moderate hike. And there is a lovely view at that point. This is also where we could not figure out the next part of the trail ( the blue blaze is to your left on a lone tree in the middle of an open batch) and wasted time going up the service road. Once we got back on track, we entered a lovely forest setting which felt ancient and a bit creepy and that led us to the cabin where we met a young gal into mile 100 of her LT journey. That is where the path goes up to the summit and you hit the service road a few more times before the true summit. In my opinion, the view at the first open area is equally as good but if you are like me and just wanna finish what you started, you will get a good workout that last push. The overall experience-muddy conditions, length of trail, moderate with hard section-resulted in a great hike. I will also add that my husband has lung issues and knee issues but did this hike. But he also had hiking poles, proper footwear and clothing. We saw several folks who had regular footwear turn around because of the mud and because they had no idea what was up ahead. Just keep in mind that this is a ski mountain. You might hear construction on the way up and there will be ski lift equipment at the top. But none of this interferes with the overall experience in my mind. I even enjoyed the mud-especially going down when I no longer cared about getting dirty!

Seems like a breeze, until you’re JUST about at the peak! Didn’t realize there was tram service up there until we redirected some not well-dressed tourists back to the tram as they started making their way down the steep rocky long trail in loafers and polos! Beautiful waterfall stop highly recommended to sit and listen to the white noise of nature.

Misty, foggy day, but beautiful stream-side hike. Foliage was great.

Love this app and this place there was a coyote

Good hike with some nice fall views. It was more of a moderate difficulty, but there are some steeper spots and locations where you need to be cognizant of your foot placement.

Fantastic hike! Made it in around 5.5 hours. We hiked this mountain in October and the view was incredible!

great trail! well worth the hike.

We completed this hike in beautiful weather earlier today. Everything that the others have written about the trail starting gently and then finishing with demanding scramble is ‘spot on’. The views from the top were however absolutely magnificent and rendered all of the hard work getting there, worthwhile. We would thoroughly recommend this walk.

Nice hike, I would say moderate rather than hard. Certainly some step spots, but not steep the entire hike. Some great views at the top, but could use a little trimming along some of the vistas. A little confusing with the trail signs at the top, and I ended up coming down the same way I went up, but next time I'll know.

I have been hiking this trail for nearly 20 years and it never disappoints. Did this trail up and down with 20 lbs in my pack to prepare for trip in the Whites. Definitely challenged me! Totally worth the effort!

Maybe I’m just super strong (lol) but I’d rate this as more of a moderate than a hard trail. The Appalachian trail part is definitely fairly easy, elevation change is gradual and the forest is beautiful. Lightly trafficked. Cross Rte 4 from the trail head to take AT North and when you get to Willard’s Gap, stay right to keep on the AT. The Deer Leap trail is steeper and more populated, and also... muddy! Hiking poles would come in handy for this section. The overlook is made up of some large rock faces, a great place to rest with amazing views.

Well kept with all the traffic back and forth. Great scenery from the Green Mountain.

Not to steep, perfect for us! Best hike I have been on in my life!

Beautiful trail! Like everyone else mentioned, starts off easy peasy with most of the elevation gained during the last bit which can be a bit challenging. We were blessed with clear blue skies and a gorgeous day to complete this hike up Killington. Highly recommend.

Great hike...trail was nice and dry! Couldn't imagine doing this when it's wet!
Parked at Pico, hiked up to the top, then took this trail back to Trailhead at Inn at Long Trail...walked back to Pico...7.3 miles.
Hiked with my ski poles, highly recommended!

Hiked this trail on a cool day-high 50s/low 60s all day-perfect hiking temp. I would agree with the moderate rating but add that it can be a tough moderate due to steepness in parts and need to watch the ground because of rocks and tree roots. But no scrambling up rocks using your hands which would make it more of a moderate/hard in my book. Lots of time to get lost in thought and enjoy the peace and quiet. Took me and my husband about 4 hours per the sign at the beginning. I will add that my hubby has some lung issues but did the hike slowly and was fine and totally enjoyed it. Spent time at the top eating lunch and climbing the fire tower. Several other small areas on the way also with views. The last mile up is the hardest and the hardest down. We really enjoyed this hike-enough of a challenge but not overly taxing in my opinion. Just be aware that you may have hiked up for 2.5 hours and find yourself at the fire tower with others who drove up the mountain!

I found this trail to be difficult with the footing, stepping on and in between pointy rocks and numerous exposed tree roots for 85 percent of the journey, but I could have been having an off day for hiking too. The pond is definitely worth visiting. Seemed like a very remote place, with lots of AT/LT hikers passing through this time of year. It is very picturesque with dozens.of mini water cascades flowing among moss covered rocks. I also found lions mane (mushroom) here which was a pleasant surprise.

Great trail for dogs. Signage at top is a bit confusing, but when it says “trail” on sign it means the lower loop, where you can find most of the vistas. Trail is very well blazed - Americorps was there that day for upkeep which was helpful. Lots of elevation gains and losses for a good workout. Hopefully they clear some trees for better views next year.

2 months ago

The cascades are pretty as is the overlook. The trail is well maintained and is never super steep. It's a good hike if you're not looking for traditional summit views or gut wrenching vertical gain. The lack of people was also a plus.

I would echo everything Josh S and Emily Gilson wrote. A very beautiful and picturesque hike throughout. Make sure you bring a jacket, plenty of water and bug spray (if you are an insect meal like me). We made it up and down in around 4 hours. I don’t recommend this for small children or dogs with short legs.

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