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loved this trail, a new favorite. i love trails that run along side water. watch out for bears, ran into a big black male!

My favorite trail in the Sandias. I usually take it up to the 10k, then to the ski fields to the top of the mountain, then back down.

it's a nice, easy walk but you do have to pay to get in

I only went halfway up but it was easy to stay on trail and find your way . I would recommend doing in the early morning as the first 2.5-3 miles of hiking is on the west side which is very sunny in the afternoon. Great for those wanting variety in elevation and not afraid to climb around rocks on switch backs.

This trail (along with Main Loop) are definitely more enjoyable on a cooler or cloudy day. The first part of my hike was 90 degrees and sunny, and even this Texan was hot! Got cloudy and was much more enjoyable. Views from the top are great. Some of the paths in between ladders are fairly narrow, which would make it slow going on a crowded day.

Trails are decent. Climb is challenging. Views are breathtaking. A must for anyone hiking/backpacking in Taos area

4 days ago

We enjoyed this short, well maintained trail to the dwellings. Lots of flora along the trail along with the beautiful views. One can only imagine how difficult life must have been.

4 days ago

This is two separate trails. The Cave Loop Trail is an easy 1.2 mile trail along the tent rocks, and can be completed separately from the other trail. The Slot Canyon trail is a bit more difficult. The 1.5 mile (one-way) trail is rocky and requires a bit of scrambling to reach the summit, lending the "moderate" rating on AllTrails.com. I definitely recommend the Slot Canyon trail, at least through the slot canyon itself and just a bit further to see the tent rocks up close. The summit is also worth the effort. * bring a little cash for the entrance fee

5 days ago

We did this hike in April , great scenery with the rock cliffs , we did see a mountain goat high above looking down at us . Pretty good grade coming back up out of the canyon . Will probably do this one again during cooler months

5 days ago

Great hike !!! This may be a burn scar but it’s beautiful in its own way. Lots of vegetation taking over with tons wildflowers and berries . Bushes with thorns are overtaking the trail though .
A few blowdowns to cross early on then clear to the summit . Nice manageable grade all the way. We saw a Bear that was 1/4 mile away and it took off after noticing us , must of been feeding on all of those berries. We did this hike in early July

5 days ago

One of my favorite hikes , did this in mid June and we did see a Bear , it stood on its back legs to get a better look at us , but it gently meander off after seeing us . Great views with lots of wildflowers and hummingbirds

5 days ago

Did this hike in early September with a party of four and only saw one other hiker
This trail has a steady uphill grade to the summit with picnic table and a park type grill near fire lookout tower

Beautiful. But...my wife is a fit hiking senior but dislikes scrambling/rock climbs and this climb has many. Too hard on the knees. She hated this trail. Picture climbing stairs two at a time, many 3 at a time, some over 3 feet.
Suggestion to fellow senior Flatlanders: keep turning around to look at the Tent Rocks. They’re behind you. The trip down is the visual treat. The last and steepest climb to the top can be skipped. The top is beautiful , over looking vast desert, but it’s like many summits. It’s the view down the canyon that you’re here for. Once you hit the timber stairs, think about enjoying the view and descending.
It may save your marriage.

I would give it a five because the views at top are amazing, but kind of want to give the trail itself a 3 since many parts are in bad condition.

6 days ago

Great trail and wonderful springs in the end. Easy going back downhill

This was a beautiful but decently strenuous day hike. Avoid FR 639 as you come out of Truchas unless you want a fun 4-wheeling experience. Going around to FR 207 (El Valle Road) is a more relaxing route. Only a couple of cars there when we arrived. Make sure to stop and look around occasionally, as it is easy to keep looking down and focus on the trail. Didn’t see anyone going up until we got to the lakes, then saw a couple of camping groups there. A very beautiful area.

Tough trail but worth it

9 days ago

Easy to walk . It was amazing .

9 days ago

Poles and gloves recommended.

stared out about 8, temps got to about 90, and little to no shade on the way down.

suggest starting early and watch the weather for the heat.

Different terrain, rocks, gravel, some climbing and navigation on large rocks. primarily understand your ability to do the different levels of difficulty.

there is a stram, so a water filter will assist in a lighter load about 2.5 to 3 miles. I will personally do that next time.

overall fun hike, heat was a test, and the earlier the better. total workout from the get go. be prepared to get the cardio in.

Loved this hike! When you get to the old kitchen/dining hall stay to the left and go up to the top of the falls area, there is a retention pond and beautiful views!

10 days ago

It took us about 4 hrs to get to the very top clearing area, stopping along the way and 2 hrs without stopping to go all the way back to parking area. Not easy by any means. There was no one else on the trail and it didn't look like anyone had been there in a while. The trail was clearly marked by rocks. Careful with loose rocks as there are many areas where you walk right on the ledge. Pants, boots and walking sticks suggested. The All Trails map was spot on and a great help. Beautiful scenery.

Great views and well marked trail. Bring water and show up early as there will be a wait to get in. It was a very nice surprise of a trek.

Beautiful trail with wildflowers and river. The caves are about 3 miles in on the left, easy to miss if you aren’t looking for them.

on Tent Rocks Trail

10 days ago

It was an awesome trail . I would do it again any time. Sights were beautiful early in the morning.

very overgrown. trail completely disappears in many places

Easy hike with slight incline in the latter half. Very hot in summer months, bring plenty of water as there is little shade for most of the journey. Petroglyphs were cool to see along the route. Absolute silence if alone.

14 days ago

It’s a great trail! All of the comments here were helpful. We thought we might find it too challenging at the top and it was a bit but was well worth it. We’re two relatively fit 68 year olds. I would go a bit earlier next time. We started at 10—an hour earlier would have been perfect.

completed this a number of times, latest was today after a 4 year hiatus due to injuries. terrific above tree line views. The climb as always is relentless, even considering the new switchbacks put in a few years ago. Be prepared for rapid changes in weather, especially in monsoon season.
The lower Williams Lake section has been rerouted to accommodate mountain development, in my estimation it has not disturbed the major portion of this section.

Great hike, start early!

Great family hike! Got a little more adventurous where the trail has been washed out, but the views and landscape make it worth it! We will definitely be back!

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